Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Second vignette completed

Hello dear readers,  I hope you are all safe and healthy, taking care of yourselves.

As you probably know, Blogger is changing or updating the blogging program.  As from June 20, 2020 we shall all have to use the new Blogger. I'm already using the New Blogger for this post. Until now, I think I successfully uploaded photos and edited a draft.  There is still a lot to learn. (links, layouts, etc.)

Here are a few photos of my second "Corona" finished vignette.  I'm not so sure about the bunnies. What do you think, shall I take them out and put a few bushes instead?

Birdbath parts

Warning about Cricut

I copied this from a member of one of my F/B groups. I know some of you use Cricut and some intend to purchase and use it in the future. The person I copied it from, asks to please spread the word.
"The fire investigator asked us to notify anyone we knew with a Cricut machine. If you own a Cricut machine please keep it unplugged when not in use. Mine was plugged in, on and NOT in use when the fire started. We are not the first people whose Cricut started a fire.
We are out of our home for 8+months. It’s a complete gut. Just unplug the damn machine! Here’s a before and after picture. We bought the Cricut explore air 2 on May 13, 2019 brand new.
EDIT: initially the fire marshal thought it was the extension cord. HOWEVER, the Fire Investigator said it was the Cricut. Please be kind & don’t comment mean things, no need to be nasty to me about it. I’m just spreading the word. I never thought to unplug my devices.


I have had a bit of struggle with this new program, especially upon uploading the photos. I hope
my next post will be easier.

Have a peaceful, healthy weekend with blessings, my dear friends.


  1. The vignette is darling. What a terrible thing with the Cricut. Thank you for spreading the word!

  2. this is gonna blow your mind but tv's dvd plauers and washing machines and dryers all catch fire youd be amazed by all the things that can start a fire in your home this isnt your fault but I hope you sued cricet because they have a fund to pay for damages the probbly know about the fires..your bunnies are cute

  3. Drora the secret garden box is just darling and I think the bunnies only add to it's charm. It's perfect!
    Thanks also for the heads up about Blogger. I am glad to have a few weeks to get used to and learn it on my own before being
    forced to do so.
    Thanks also for posting about the Cricut. This is the first I am hearing of the issue but am glad to know the potential peril, especially when the solution is so simple to do.
    Here's a link I found about the Blogger changes that may be helpful to other Blogger users:


  4. , I am so very sorry to read of about your fire. I hope everyone
    is safe. I love the bunnies, leve them in there. it looks adorable! Thank you so much for your visit and leaving such a kind note. blessings,
    PennyOh Drora

  5. Los conejitos me parece que alegran y dan vida a la nueva escena,me gusta mucho Drora!!!
    Habrá que acostumbrarse al nuevo blogger,yo todavía esperaré al cambio para usar el nuevo,soy muy fiel jajaja!!!
    Gracias por saber lo de Cricut,yo tengo un Cameo4,aunque imagino que el peligro potencial será igual,al igual que lo es en muchos de nuestros aparatos electrónicos que ya forman parte de nuestravida.

  6. You worry me about the new blogger, I didn't know about that. So soon I guess I will have to try it before it is compulsory to use it. Your little scene is gorgeous, I think it is perfect as it is.

  7. Hi Drora! I did see the new version mentioned on my dashboard but I don't like much of this sort of changes, although I think I have to at the end of June, I guess ;). I hope it won't be that difficult in change, because I am not good in handling computers...we'll see.
    I love your second vignette and I do understand your question. I think it's lovely to see your teeny tiny bunnies, so don't take them out, please. Maybe you can put a very tiny bush somewhere, tucked away in between the bunnies, than it will look as they are playing hide and seek..? But don't hide them too well ;o).
    OMG....fire caused by the Cricut machine?? I don't own such a machine, but thank you for your warning!
    Stay safe, take care, dear Drora. Blessings.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Thanks for spreading the waring about the Cricut. I have heard the same things so I never leave mine plugged in.
    Leave the bunnies in. Love them!

  9. Hola Drora, a mí la escena me parece muy dulce y encantadora con esos conejitos, pero creo que tienes espacio para poner algún arbusto.
    Yo odio los cambios de blogger. Me gusta como está ahora y no quiero cambiar.
    Siento lo del incendio, yo no conozco esa máquina pero seguro que no la compraré.

  10. La escena está preciosa pero yo pondría algo verde en la pared.
    Espero que aprendamos pronto la nueva versión.

  11. Nunca hubiera imaginado el peligro que puede entrañar una máquina de esas; gracias por tu advertencia, Drora! La escena es increíble... cuesta creer lo pequeñita que es :) Un abrazo

  12. Your bunny scene is adorable Drora but the fire re: Cricut machines is a !HORROR show.

  13. Your vignette with bunnies is so cute. I'm sorry for your cricut machine.

  14. Es una escena encantadora con esos conejitos tan lindos.
    Menos mal que son escenas que ocupan poco así puedes seguir creando bonitas escenas de esta escala.
    Siento el accidente con tu Cricut.
    Un saludo

  15. vely scene with the bunny`s in the frame. Thankks for the

    warning of the cricut

  16. Dear Drora your mini scene is adorable, I like it a lot with the sweet bunnies. Have a happy and creative week. Take care xxx

  17. Ah, your seconce vignette turned out so sweet - I've had loads of fun looking at the details. According to me the bunnies are a keeper for sure... but why not add a bush still? A little additional green can never be wrong.

    I've already switched to the new blogger and hope that it won't be too complicated. I have no idea why they always have to change these interfaces - it rarely makes anything customer friendlier. But complaining doesn't help, we can be thankful that all of this is still for free and I hope I can make it with the new stuff as you successfully did.

    Oh my, the pictures are shocking, thanks for sharing this warning with us. Take good care of yourself and enjoy June - and I'm already looking forward to vignette No. 3!


  18. que cosa mas bonita has creado, me encanta