Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Decorative wooden hangers

 Hello dear readers,

I needed something to stand out from the walls of my book nook and remembered that once, years ago I made decorative wall hangers.  In my stash, there are many laser cut triangles that can easily be turned into lovely wall hangers.  I made two and here is how these were done.

After the two wall hangers will be painted and dry with the baskets on them, they'll be fixed between the windows and balcony

The light fixtures have arrived.  I plan to install the light from above and am debating how to make it. Here is a glimpse of how the book nook looks with the mirror installed.

That's all for the time being.  We are back in lockout starting today.  It will be strictly guarded for a fortnight. while most of us will get inoculated with the VOD-19 vaccine.  For me it makes no great difference, I'm still alone but not sad or lonely.  There is so much to do between cleaning, crafting, reading, keeping in touch virtually with friends and family, watching movies.  (I love black and white oldies.)


Happy Holidays! 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Giveaway Results

Hello dear readers,

It's time for the raffle so here is the list of participants. I added all the names of those who kindly commented on my tutorial to those who commented on my previous, 13. Dec. post.

1. Milimari.  2. Xandra.  3.  Britt.  4.  May.  5.  Marian.   6.  Carmen.    7.Elena.  8. Fabiola.  9. Ilona.   10. . Alexandra.  11. Pilar.  12. Rosa Maria.  13. Sheila.  14. Eloisa.  14. Isabel.  16. Birgit.  17. Nina.              18. Pilar.  19. Carmen.  20. May.  21. Xandra.  22. Teresa.  23. Ana.  23. Matxalen.  25. Teredu.  26. Naran. 27. Sheila.   28.  Elena.  29.  Eloisa.  30.  Ilona.  31.  Robin.  32.  Blanches.   33. Jodi.   34. Marian.              35. Cyberarpia.  36. Birgit.  37. Rosa Maria.  38. EVA.  39. Alexandra.  40. Isabel.  41. Fabiola.

Congratulations dear Rosa Maria! Please email me your address to drorahed@gmail.com. 

We had a small relief in the COVID-19 plague situation. Families and small groups could go on outdoor trips, of course on condition of wearing masks and keeping distance. My grandson Gilad and his family traveled north and brought me a souvenir from the Sea of Galilee, tiny seashells. I got them yesterday.

Unfortunately, the number of those infected in the epidemic is rising and there may very well be another enclosure soon. I hope to be able to send the prize on Sunday morning.

I wish you a calm and safe weekend with blessings.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Advent Giveaway

 Hello dear readers,

I have decided to make a giveaway that will include the miniatures from my cookies tutorial as well as items I crafted recently see photo below. 

All you have to do if you wish to participate in the draw is to be a follower, old or new, and make a comment on this post. The draw will be on 17 December, the last night of Hanukka when all the 8+1 candles are lit. All 23 blog friends who commented on my previous post, (2020 Calendario de Adviento) are automatically included and will get a double chance if they make a comment on this post.

Happy Hanukka with blessings!


Sunday, December 6, 2020

2020 Calendario de Adviento

 Hola queridos lectores

Una vez más estoy aquí con ustedes, participando en el 2020 Calendario de Adviento organizado por Matxalen. Gracias Matxalen por invitarme a participar.

Este es mi paso a paso tutorial para hacer un plato de servir transparente de pata larga y galletas instantáneas sin arcilla

Hello dear readers

Once again I am here with you, participating in the 2020 Spanish Advent calendar organized by Matxalen. Thank you Matxalen for inviting me to take part. 

This is my step by step tutorial for making a long leg transparent serving plate and instant no clay cookies.

