Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, June 27, 2014

Simona's New gift

Hello dear readers,

Dear Simona once again overwhelmed me by her generosity, sending me a house kit by UPS.  I have not
yet dared to begin to assemble it.  It is much larger than the little model house, with indoor rooms. It's
either a 1/24" or 1/48" scale.  I'll only be able to know when the assembly is completed.

It's so exciting.  Can't wait to start but have no time now for big projects and this looks to me like a
huge one.

It resembles a haunted house from a fairy tale.  I'll have to decide what magical creatures will be living in it.

These are the parts.  Challenging job!

Here is how it will (hopefully) look when assembled.

I once commented that I do not yet have a dollhouse.  When Simona read this comment she decided
it was time I did.  I am very happy it isn't a large one as it will be difficult to find where to keep and display
a big dollhouse in our apartment which is already full of room boxes and miniature scenes.

It's unbelievable how tiny miniatures can take over your space.  The workroom already looks over loaded.
Very hard to keep it tidy, not wanting to through anything which might later be of use.  True to Murphy's
Law, once I throw something away I come to regret doing so as I need it for the next project in work.

I wish you all a wonderful, enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Old time lamps

Hello dear readers,

It's always good to have a friend who works in a laboratory.  A few days ago I received pieces of
glass capsules from this friend.  Together with beautiful beads they make old time mini lamps.

A little Fimo clay was used to bind the glass piece with the bead.   All these beads are  gifts from
blog friends.

One box going to the exhibition is named "A Bride's Room".  Almost everything in it  are blog friends'
gifts.  The beautiful dress was created by Felma, dressing table is from a swap with Cris, rug and hat
from Jennifer, roses from Rosella, wall plates by Carmen, on the table - perfume bottle, from Eva.  The
only minis I created for this box are the necklace and jewelry box on the table and an
embroidered picture with frame on the wall. I hope I did not leave out anyone.

At long last Google solved my readers list problem and I am able to see all the blogs I follow.  I am well
behind with my visits but it's a relief that all is back to normal.

A warm welcome to my new follower Carmen.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Maria's gifts

Dear readers,

With the help of our snail mail service, my birthday gifts keep coming prolonging my joy.  This time I received lovely gifts from Maria, one of my best blog friends, who lovingly made me some beautiful
knitted garments.  Maria almost gave hope for the parcel ever reaching me.  It did, and just in time.
On July 20 everything is having to be handed over to the museum.  August 1 is the opening date.

This is the lady shopkeeper of my wool stall (Part of the market).  The jacket and hat
fit her perfectly and are going to the exhibition with her.

The skirt is knitted by me.

And, as if these were not enough, Maria generously added a knitted cot carrier and tea cozy, a little pony and DIY stuff.

This morning, Maria and I drank tea together and lovingly thought about each other, Maria in Ireland and I
in Israel.  This cute thought was Maria's who sent me a tea bag in a lovely bag.  Poke the picture and
look closely at the note on the right side.

Thank you Maria for your gifts and most of all for your friendship.

Not only Maria's gifts are going to the exhibition:

I added the beautiful flowers Birgit sent me to my flower stall and they too will be in the exhibition.
Note the floor.  I hope it looks like a deck floor.  It is 1.78 meter long (Almost 6 feet) made of
large bamboo skewers.  I had to saw about 200 pieces.  Believe me a very boring hard labor job
but the end result looks well enough.

The deck comes in two pieces which are joined by the straw rugs to make one long market.

 I wish you a wonderful weekend and blessings

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tatiana's gifts

Hello dear readers,

This time the mail is to be blamed for delaying the arrival of my most precious gifts from Tatiana my very
dear friend from Ukraine.

This baby is mine now.  This baby was sculpted by Tatiana who is a super talented artist and very generously shares her work and tutorials . She builds her dollhouses, furnitures and dollhouse characters all by

The carrying cot, blanket, pillow, rattle and toys are all made by Tatiana.

These roses are exquisite.  They look very real.

And is this is not enough more  very useful DIY stuff.

Dear Tatiana, opening the parcel and finding the baby nearly took my breath away.  I am over the moon
with joy. Thank you for these precious gifts and thank you for your friendship. I am treasuring every single
gift of yours, I know with how much care and love you made them.

Now my dear friends, you are all invited to help me name the baby.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and blessings.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Gifts from Birgit

Hello my dear readers,

Sometimes I feel not only lucky but blessed as well.   You all know that great, happy feeling
when you receive and open an unexpected parcel from a far away friend.  It's the best part of blogging, especially when you find in it beautiful miniatures made especially for you by a beloved friend.
This time it's Birgit who spoiled me.  Birgit's whimsical posts are ones I try not to miss.  They are fun and make you laugh or smile.

