Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gifts from Jennifer - Hallow

Among things that are nearly impossible to find here in Israel are skeletons.  I once mentioned it to my dear friend Jennifer , who keeps pampering me all the time,  and this most generous, lovely person sent me a parcel containing Skelly, as well as 4 bats, 3 very original pumpkins made of raffia and a set of fireplace spades. They arrived just in time to make a mini scene.

THANK YOU JENNIFER. I love the miniatures and I love your cute card.

Skelly is courting Skella.  He says: I'm tired of resting in peace for ages.  Skella agrees and sighs. Skella says:  It's so romantic here! Just look at the lovely bats and pumpkins! Skelly says:
I miss the black cat,  I hope Drora finds it before the night is through.

The four pumpkins on the window sill are my experiment with cold porcelain clay which I prepared myself for the first time from an online recipe. The other skeleton, is a gift from my graddaughter Tali.  She brought me six on a string.  I don't think I'll find use for so many skeletons. I can always add them to swaps if someone is interested.

I don't know about the others, but I keep having difficulties in following blogs.  My readers list is often unavailable.

A happy Sunday to all with my blessings.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Paintings from Mexico

These two paintings were purchased in Mexico City several years ago, on the Garibaldi square. I loved them on the spot, especially the market  which is a very colorful, busy scene.  I love Latin America  markets and this one reminds me of them.  We were on a short one week visit.  I always wanted to come back and see more of this wonderful country but somehow we couldn't find the time and opportunity.

The miniature  is on the bottom left of the original, painted on wood painting.

The miniature is on the middle top frame of the painting.

A warm welcome  to two more followers

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I wish you all a lovely weekend. Blessings.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two more paintings for the gallery project

My husband and I are no art connoisserus. We bought paintings within our budjet and taste, as souvenirs from our stay or visits in South America.  Gradually they became a collection.  Sometimes the frames cost more than the paintings.

The two paintings I am showing here are by a Colombian collage artist called Carlose.  They represent a protest against poverty.

Two homeless boys adrift.  Their clothes are pieces of fabric.

It's a rather large painting. You can see the miniature on the bottom of the frame.

Made of various pieces of wood, carton, etc. We actually  saw  real ones like this.

1:1 size painting with the miniature 1:12 at the bottom right side of the frame.

I am making progress with the frames.  I'll soon have to do something about the box.

Have a wonderful Sunday with blessings to all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another painting framed

Making a frame, even a simple one for a miniature painting is much more difficult than I thought. This tiny
minimized painting is only 2.2x1.8 cms. (less than an inch)

About the painter.  He is Tulio Enrique Velasques, son of the famous greatest painter of Honduras, Jose Antonio Velasquez . The small painting was purchased in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  It was already framed so we left it as it was.

You can see the miniature at the top.

I used match sticks for this frame.

This is how part of the 1:1 real  original  paintings collection looks on our wall. I'll show you more as I

Blessings to all

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ilona's gift

Ilona, my dear friend of many talents, sent me a most exquisite, delicate, tiny, color pencils' drawing she made of a tiny king fisher.  You will probably find it odd that most of my late posts are about beautiful birds.
It's just that I love the feathered creatures and  simply admire the ability of a tiny one, less than 8 grms, to cross oceans and thousands of miles to escape winter.

Some months ago, I showed on my blog a photo of a collage by a Colombian painter.  Ilona asked me if I'd like a miniature of the collage. We began corresponding  by emails, (not a very easy task for both of us corresponding in English, a foreign language) Ilona, upon learning that we have a collection of Latin American paintings and being the generous lady that she is, offered to reduce and print on fabric any painting that I want.   To make a long story short, Ilona reduced 14 of my favorite paintings from the original measurements to 1:12.  A great accomplishment! Ilona printed them on fabric and mailed them to me together with the beautiful king fisher. THANK YOU ILONA!

My new project now is making a miniature gallery.  I am already making frames, very simple ones, as it's impossible to find frame material here in Israel.  I already made three and I'll show you more as I go along.

This is to show the mini on the original.  The colors match perfectly.

The only abstract painting we own.  It's also an expensive one, by a Peruvian well known painter, Alberto Davila.  I fell in love with the colors and the miniature is a perfect match. If you look hard, you'll see it on the bottom of the rather large painting.

I didn't realize before how hard it is to make frames for tiny pictures, even plain ones.  I hope to be able to make more to show you within a few days.

A very warm welcome to my new followers. Thank you for following.

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Blessings to all

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy birds in Rio

Hello friends,

Remember the beautiful birds photos I shared with you a few weeks ago? If you followed Mini Jazzi'z visit
to Brazil, with Evelyne you will probably love this video clip.

Happy Sunday with my blessings

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vicky's gifts

Hello all,

The last week has been very kind to me.  I received these gorgeous pansies from Vicky lovejoybears.blogspot.co.il.  The pansies are amazing.  Perfect flowers, leaves and beautifully painted pots.
THANK YOU VICKY for these treasures.

Out of Nilly's kiln came my humble attempts at making ceramics. I quite like the results.  The vases with daisies are bought clay vases which I painted dark blue to match my ceramics.

These will serve for my future swaps.

I wish you a wonderful Sunday with my blessings.