Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, January 16, 2023

Hookahs and gifts

 Hello dear readers,

I hope everybody enjoyed a lovely seasonal holiday and that we are all back to our usual activities.

Many people who come to the daycare center are of Moroccan descent. I made and taught how to make these simple hookahs that will be part of a Moroccan-style tiny corner.  All the hookahs are made from beads and metal jewelry findings found in my stash.

I received wonderful gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas, too many to show in one post.  I'll show some here and in the following posts.  

Gifts from Ricardo. Arrived by surprise exactly in time for Hanukkah.

Everything you see in the photos was made by Ricardo himself, including the little box by the coffee maker, filled with real coffee. Thank you so much dear Ricardo for your thoughtful, very generous gifts, and thank you for being my friend.

Another lovely gift came from a friend of my daughter Galia, who admired my work in miniature.  It's an embroidery kit.  It's too large for a miniature but I'm happy with the canvas which will be used to make a small Orientale carpet to go with a hookah.

I wish you all a lovely week with blessings.


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Una casita de muñecas para una casa de muñecas - A little dollhouse for a dollhouse

Una casita de muñecas para una casa de muñecas 

A little dollhouse for a dollhouse     

Una vez más estoy aquí con ustedes, participando en el 2022 Calendario de Adviento organizado por Matxalen. Muchas gracias querida Maxtalen por invitarme a participar de nuevo.

Estimados lectores, a estas alturas probablemente se habrán dado cuenta de cuánto me gusta reciclar y hacer miniaturas con materiales simples que se encuentran en la casa. Para el tutorial de hoy usaremos bandejas de comida desechables. (Siempre pido una bandeja vacía cuando compro carne).

Once more I am here with you, participating in the 2022 Advent Calendar organized by Matxalen. Thank you very much dear Matxalen for inviting me to participate again. 

Dear readers, by now you have probably realized how much I love to recycle and make miniatures out of simple materials found around the house. For today's tutorial, we will be using disposable food trays. (I always ask for an empty tray when I buy meat.)


Herramientas  Materiales      Tools and Materials

Bandejas de comida desechables de poliestireno de 0,5 cm de espesor. (Use solo las partes centrales que son completamente planas y sin marcas.) Mis bandejas son de 23 x 17,5 y producen una pieza viable de unos 15 x 10 centímetros).

Un pequeño trozo de lona plástica (para las ventanas) Un agitador de café de madera y un palillo de dientes (para el marco de los lados de las paredes puerta y la puerta.)

0.5 cm thick disposable styrofoam food trays.  (Use only the center parts which are completely flat and unmarked.) My trays are 23x17.5 yielding a workable piece of about 15x10 cm.                

A small piece of plastic canvas for the windows.  One wooden coffee stirrer and one wooden toothpick for the door and side wall frames.

corta las siguientes piezas. El tamaño y el nombre de cada pieza aparecen en la segunda foto a continuación.

Cut the following pieces. The size and name of each piece appear in the second photo below.

Empieza a curvar. Curva solo un lado de las paredes y el techo.

Usa la regla y la parte trasera del cuchillo (no el lado afilado) para hacer líneas verticales. Haz cada línea dos veces y ten cuidado de no profundizar demasiado. corta las siguientes piezas. 

Curva solo estas cuatro piezas.

Start curving.  Curve only one side of the walls and roof.

Use the ruler and the back side of the knife (not the sharp cutting side) to make vertical lines. Do each line twice and be careful not to go in too deep. Curve only these four pieces.

Pinturas acrílicas. rosa, marrón y verde. (O el color de tu elección)

Pinte cada parte por separado para que esté lista para pegar y ensamblar.

Acrylic paints: Rose, brown, and green, (or colors of your choice.) 

Paint each part separately to be ready for gluing together before assembly.

Door and windows

La puerta es de un recorte de 1,2 cm de un agitador de café con trozos de un palillo de dientes enmarcado en tres lados.
Las ventanas son cuadrados recortados de lona plástica pintada de verde. Un pequeño cuadrado de papel oscuro está pegado a cada parte posterior plana de las ventanas.

