Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום שישי, 10 באוגוסט 2018

The Barbecue

Hello dear readers,

Wish there was some escape from the melting heat we are enduring these days.  Finishing the barbecue project provided a refuge by spending more hours at home with the a/c on full time.
Not so sure about the photos, photography is not my strong point.

The patio

With plants

Complete with barbecue, etc. 

The cute Dalmatian is a gift from Jennifer.

The beautiful spider plant and the two lovely plants by its side are gifts from Carmen.

The geraniums in their egg-carton planters.

All ready for the people to come and enjoy their meal.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with blessings.

יום שני, 6 באוגוסט 2018

Witchy Chic Gifts from Germany

Hello dear readers,

Nobody was more surprised than me to see Baalatova, with her usual "Haughty, Hard to Satisfy" facial expression, smiling smugly. To my knowledge, this never happened before.  It was very strange to suddenly hear her humming mysteriously making me wonder what was going to happen. And then arrived a  totally unexpected, surprise parcel from dear Birgit full of magical gifts.  Can it be possible that now that she has her magic wand back, Baalatova cast a spell, making Birgit send the parcel?

I should have known something was cooking. Some weeks ago Baalatova demanded a special space for a garden.  Thanks to Birgit there will hopefully be peace and quiet for the next two months, while Baalatova is working on her garden.

I shall also have to start seriously plan a bedroom for Baalatove, with new shelves to accommodate these fantastic potion bottles and other awesome items, all crafted by my incredibly talented friend, Birgit.


Here is a glimpse of the almost completed barbecue project.

I wish you all pleasant and cooler days of Summer with blessings.

יום ראשון, 29 ביולי 2018

Barbecue for two

Hello,  dear readers,

A barbecue needs food.  Besides the meat items on the grill, there must be at least, one green salad and some fruit for dessert.

I dared, for the first time, to make a lettuce salad.
Hope it resembles a r/l one.  Bowl is a gift from Maria.

This is a fruit tray made by Goldie. a super talented miniaturist and a good friend.  I love the mouthwatering figs and watermelon, what can be more refreshing on a hot summer day? Not so sure about my grapes which I added.  Should I leave them there?

The table is set for two.  The meat will be served on wooden plates.
Like I wrote in my previous post, there will be many gifts from friends displayed in this project.
The glasses on the table are part of a birthday gift from Karin.
Forks and knives are also part of a birthday gift from Kaisa.

This is the barbecue grill I won from Alexandra's giveaway.  Added a mustard and catsup set as well as 5 large Nurnberger sausages for Birgit

I wish you all a creative week ahead and those of you, on vacations, have fun!

יום שלישי, 24 ביולי 2018

Barbecue in the Patio

Dear readers,

It's over a month since my last post.  Much has happened meantime.  My computer decided to finally give-up after many attempts to bring it back to life.  On top of it and right in the middle of the hottest time in summer here in Israel, the main air conditioner stopped cooling.  If this was not enough, the TV net started to make trouble. For a technician from the supplier to come and check the net I had to wait 3 weeks.  I decided to change suppliers and it took only 3 days and a better deal. The young technician who came to install the new TV net, was very kind and restored the air-conditioner.
Now I have a working TV net, a new internet line, a working air-conditioning and a NEW COMPUTER!!

The flower shop is almost finished, except for a "glass" front and ceiling.  A friend bought me a large poster frame from IKEA.  I intend to use the perplex from this frame as glass. The only delay is that I don't know when my friend will have time to come and visit and I am unable to take the time and go to her.

This is why I started to make the Patio barbecue scene.  Here are a few photos of what was done already.

Hanging plants.  I created the plants and the ceramic pots. The wall is only for demonstration.

It was time consuming but worth the efforts.  Some of the pots will hang on the shop's walls.

From a paper covered wire I made the hangings part for the pots. It's barely possible to see it when installed on the wall and can be moved easily if necessary.

Created these two "straw" chairs from burlop . (Tutorial here)

Added a table and a stool.

This is only the beginning.  I intend to use many of the gifts and swaps with friends for this project.

Enjoy lovely summer days with blessings!

יום שבת, 23 ביוני 2018

Surprise giveaway.

Hello again dear readers.

The list of participants in my draw is made according to the order the comments are.

!, Sheila,  2. Veronique,  3. Carmen,  4. Tatiana,  5. Isabel.  6.  Elena,  7. Elizabeth,  8.  Susanna,
9.  Ilona,  10.  Jodi,  11.  Eloisa,  12.  Genevieve,  13.  Maria,  13.  Birgit,  15.  Alexandra,
16.  Marian,  17.  Isabella,  18.  Robin,  19.  Pilar,  20.  Carol,  21. Martha.

The winner is Alexandra!  Not wanting to spoil the surprise, I'll show what the giveaway is after
it gets to the winner.  Alexandra, please mail me your address.

Have a wonderful Sunday with blessings.

The riddle solution

Hello dear readers,

Some time ago a childhood friend of mine asked me if I'll be able to create a miniature Primus cooking stove.

I am not sure how many of you got to see a Primus at work. It's a noisy apparatus, the larger its head,  the bigger the noise.   It was in use here in Israel before the 40s of the last century. Those were the days when electricity did not reach all parts of the country.  The nomade tribes here, still use it, as it operates on kerosene and makes no soot.  Here is a reference (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primus_stove).

Given this challenge, I decided to try and make one for my antiquities stall. 

All the material that I need, I found at home.   (Buttons, fimo, jewelry findings, large paper clips, etc.)

These are my prototypes.  The paper clips are not pliable enough.  I need to find some aluminum wire which can be bent easily to the shape I want for the legs.

No wonder no one was able to guess the answer. 

I'll be back, later on,  as soon as I make a list of participants and use the random number generator to make the draw.  Please stay tuned.

Until then....

יום חמישי, 21 ביוני 2018

Birthday gifts from Ireland

Hello dear readers,

Never thought I'll have something new to post about so soon, when then, another birthday parcel arrived, all the way from Ireland, from my dear friend Maria.  I have to show what pretty things Maria generously collected for me and what a lovely fairy backyard she created.


Back to the riddle.  No one guessed or came close to the solution so here is another hint.

If you are the first to solve you get the surprise giveaway, if no one guesses what this part is going to be, I'll make a draw between the comments on this, and my previous post. The date of
the draw will be next Saturday night, 23 June.

Hello and welcome to my new followers.  You too are invited to guess and make a comment.  Maybe you will be the winner.

By the way, this very old PC is giving me trouble and may soon have to be replaced.  It takes me too long to open or shut it down.  I hope not to get stuck in the middle of a post or email.  My brother  will check and see what's wrong with it.

Blessing to all