Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carpet beaters

Being bored, sometimes gets results.  I felt I had to take a break from making boxes and plants, so played around with wicker stuff.

They'll pass, I believe.

Now, I'd like to share with you a few photos a friend emailed to me, knowing my passion for beautiful, exotic birds.

Not only beautiful but good providers and protectors for their offsprings.

A very warm welcome to my new followers

Amamby - cannot find your blog to follow.
Rebecca -mamasminis.wordpress.com

I wish you a wonderful weekend with my blessings

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gifts from Rosamargarita

All the way from Calisco, Mexico, came these beautiful gifts from my dear friend Rosamargarita.chiquicosas.blogspot.co.il. I really am blessed with my wonderful friend.

 I love the typical Mexican ceramics which together with the rug, make a lovely scene.

The gorgeous tiny dress was crocheted by Rosamargarita. I am double happy with
it because it means that Rosamargarita's hand which had broken,  is better, after rehibilation, enabling her to work again.


Blessings to all

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Safari Ltd via Call of the Small giveaway

Today Christine's call-small.blogspot.co.il giveaway was delivered to my door via UPS.  I am overwhelmed by Safari Ltd's wonderful service and very happy with my prizes. I even got a surprise - a lovely planet saving shopping bag. THANK YOU CHRISTINE!!!

10 around the world monuments which my husband and I were able to visit already. I'm not so sure about the Maya pyramid. We visited Tikal, Guatemala,  Copan, Honduras,  Mexico City, Mexico.
I suspect this one is from Yucatan where we didn't go yet. We were awed by all these stunning structures.

A train set, a bit large for the scales I'm used to, but a very lucky little boy who is mad about trains
will be happy to receive it.

An eye catching shopping bag which will save a lot of plastic bags.

Funny, today I mailed my giveaway to Ewa and received a giveaway from Christine.  Isn't life wonderful in blogland?

Blessings to all

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Winner of my September giveaway

Hello again.  The time has arrived!  I used the randome number generator and have a winner.  Not before I added two more participants to the list - 62. Rosa- Lavecinita, 63. Pikko.

And the winner is....... Wow! How exciting!!   No. 21 -  Ewa.   Congratulations Ewa. Please email me your address and the giveaway will be posted to you. (drorahed@gmail.com.)

I use this opportunity to thank you for participating and carrying my link on your blogs. I am a little sad not to be able to give all of you a giveaway but we'll have to wait for another opportunity.  My two years anniversary is approaching so I'll have to think of something nice for a giveaway.

Now, if the new blogger enables me, I'll go visit your wonderful, inspiring blogs.


Friday, September 21, 2012

September 2012 giveaway list of participants

Hello dear friends,

Here is a list of participants for my September giveaway draw in the order of comments.  There is still time to make a comment and join in until tomorrow Europe noon time.

1. blake. 2. Debbie - mini thoughts. 3. Paky, 4. Ciria. 5. Tatania. 6. Xandra. 7. Doortje. 8. Rosa Margarita. 9.Birgit. 10 Jennifer. 11. Ambre. 12. Maria Ireland. 13. Contar. 14. Mins. 15 Susso. 16 Maribel - miniaturas Isabel. 17. Carmen - mi pequena evasion. 18. Mari - Mcddiss. 19. Cris Cola. 20. Anda. 21.Ewa. 22. Patrizia. 23. Wyrna, 24. Rosa. 25. Penny. 26 Eva - Casita de Regaliz. 27. Irina. 28. Jazzi. 29. Julia - el mundo de Yuli.
30. De. 31. Melanie. 32. Sanne. 33. Saara. 34. Teviro. 35. Eloisa. 36. Ana. 37. Pilar. 38. Maria Blanca.
39. Francesca. 40. Fabiola. 41. Karin. 42. Mely. 43. Ilona. 44. Liliam. 45. Ascension. 46. Malu. 47. Maria Jesus - Majelo. 48. Annette. 49. Rosella. 50. Mariana Belmonte. 51. Indy Poppy. 52. Amamon. 53. Kathi.
54. Petra. 55. Mariana (Sylvanian families). 56.Kyle. 57. Mary - M's minis and more. 58. Begona.
59. Mafalda. 60. Pepita - El rincon de las miniaturas. 61. Maria - Ciudad en miniatura.

A big thank you to Caterina,leminisdicockerina.blogspot.it for her project - Holiday Swap 2012 .
Monika, puppenstubennostalgie.blogspot.co.il sent me lovely African oriented safari miniautres.
Thank you Monika.

Here is what I sent Jazzi, jazziminis.blogspot.com.au

If you are interested to see all the beautiful, inspiring swaps go to Caterina's blog, link given above.

A very warm welcome to my new followers.  You are, of course welcome to participate in tomorrow's giveaway.


Ruth - miniaturemavendiaries.blogspot.co.il 


I wish all my friends a wonderful weekend and blessings.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oriental Bazaar Box repaired

Tonight we celebrated New Year's Eve. Tomorrow and the day after are our New Year holidays.  We
had a big very festive dinner at my daughter Galia's home with friends and family happy gathering.  It's rather late now but I wanted to show your the repaired box.

You can see how it looked before and how it is now.  It was a real hard repair job.  Now I have to wait until my husband fixes a firm scew to hang it on the wall again.  I changed the name to Alibaba Bazaar.

After repair. The acetate "glass" window doesn't show the contents clearly.

This is how it looked after it fell off the wall, luckily on a rug otherwise the damage could be worse.

Don't forget my giveaway,  six more days to go.

A warm welcome to new followers and thank you for joining in.

Kyle - kyle-lefort.blogspot.co.il
Mariana - mysylvanianfamiliesandminis.blogspot.co.il
Nola - nolacapricci.blogspot.co.il
Virpi - kurjenpolvi.blogspot.co.il

Teresa, blog.teruka.net, one of Kaisa's Birthday project girls, had her birthday last week. I know she already received my gift so I can show it here.  Teresa received gorgeous gifts from members of our group.  You can see all on her blog.

Good night, and a very Happy New Jewish year to all who celebrate it.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Little shell decorated wooden boxes

I used the new crop of seashells to decorate the little boxes. In my opinion the shells look better on brown colored wood.  You can see the difference between the light box and the others.

For the boxes I used common wooden tongue depressors and coffee stirrers. The round ones are from wooden discs.

One of my favorite facades, an oriental "Aladin's Bazaar", fell off the wall .  It is a complete disaster.
The steel nail got loose and the whole thing fell and broke down.  My husband blames himself
for using a steel nail instead of a screw which is best for hanging these boxes.

Mending it will take longer than making a new one.  I am working hard to have it fixed.  Maybe next week
I shall be able to show you how it looks mended.

A very warm welcome to all my new followers.  I am sure you all have blogs but I could  only locate three.
Villa Conejo
Ambre Sautter
Kim - http://miniaturistworkshop.blogspot.com.au
Maria Jesus
Orcundurak - http://miniaturethings.blogspot.co.il
Ana -  http://amamon-elotromundodeana.blogspot.co.il
Ivon Teresa

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Our very nice post lady brought me today (Sunday is working day in Israel) these cute watermelon pieces made by the very young and talented Bridget Aul, tweetypetieproducts.blogspot.com.  It's my very first purchase from etsy and I am so pleased.

Couln't resist these beauties!

Doesn't it look great on a Greek balcony?

Have a wonderful week! Blessings!