The door is from a 1.2 cm cut-out of the coffee stirrer with pieces of a toothpick framing it on three sides. 
The windows are cut-out squares of plastic canvas, painted green.  Glue a tiny piece of dark paper to the flat side of the square.


Cuando la pintura esté seca, pegue todas las partes juntas. 

1. Primero pegue las 3 paredes juntas (esto es importante) 2. Espere hasta que esté completamente seco y pegue los dos pisos. 3. Pegue la pieza recta de los agitadores de café de madera al frente de los lados de la pared. 4. Pega el techo y la base. 5. Dar la vuelta y pegar la puerta y las ventanas.

Puedes decorarlo con flores como hice yo, o dejar la casita como está.


When the paint is dry, glue all parts together:

1. First glue the 3 walls together. 2. Wait until completely dry and glue in the two floors. 3, glue the straight pieces of the wooden coffee stirrers to the front of the wall sides. 4. glue on the roof and the base.  5. Turn over and glue the door and windows on the outside of the walls. \
You can decorate it with tiny flowers as I did or leave the little house as it is.  

Para sellar la casa usa pegamento plástico blanco diluido.
(2 partes de pegamento, 1 parte de agua.) Se verá como leche.

Pinta toda la casa con esta mezcla. Parece desordenado, pero no se preocupe si se secará bien.

To seal the house use diluted white plastic glue (2 parts glue, 1 part water) It will look like milk.

Brush the house all over with this mixture.  Seems messy but don't worry, it will dry out fine.

Me encanta trabajar con el material de estas bandejas. Es fácil de cortar y duradero. En 2016 hice casitas de hadas para regalar. Me quedé con uno y está como nuevo. Tambien hice una chimenea y  estanterías para la casa de mi bruja. Todos están como nuevos.

Una vez que haces una casita, puedes volverte adicto y hacer un pueblo. Las posibilidades de sus formas son infinitas y se añaden porche, jardín, tienda, etc.

I love working with these trays' material.  It's easy to cut and durable.  In 2016 I made little fairy homes for giveaways.  I kept one and it's still as good as new.  I also made a fireplace and shelves for my witch's home; all are as good as new.
Once you make one little house, you can become addicted and make a village.  There is no end to the possibilities of their shapes, an added porch, a garden, a shop, etc.

Les deseo a todos un feliz Hanukkah, una feliz Navidad y un feliz Año Nuevo.


I wish you all A Happy Hannuka, A Merry Christmas, and A Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.

Enjoy your holidays



Tuesday, November 29, 2022

2022 Advent Calendar

 Hello dear readers,

This is just a short post to remind you that tomorrow will be the first of 24 tutorials that will be published on the new Spanish 2022 Advent Calendar organized by Matxalen.

Enjoy all!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Halloween with Baalatova and friends

 Hello dear Friends

Once every  Halloween student skeletons at the Ghost Academy get a day off to go home and ponder about continuing or staying on at the Academy.  

The first thing the Skellies have done is visit Baalatova.

Baalatova strolled with Solly and Kitty when the Skellies surprisingly arrived without previous notice.

Baalatova:  Is it the Skellies I see?

Baalatova: " Welcome friends! we really missed your company. Let's all sit down and listen to how you are, and how long will your leave from the Academy last."

Skella:  "Life at the Academy is not easy.  Lectures and homework. daily drills and exercises and separating the ladies from the gentlemen.  Chats between us are not allowed. Memorizing all the rules and regulations is the hardest of all.

Skelly:  "All the students received a difficult practical test to pass.  Each got an ancient remote abandoned house to haunt and scare away from the house anyone in. It had to be done without being exposed. We were supposed to go as temporarily invisible ghosts. 

Skelly: "Mine was an ancient large decaying house.  I passed the test.  I managed to scare a bunch of beer-drinking bikers who broke in and started going wild.

I floated out and started the engines of the parking bikes outside.  They all came running to see who was going to steal their bikes while I floated back to the house and broke all their bottles of beer. They couldn't understand how in this God-forsaken place anyone would dare mess up with them. They became so scared It was no longer fun for them to stay so they just drove away on their bikes."

