Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Halloween with Baalatova and friends

 Hello dear Friends

Once every  Halloween student skeletons at the Ghost Academy get a day off to go home and ponder about continuing or staying on at the Academy.  

The first thing the Skellies have done is visit Baalatova.

Baalatova strolled with Solly and Kitty when the Skellies surprisingly arrived without previous notice.

Baalatova:  Is it the Skellies I see?

Baalatova: " Welcome friends! we really missed your company. Let's all sit down and listen to how you are, and how long will your leave from the Academy last."

Skella:  "Life at the Academy is not easy.  Lectures and homework. daily drills and exercises and separating the ladies from the gentlemen.  Chats between us are not allowed. Memorizing all the rules and regulations is the hardest of all.

Skelly:  "All the students received a difficult practical test to pass.  Each got an ancient remote abandoned house to haunt and scare away from the house anyone in. It had to be done without being exposed. We were supposed to go as temporarily invisible ghosts. 

Skelly: "Mine was an ancient large decaying house.  I passed the test.  I managed to scare a bunch of beer-drinking bikers who broke in and started going wild.

I floated out and started the engines of the parking bikes outside.  They all came running to see who was going to steal their bikes while I floated back to the house and broke all their bottles of beer. They couldn't understand how in this God-forsaken place anyone would dare mess up with them. They became so scared It was no longer fun for them to stay so they just drove away on their bikes."

Skella: "I almost got expelled from the Ghost Academy.".

Baalatova: "Why what happened?"

Skella: "Well, mine was an abandoned old decaying mansion.  A bunch of kids broke in carrying dry wood branches and started to light up a bonfire inside the house.  I was very scared that the house will catch fire and I'll be burned to death again, this time fatally turning into ashes.  The gust of wind caused by my panicked exit from the place increased the flame from the campfire frightening the kids who ran back to their homes. I was sure they discovered me and were chasing me. I barely reached the academy shamefacedly.

Luckily  I only got a reprimand. My action scared the kids out but I should have stayed on."

At this point, Baalatova who hardly ever smiles gave everybody a shock by bursting out laughing loudly making them all laugh along with her.

Baalatova: still laughing and holding her belly  "Just imagine little kids chasing you ha ha ha..."
Skelly: "Imagine what would have happened if it were the Bikers instead of the kids!" ha ha ha..."

Poor Skella:  "It's Halloween tonight, after all, please Baalatova, we came especially to ask if you'll agree to turn us into ghosts again for a few hours and take us haunting?"

Baalatova:  "Of course, my dears, and this time we'll take Solly and Kitty with us" 

Solly and Kitty together:  "Hooray!"

Baalatova to Solly and Kitty:  "You know kids, if you come as little ghosts you will not be able to ask for trick-or-treating"

Guess, dear readers, what they preferred.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN dear readers.  All who are celebrating have fun!

A blessed weekend to all my readers and friends.

Translation results

Translation results

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Kitty's home

 Hello dear readers.

Kitty's home is now completed.  Kitty seems to like it as it is but I haven't given up my intention to insert a window.  If my plans go well you'll see the window when I finish the garden. 


Solly gave Kitty a little image of himself as a gift.  She inserted it in a silver frame to be displayed in her shelves unit. The little snowman is a gift from Birgit. The book on the table is a gift from Pilar.

Solly, with his housewarming gift to Kitty.

Baalatova shows signs of being cross with me.  It's mid-October and she thinks I've forgotten Halloween. Shall have to do something about it, hopefully in my next post.

Hoping that you all have had a wonderful weekend, I wish you a wonderful, blessed week ahead.