This is a tiny house with a beautiful landscape, including a pool, crafted brilliantly by Birgit.

Beautiful, delicate flowers made by Birgit and a cute porcelain hen.

A Playmobil box and computer.

Very useful DIY stuff which is always welcome.

The beautiful, tiny porcelain rose sits in a tiny white bowl.  It's a very delicate piece and I'm happy it
got here safe and whole.

Marzipan, yummy!!!!   Gone too soon but well remembered.

Here is the most, and I don't exaggerate, beautiful birthday card I have ever seen or received.
It's made by Birgit and admired by my entire, numerous family.

 THANK YOU DEAR BIRGIT! You made me very happy.

Hugs and blessings to all my readers.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gifts from Jennifer

Hello again,

The celebrations continue.  I believe birthday gifts were invented to make us happy but they also serve
as compensation for getting a year older. Jennifer  absolutely spoiled me this year with her generous, thoughtful gifts.

All these delightful chocolate cake, cookies, frosting and chocolate bar are made by
Jennifer herself. Yummy! Yummy!  Is it true that eating chocolate makes your clothes shrink?

More items beautifully crafted by Jennifer.  I love these rubber gloves and the tiny sponge.
The towels and canisters are adorable as well as the cookie mold.

And I love this little house and fence scene.

Little rugs for 1:48" scale dollhouses.  I certainly shall use them. I have a commission for
two tiny dollhouses in a teabox.

A pram which will be upgraded. I love the duck. The pedestal is very elegant. (I am
going to install it in the painting gallery with some sculpture on top.)  Plant stems material for which
I am really grateful.

 No hole beads and nail decorations in glass jars.

Wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR JENNIFER.  I am so lucky to have your friendship.

15 pieces were selected for the exhibition.  I withdrew one of them, the paintings gallery, although it was the first one that caught the curator's eye.  She wanted to install lights in it and I'm sure it would have looked better, but I'm afraid the lights will cause the colors in the paintings to fade and decided to keep it home.
I love this box and I'll always be grateful to Ilona for helping me realize this work.

I'll show more very precious gifts from one of the loveliest bloggers in my next post.

Hugs and blessings to all my readers

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

And the winner is.....

Hello my dear friends,

First of all let me thank all my facebook and blog friends for their lovely comments and good wishes for my birthday.  Also many thanks to all the participants in my giveaway.  As always, I am sorry that there cannot be more than one winner for one giveaway.  I can only promise you that very soon there is going to be a very special giveaway.

The winner was picked up by the True Random Number Generator, and is No. 32 Rosa Maria. Dear
Rosa M. please email me (drorahed@gmail.com) your address so I can ship your prize to you.

I had a wonderful day, celebrating since yesterday with my family and friends.  I also received wonderful gifts, the first one, from a very lovely friend, Fabiola from Italy.

Thank you dear Fabiola for remembering and always sending your adorable hand made gifts to me, most of all, thank you for your friendship. I am very happy with  these which will be great for my kitchen, especially the recipes book.

There are more gifts but I prefer to post about each separately.

Blessings to you all

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

List of participants in my June giveaway

Hello dear readers,

First of all, a warm welcome to two new followers.

The Grandmommy (I visited your lovely blog and tried,
with no result, to follow back.  Will try again soon.)


Thank you both for following.

Here is a list of participants in the order of their comments.  I hope I haven't missed someone.  Please check.
Tomorrow night, I'll use the random number generator to make the draw.  Good luck!

1.   Ewa
2.   Victoria
3.   Melli
4.   Eva - Tatalamaru
5.   Carol
6.   Carmen
7.   Lisa T.
8.   Neomi
9.   Kikka
10.  Jennifer
11.  Ilona
12.  Susanna
13.  Xandra
14.  Francesca
15.  Marisa - Steinworks
16.  Fabiola
17.  Maria
18.  Birgit
19.  Genevieve
20.  Elisabelle
21.  Encar Estella
22.  Piikko
23.  Mi mundo
24.  Mari
25.  Tatiana
26.  Carmen Landy
27.  Mely Mel
28.  Malu
29.  Elena
30.  Manu
31.  Isabel Ruiz Alonso
32.  Rosa Maria
33.  Tere
34.  Maria I
35.  Rosella
36.  Angeles
37.  Isabel (morgana)
38.  Ana
39.  Simona
40.  Carol
41.  Ana
42.  Bridget
43.  Chris
44.  Ruth
45.  Pippirose

Blessings to all