Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Furniture for the florist

Hello dear readers,

Family circumstances kept me away from working on miniatures.  I tried, however, not to miss visiting your blogs to see what wonderful new things you are creating.

I am now busy being a "Full-time mini carpenter".  My right-arm muscles hurt a little after spending a while with the saw but I'm satisfied with the results, especially as every little piece is made from scratch and there was no need to search for materials.

After receiving great advice from many of you, I decided to give up my favorite blue color.  I have not yet decided if it would be plain white or shabby white.  But here, just for demonstrations, are pieces of furniture before painting.

Shelves unit.  I used tongue depressors for the shelves, a child's room wooden plate for the back, and four large craft sticks for the sides, top and bottom.

From 1/4" wood dowels, I made legs and skirting for the table. I still have to make the Fawcett unit.

It was necessary to make a new chair because it is impossible to paint over the blue chair.  This has to be done before starting weaving the seat.

Made a few more crates.  The crates indoor will be white.  The crates outdoor will be weathered wood color, just as Betsy suggested.

It feels as if there is some progress.

I wish you all The best and blessings.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Inspirations for the florist

Hello dear readers,

First of all, I am lucky and happy to let you know that Alexandra's giveaway prize has arrived whole and safe.  I already have plans for a barbeque scene with these wonderful items.  The vegetables in the bowl, as well as the meat pieces, are fantastical life-size looking.

Thank you, dear Alex, for your generous prize.


Sometimes I have to improvise for materials.  I don't know how many of you, dear readers, remember the little cottage I made from a cheap wooden cash-box. (Photo below.)

Here is one of those cash-boxes.  They cost about  US$0.60 which is quite cheap for the wood I get after taking them apart in the microwave oven.

You will agree with me that a florist needs a sink table for flower arrangements.  My inspiration comes from the very creative Jodi who creates beautiful sink units.  The bottom of the box makes a perfect table top for a sink unit, saving me a lot of work. The ceramic bowl is made by my daughter Nilly.
(I have to search my stash for more of these bowls.)


This beautiful miniature florist shop (From Pinterest) inspired me to make a few wooden crates for my project. They will be great for displaying the plant pots.

The crates are a flexible way for displaying the flowers pots and accessories.  I have not yet decided which color to paint them.  All suggestions are welcome.

I wish you a lovely weekend with blessings.