Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Black velvet display forms for necklaces

Hello dear readers,

My fingers have almost recovered. I made some new necklaces for the jeweler window showcase and took photos of the display forms while I made them

For Baalatova's witch hat, I bought from the local craft store, a small length, 30 cms, of a self-adhesive black velvet sheet.  I have enough of this material left for making the display forms and more.

From both the velvet and a recycled cereal card I cut a strip  2.5 cm (1") wide and 20 cm (8") long.
Then I stuck the strips together.

I made a card template, laid it on the backside of the two-sided strip and with a pen drew lines around the template.  See photo

I cut the forms and went over the joint lines with a black sharpie. I also painted the backside card staff with the sharpie.  To enable the form to stand up,
I glued a narrow strip of card behind the template. See the photos below.  You can paint the strip if you want the back part to be seen.  When this narrow strip is bent a little outwards it makes the form stand upright.

The necklaces are made from earings bought at the "One Shekel" stores.  Earrings provide a lot of mini possibilities. The metal is thin and can be cut with regular nail scissors.  The stones are nail ornaments, also bought at the Shekel store.  Since then, the One Shekel stores doubled their prices but haven't changed the name.

Have a marvelous weekend with blessings!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

A new reason to keep on celebrating Christmas

Hello dear readers

Yesterday more wonderful gifts arrived, this time from Nina in Germany.  After being delayed for over six weeks, probably buried under heaps of other parcels somewhere in the mail storerooms between our two countries the parcel luckily reached its destination.

The photos below show what I nearly missed.

A periwinkle 2020 calendar, A lovely Christmas card, lots of yummy cookies, chocolates and marzipans, a miniature snow sled and other cute ornaments.

Edible dragon's eyes for Baalatova.

Here is Baalatova inspecting them

Of all these four edible yummies, I am only allowed to enjoy two.
Baalatova forbids to touch the eyes and my 4 years old great-gran-daughter
doesn't want anyone to eat Santa Claus. She says he is a good man who
brings gifts for children.

Nina's parcels always include something smelling good.  This time a dried orange slice and cinnamon a very aromatic combination.  Also a cute jar of hand cream. I think I saw a mini version of this jar on Nina's blog.


Another late arrival was a parcel I mailed to Fabiola, earlier than usual in order that it gets to her for her birthday (17 December). It didn't, not on her birthday nor on Christmas. Last week,  Faby
informed me that it arrived, I hope undamaged.  These are what I sent.

At the bottom of my previous post, I showed two necklaces. I found out that their size (1/12" scale)
will be too large for my project. It will be necessary to "shrink" them into, 1/24".
To do this I had to make the black velvet display form smaller, and cut smaller pieces from the

I have to make more of these velvet coated small display forms. Does anyone know the proper English name for them? I'll take photos to show you how I make them.

We had a few chilly days, enough for me to catch chilblains on my fingers which are swollen, blue, clumsy and ugly.  Very slow with my work right now.

Wishing you all pleasant and warmer days with blessings.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Celebrating Christmas again

Hello dear readers,

After almost giving up hope for it ever to come, I received, by our sometimes very slow mail service, a parcel containing these precious Christmas gifts from my dear friend in Ukraine, Tatiana.

As you can see it was worth waiting for and is a good cause for prolonging the Christmas celebrations.

Have a good look at these yummy chocolates, no chance that they'll last much longer.
Lovely tree decorations packed in beautiful handmade card boxes. The awesome little Christmas tree is made of green pipe cleaners!

Not a very good picture, because I enlarged it. It's very tiny with fantastic details and fits a nutshell.

A much better view.

Beautiful roses that only Tatiana is able to make from thinner than paper
cold porcelain.  The roses look lovely in the blue glass vase.

Thank you, dear Tatiana, especially for your friendship.

Making a third shop facade will be my first project in 2020.  The toy and candy were the first and second.

I am planning a jeweler's window.  For a start, I already finished
two silver necklaces like the ones I made 2 or 3 years ago.  I used one scrapbook embellishment and one crashed to tiny pieces turquoise bead.

I wish you, my friends, restful creative days and blessings.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Hello dear readers,

How quick is the change from "last" to "next" year! I can't believe this is already a post in 2020.
This is Birgit's challenge,  making a nativity inside an olive wood Star of David.  The origin of the wood is from an olive grove near Bethlehem. The star was exported to Germany, purchased by Birgit and sent back to me in Israel.  Dear Birgit I hope you'll like the outcome of this challenge.

I had two ideas on how to make the tiny scene. 1. The Holy Family made like beads on very thin metal strings fixed to the top and bottom of the open center in the star. 2.  A  wooden box, shaped in a way that will fit the open center. The second idea appealed to me so here are step by step work photos.

A template of the star-shaped open center.

Cut pieces from a popsicle stick.

 A cardstock back is glued to the box. The holy family is crafted in Fimo.  It looks better than on  the photos.

There is a lot more space in a walnut shell than in this star's center.  Still, it was fun to make it.

I wish you a wonderful weekend with blessings.