Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter - Passover

 In tribute to both holidays I made a tiny display taking a little break  from other activities.  Before I show you this, I want to share with you a very cute pair of eggcups that my daughter
Nilly created. These are 1:1 scale.

I composed this little scene with gifts from Jennifer and Gonda.  I only added a bit of grass.

A basket with colored and chocolate eggs and a basket with gifts received from Monika, a chocolate Fimo bunny made by me and more chocolate eggs.  The chocolate teddies are painted beads.

Happy Holidays!

Daria sent me a Russian fun questionnaire with three questions to the craftsperson.  The person who receives it can make up three questions of his own to answer. Daria's questions are

1. Have you ever thought of selling your crafts?
2. Do you have a friend around you who caught the miniatures bug because of you?

3. Do you ever feel guilty about abandoning other duties in favor of spending time on crafting?


1.  No I never think of selling my crafts, I love giving things I made  to persons who
      appreciate my work. I also love making swaps.

2.  I don't think anyone became a miniatures crafter because of me, but I do have a few local
     friends who make beautiful miniatures and miniature scenes.  In fact,  only today a friend
     called and asked me if I'd like to take part in a gallery exhibition, together with her and a
     few other miniaturists. The trouble is they live in other cities, far from me.

3.  Dear Daria, there is never a moment that I don't feel guilty.  I am always behind with my daily
     house chores, I hate to return things to their proper place when I know I'll need them again soon,
     and my table always needs tidying up.

Since I'm allowed to pass this on to three friends, I choose AscensionMieke and Julia. I leave you
the same questions. You can, of course, change and ask questions of your on if you pass this on.


A warm welcome to my new follower Carla Gabriela . Thank you for following.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Surprise gift from Monika

There is nothing more thrilling than a surprise unexpected gift.  In our post box downstairs awaited a letter from Monika with two perfect tiny gifts.  This touching gesture filled me with emotion. It's the fact that Monika thought about me and sent gifts she created by her own hands that makes these gifts double precious to me.  This can only happen only in our blogland and Monika is one of the persons who makes it so good to be here.  THANK YOU MONIKA!!!   I LOVE THE BOOK AND SWEET CHOCOLATE!

We are celebrating here the Passover Holiday which is also called the Spring Holiday.  Our country side is beautiful this time, green after a rainy season.  I'd like to share with you these pictures of gorgeous and very rare flowers. I wish I could tell you where they can be found or at least their names but I really don't know. A friend emailed these photos to me.

Isn't Nature the greatest artist?


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tiny baby Dolls

Hello dear readers,

Shopping before the holidays, can be a very hectic time. As was looking for small gifts for the young members of my family,  I found these tiny Moses in a Crib dolls at the one-shekel-store.  I bought the entire stock of 7 pieces for about two US dollars.  They are too cute to be given to children where they won't last long.  I'll keep them for myself. With a little makeover they can be upgraded. The cribs are onlyCarmen good for protection of the delicate dolls but too crude to be used.

Passover is when we read, again each year, the story of the Israelites exodus from Egypt and the story of little Moses in his crib left to float on the Nile and picked up by Pharoh's daughter who adopted  the baby who grew up as a royal prince.  Baby in a crib dolls are part of of Passover tradition.

 A warm welcome to Britta.  A visit to Britta's relatively new blog is highly recommended. You'll find there a beautiful flower tutorial and lovely miniature displays.

I also want to thank http://sognatriceabordo.blogspot.co.il/  and Carmen for giving me this great award.
Thank you so much!

I wish you a wonderful week with my blessings

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Keelin's Prize

I won this beautiful giveaway prize from Keelin. It arrived today.  Dear followers you have one day left if you want a chance to win an identical giveaway.  All you have to do, is click Keelin's link, enter her relatively new blog and make a comment on her giveaway post. The giveaway is gorgeous!

My little treasures were exquisitely packed.  

Dear Keelin, I am simply delirious with pleasure.  THANK YOU!!!

A warm welcome to Melli .  Melli has a wonderful giveaway going on  in her blog.  Don't miss it.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hello all,

I'm well again and very grateful  for all your well wishes.  I am not used to being sick, this was the first in many winters.

Real life took over.  We are celebrating an early Passover holiday shortly, there will be spring cleaning, shopping,  house guests, dinners, spring cleaning, etc.  Very little time for miniatures.

I did, however, manage to complete two chandeliers.

Chandelier No. 1

This is the one suitable for the gallery.  It looks much better the it does in this photo.  I used a metal filigree earring and a jewelry finding, as well as acrylic beads.


Cutout section of earring and jewelry finding.  There are 20 holes in the earring part and 10 in the finding.

Chandelier No. 2

Looks much better than in the photo.

I used two jewelry findings each with 12 holes.  Didn't like the shiny gold plate and painted it over with a kind of old gold acrylic paint.

From this angle you can see the under part with the big acrylic bead.

I have to make another chandelier, exactly the same as No. 1.  The two will hang in the gallery.
But it will have to wait untel after the holidays.

Both chandeliers can be fitted with electricity.

I found something I loved on Pinterest.  Maybe someday I'll make it in miniature. Isn't this a  great idea?

A very warm welcome to new followers

Dominique - Couldn't trace you blog. Please let me know if you have one which I can follow.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Blessings

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chandeliers for the painting gallery

After a few days in bed with a bad case of flu, I am up and wobbly.  I have done no minis for a whole week.
Today I started to make chandeliers for the gallery but I'm really unhappy with the results.
I took photos so you can see the "before".

First experiment, the beads are too large. Will be dismantled.

Second experiment - a little better but still not satisfying.

I'll work on the second.  Hope to be able to show you a successful attempt within a few days.

Can you see the two dark wooden boxes with the lamp hanging between them. Before I fell sick, I was very lucky to find these boxes which are perfect for small vignettes. They are made in Chine and  landed here in very poor condition, so were sold quite cheaply. I bought 8 boxes which will be  paint  over and papered. With a little scene inside they'll be excellent future gifts.

A very warm welcome to new followers

Dominique -

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and blessings

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gifts from Beatriz

 Beatriz, is a wonderful miniaturist from Mexico and is also one of the most creative miniatures artist (Just visit her blog to see her wonderful tutorials).  The second of my last two giveaways was won by Beatriz
who generously offered to send me some of her beautifully creations.

Today (Sunday is a regular working day here), I was very lucky and imensely happy to receive a parcel, beautifully packed,  delivered by our postlady.

Everything, except the box, handmade by Beatrix.

The pitcher looks and feels like enamel.

The Aftican Violets are so pretty in a beautiful square pot.  The cake, tray, box and picture
are perfectly precious.  I love everything.

THANK YOU BEATRIZ FOR THESE WONDERFUL UNEXPECTED GIFTS! You made me very happy. I am very fortunate to have your friendship.

A warm welcome to new followers

Keelin - Great second giveaway in Keelin's blog.  The first one I won. Hurry, follow and participate.
Yolanda - A great giveaway in Yolanda's blog.  Hurry, follow and participate.