Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

 Hello dear readers,

After an unexpected absence of a few weeks from this blog, I am back with you. 

My faithful but very old Mac computer was infected with dangerous viruses. I didn't trust myself to work on it or contact friends through it in order not to transfer the risk to other computers. being the last woman who considers herself  a computer technologist, and because of the risk I also was afraid of saving data to a disk-on-key. 

In the end the computer was sent for repair but it was too late to save it. Fortunately, my eldest grandson helped me purchase a new computer. My genius 18 year old great-grandson was the one who assembled it for me at home. In the meantime, an expert tried to save the data, but a large part was lost, including the addresses of friends and some very important photos.

Now I have to practice and get used to the, fully protected new (Sadly, not an expensive Mac), but a reliable computer with Windows 10. It takes me time to load photos and find where exactly they are in order to transfer them to the blog. The lesson I learned and shall hopefully remind is to save my data every few months.

I already visited some of your blogs and left a (safe) short comment.  I shall visit the rest of my favorite blogs and leave comments as soon as possible.

Does anyone remember this pizza savers potion table?

I have a new "waste to best" idea for these throwaway pieces.  Below are my photos of round and corner ones.

We'll be celebrating our Hebrew New Year at the end of this week and I'm busy preparing miniature gifts for the family.  I'll show these in my next post, after the holiday.

I wish all my Jewish blog friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I wish a wonderful crafty rest of the week to all my readers with hugs and blessings.