Para el plato transparente

For the transparent plate

Materiales y herramientas 
Materials and tools

Un gran goggle-eye de 1,5 cm de diámetro
Un alfiler transparente
Pegamento (pegajoso o pegamento cliente)

One large, 1.5 cm diameter goggle-eye
One transparent push-pin
glue (Tacky or hot glue)

Usa las tijeras para cortar una tira delgada alrededor del ojo de las gafas para separarlo.
Saque el pasador de metal de la parte de plástico con los alicates. El passador sale fácilmente si primero lo calienta. El plástico será la pata del plato. Empuja el extremo más pequeño de la pierna hacia una superficie caliente para aplanarlo y pégalo a la cubierta del ojo.

Use the scissors to cut a thin strip around the goggle-eye to separate it.
Pull out the metal pin from the plastic part by using the pliers.  The pin comes out easily if you heat it. The plastic will be the plate's leg.  Push the smaller end of the leg to a hot surface to flatten it and glue it to the cover of the goggle-eye.

Para las galletas
For the cookies

Materiales y herramientas 

Tools and materials

Lámina fina de espuma artesanal de color blanco y crema 
Pinturas acrilica de color marrón oscuro y blanco
esmalte de uñas rojo
Perforadora de papel de oficina regular, perforadora en forma de estrella o flor

White and cream-colored thin craft foam sheet 
Dark brown and white acrylic paints
red nail polish
Regular office paper punch, star or flower shape punch

Para galletas redondas decoradas con mermelada.:
Utilice la perforadora de oficina para cortar pequeños discos. Pinte un pequeño círculo blanco en el medio de cada disco y agregue una gota de esmalte de uñas rojo. Si desea que las galletas se vean más horneadas, mezcle una pizca de amarillo, marrón con dos pizcas de blanco aguado y cepille esta mezcla sobre ellas.

For jam decorated round cookies:
Use the office punch to cut little disks. Paint a tiny white circle in the middle of each disk and add a drop of red nail polish. If you want the cookies to look more baked, mix a pinch of yellow, brown with two pinches of watered white and brush this mixture over them.


Si tiene perforadoras con aberturas más grandes para permitir que entre la espuma artesanal de 2 mm, puede hacer más formas de galletas, incluso marron y blanco bombones de chocolate. 

If you have punches with larger openings to allow the 2mm craft foam to enter, you can make more cookie shapes, even brown and white chocolate candies. 

Sugerencia: la decoración festiva para Navidad se puede hacer perforando hojas de manualidades con brillo.

Suggestion:  Festive decorations for Christmas can be done by perforating glittering foam sheets.

Me dio gusto practicar mi, casi olvidado, español, por lo que agradezco a todos mis lectores que hablan español.

Les deseos Feliz Dias de Adviento

Translation re

It gave me pleasure to practice my almost forgotten Spanish for which I thank all my Spanish-speaking readers.

I wish you Happy Advent Days 

Translation resuUn gran ojo de plástico para gafas


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Book Nook project (Part 5)

 Hello dear readers,

Suddenly it is December again.  I feel as if I skipped November doing very little.  For example, the book nook isn't finished yet. Anyhow, before it will be finished I want to show you how the opposite wall looks because after assembly it will be difficult to take photos.

My friend Sarit is ordering the mirrors and when they are ready, she'll come over, and together we'll fix the lights (with what I have in my stash because the ones ordered online have not arrived). We'll also assemble the book nook and install the mirror.

The empty spaces are for the mirror.  I add stairs for the entrance to the book shop.

When my husband, may he rest in peace, and I resided in Bogota, Colombia,  we enjoyed very much the months of December, especially the time before Christmas when the stores and shopping centers were decorated with hundreds of pots of poinsettias and other Christmas decorations.  Just for nostalgia I decided to make these flowers and did my best with what supplies I had at hand. 

I made all the pots, the large one from egg-carton, the smaller pots from fired clay.

I used this punch to make the plants.

This is a smaller version of the plant.

I used this star punch for making it.


Please do not forget to follow the new 2020 Advent Calendar organized by Matxalen. 24 tutorials, a new tutorial each day!

I wish you safety and good health with blessings.