Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Keeping busy while confined at home

Hello dear friends,

first of all, I want to thank you, dear friends, for your compassionate comments on my previous post. The situation is hard on all of us, each with his own problems.

I went through my stash and found these little frames that I bought on a sale long ago and forgot all about them.  I intend to make little vignettes.  I still have a few of those little chef magnets with which to make a new bbq scene or maybe a little kitchen. It doesn't hurt to have a few gifts in stock.

This little vignette was a giveaway back in 2011. (Thanks, Blogger for not deleting the photo.) I did several more but they were all gifted away.

Going through my stash is a time-consuming job. I got sidetracked and my head was filled with lots of plans and new ideas.  I found long-forgotten treasures. Here are two large transparent beads. Glued to each other they make an impressive flower vase. It's the first time I am pleased that I hoarded, there's enough to keep me occupied for months to come, now that I decided to work on smaller scales.

I haven't glued the flowers into the vase,  they're loose and turning about so you can't see my latest madness.
I dried baby breath flowers in a jar full of silica.  Plucked out the dried flowers and painted the stems and branches green. Then I glued on tiny white paper flowers.

The vase is a glass bead. The three stems are very thin but strong and able to go through the small hole in the bead. The flowers look very delicate and I am quite pleased with the result.

I hope all is well with you and yours and that you keep staying healthy. Blessings to all of you my dear friends and followers.


  1. precisos esos jarrones con flores!

  2. I am glad to hear that you are finding long lost treasures and that they are inspiring new and creative ideas to keep you busy!
    Both vases are wonderful, and I can't even fathom how you got those tiny flowers so perfectly formed!
    Can't wait to see what you make of the frames!

  3. Su marco es precioso y se ve que la escena del cocinero es minúscula, un gran trabajo también con las flores.Cuídate,besos

  4. Me encanta como han quedado los jarrones!!!

  5. the vases are perfect and the flowers are stunning! I know, I saw a very funny meme about all crafters have been preparing for this our entire lives. And another meme where a non-crafter asked a crafter, but what happens when you run out of supplies? And the crafter just laughs. Anyway, I am glad to see you are creating! It makes this all much easier emotionally.

  6. What a lovely scene in the frame
    Beautiful beads you have used as a vase
    Lovely your dried flower

  7. This little vignette is really cute and it's a good idea to make more. Beautiful flowers, I love the last bouquet and the glass bead is a perfect vase.

  8. Oh yes, I fully agree with you that finding back treasures in your stash is always nice, but especially now in these times. So glad to read that you're inspired again for making new flowers and miniatures, Drora, it will keep you busy.
    I love seeing your tiny flowers, they're well made and so cheerful colored! The vases look both wonderful.
    I am glad to see that you are creating new things again, I can't wait to see what you will do with the tiny frames.
    Stay healthy, take care, dearest Drora.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  9. Tus flores son preciosas y se ven súper delicadas, Drora; para mi es admirable que puedas trabajar tan bien en una escala tan diminuta, te felicito. Sigue cuidándote mucho! :) Un abrazo

  10. Every time you do this, come up with something new and amazing, I'm stunned all over again by your sheer talent and creativity. I can't wait to see what you do with the little frame and your flowers are perfectly delicate and airy. Love!

  11. Las flores y jarrones son preciosos, y ese mini escena es una maravilla !!!
    He mirado en correos el localizador de envíos, y dice que el día 27 de abril, salió de la oficina de cambio.
    Espero que no tarden mucho más.

  12. Just lovely - the vases are perfect!

  13. I suppose all of us nodded when you talked about how time consuming it was to look through your stash, how nice to meet stuff that was once enthouistacally bought and in the meantime forgotten and how good it is to be a hoarder. *smile*

    Your stash offered you some wonderful items and you've turned them into awesome vases. I really like your delicate new flower, what a genius idea. And those small frames are very promising... whatever you're going to do next, I'm anticipating to see new wonderful and awesome miniatures around here. ;O)

    Take good care of yourself and best wishes!

  14. Me gusta la idea de las pequeñas escenas en los marcos,quedarán muy bien!!!
    Los jarrones con flores han quedado preciosos y muy delicados!

  15. Your little vignette is wonderful. It´s an amazing idea to keep yourself occupied using the stash that you already have and to be able to make more of these fantastic vignettes is just awesome! Keep busy making beautiful things my dear friend. xxx

  16. El marco con la escena es una maravilla.
    Los floreros están geniales.
    Espero que todos estéis bien.
    Un abrazo

  17. Your little vignette is amazing.
    And the vases with flowers aer wonderful.
    You're very busy!