Skella: "I almost got expelled from the Ghost Academy.".

Baalatova: "Why what happened?"

Skella: "Well, mine was an abandoned old decaying mansion.  A bunch of kids broke in carrying dry wood branches and started to light up a bonfire inside the house.  I was very scared that the house will catch fire and I'll be burned to death again, this time fatally turning into ashes.  The gust of wind caused by my panicked exit from the place increased the flame from the campfire frightening the kids who ran back to their homes. I was sure they discovered me and were chasing me. I barely reached the academy shamefacedly.

Luckily  I only got a reprimand. My action scared the kids out but I should have stayed on."

At this point, Baalatova who hardly ever smiles gave everybody a shock by bursting out laughing loudly making them all laugh along with her.

Baalatova: still laughing and holding her belly  "Just imagine little kids chasing you ha ha ha..."
Skelly: "Imagine what would have happened if it were the Bikers instead of the kids!" ha ha ha..."

Poor Skella:  "It's Halloween tonight, after all, please Baalatova, we came especially to ask if you'll agree to turn us into ghosts again for a few hours and take us haunting?"

Baalatova:  "Of course, my dears, and this time we'll take Solly and Kitty with us" 

Solly and Kitty together:  "Hooray!"

Baalatova to Solly and Kitty:  "You know kids, if you come as little ghosts you will not be able to ask for trick-or-treating"

Guess, dear readers, what they preferred.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN dear readers.  All who are celebrating have fun!

A blessed weekend to all my readers and friends.

Translation results

Translation results

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Kitty's home

 Hello dear readers.

Kitty's home is now completed.  Kitty seems to like it as it is but I haven't given up my intention to insert a window.  If my plans go well you'll see the window when I finish the garden. 


Solly gave Kitty a little image of himself as a gift.  She inserted it in a silver frame to be displayed in her shelves unit. The little snowman is a gift from Birgit. The book on the table is a gift from Pilar.

Solly, with his housewarming gift to Kitty.

Baalatova shows signs of being cross with me.  It's mid-October and she thinks I've forgotten Halloween. Shall have to do something about it, hopefully in my next post.

Hoping that you all have had a wonderful weekend, I wish you a wonderful, blessed week ahead. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Autumn 2022 -Hebre New Year 5783

Hello dear friends,

We here in Israel have been celebrating our Hebrew New Year 5783.  It's a religious 2-day holiday that always falls in autumn.

I made the little autumn scene for my family and local friends. 

All the outdoor pieces of furniture, including the wooden crate, were created and put together by me. The pumpkin pie and leave-cookies are gifts from a fellow miniaturist who sadly no longer keeps her blog.  The pumpkins too are gifts from blog friends. The flower vase is bought and filled with sunflowers quickly made by me for this scene.

Kitty's home has not been entirely neglected.  All the furniture pieces are completed waiting only to be decorated with ornaments and fixed permanently in place.

Chair made from barbecue matches and three curved toothpick-tops. (fiddly work)

The shelves unit is made from popsicle sticks and a piece of Balza wood.

For the table, I glued a wooden disc on top of a Domino pizza protector.

The chair seat is woven with crochet yarn.

Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends and Happy Autumn to all my dear readers!

Friday, September 9, 2022

A loft bed for Kitty

Hello dear readers 

After many trials and errors, the loft bed is completed.  To make it stay up, I had to build a sturdy shelves unit and ladder.  This involved a long job of hand sawing and sanding which I absolutely don't love.

There is now very little space for furniture but luckily Kitty doesn't need a kitchen, she has Baalatova to provide her and Solly with food.  There will also be a little garden where she can play and roam around.

This was one of the trials, unsuccessful attempts to install the loft bed.

Here is my last and safe fixture of the loft bed.  It leaves very little space for the indoor decoration but will have to do.

Needs decorative rose-colored cushions.

What's left now is to create small cushions, a small chair, and a table as well as wall decorations and a pot of flowers.

Hopefully I"ll be able to finish all these items soon.  My fingers already ache to make the garden and have this project complete for Halloween.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend with blessings.