Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Importance of Booing

 Dear readers

I try to avoid thinking about the horrors around me.  I'm dreaming about a better world with good hearted witches who can make it happen.. 

The Skellies, are on a short Halloween vacation from the Ghost Academy. They arrived to enjoy a pleasant visit with Baalatova, the ancient witch, and her pets Solly the flying young bear and Kitty the beautiful cat girl.

The Skellies, after their long walk, left their crutches at the entrance and set down comfortably on the pumpkins Baalatova provided for them as seats.  The cats never left their sight guarding them all the way.

Baalatova:  How is life at the Academy?

Skelly: I'm doing fine, I get good grades and hope to graduate soon.

Skella:  I've got a huge problem.  I can't BOO.  I try my best but what comes out sounds more like a BEE. If I fail to BOO correctly it will cost me my diploma.  Booing, after floating silently through walls and closed doors, is one of the the most important part of being a ghost.

Baalatova:  Oh dear, this is the reason there are not hundred of thousands of ghosts around. I may have a potion that can solve your problem.  It's to be rubbed around your neck vertebrae. But I have to warn you, this potion is only effective on skeletons who died young and had elastic voice cords.

Skella:  Alas I didn't die young but I could sing beautifully until my last day.

Baalatova:  Well, in any case, remember each ghost is allowed to haunt alone in only one home. This means that you and Skelly, if and when you get your ghosting diplomas, will no longer be able to stay together..

Skella:  I realize sadly,  that ghosting is a lonely occupation.

Baalatova:    Dear Skella, there will always be a home for you or Skelly here.  I'll make Drora build it. In times of stress the best therapy for her is to be busy.

Baalatova:  Come on my dear friends lets forget troubles and have a lovely time together. Anyone for my special rich nourishing eyesoup????? Sorry I forgot, no stomachs.

To be continued next year, Halloween or maybe sooner.

Thank you my dear friends for caring and for your prayers for peace.  It's impossible to believe that we are in war again.  Why can't people live together and appreciate the greatest, sacred gift given to all, the MIRACLE OF LIFE.

Hugs and blessings to you my dear readers and friends.


Friday, October 27, 2023

Déjà vu


Hello dear readers

Once again I'm confined, alone in my home but unlike the Corona period when I was in my best creative crafting mood, on these, too many days of war I am doing very little crafting except for making a very few flowers, a craft that calms me and makes me think of a better world.  It's like I've already been there (Déjà vu) only this time far more dangerous. In our sheltered space, sitting with my neighbors when there is a missiles attack, we feel as if there is a Russian Roulette game going on, will a missile hit our building or miss?

With Halloween around the corner, and wanting to do my utmost not to disappoint Baalatova, my ancient witch, I'll try to tell you her latest news in my next post.

Until then, I wish you a great weekend, calm and safety,



Wednesday, October 11, 2023

 Dear readers,

First of all let me thank all my blog friends for for their encouraging words  You touched my heart.

My family and my brothers' family are all OK.  Most of us live in the center of our small country, and except for occasional missiles landing here and there causing damage, we are safe thank God.  The situation is horrible in the south.  I gave up watching TV.  The pictures I've seen are heartbreaking and cause sleepless nights.  

Contrary to the Corona period when we were confined at home, we, who are retired, school kids or people who can work from home are again confined at home where we have special space shelters.  At least we get to know our neighbors their frightened kids and even their poor pets for the short whiles we sit there together. We got used to hearing the siren alarms going on before each missile attack is foreseen and have enough time to reach the shelter and pray that a missile will not land on our building. We sleep dressed up to be ready for the shelters.

I'll continue to post once a week, just to let you know we are OK.

Thanks again for your concern.

Hugs, and blessings.

Monday, October 2, 2023

Dear readers,

I've been busily crafting, preparing little gifts for my great-grand-kids and other kids and friends, taking advantage of the time the P/C was unavailable. I'm also relieved to realize that no photo in my blog got lost.  Blogger took care of that..

A few of the items you'll see in the photos below have already been wrapped and presented but many await the arrival of my granddaughters and their family who live abroad. 

The strollers and teddies are for the little girls and their teenaged sisters.


The dogs and cats are for the boys and/or their girl friends. Pipe cleaners are wonderful to work with. I had to order the light colored ones.  I ordered beige and received these.  This is what happens when your order online. At least you are safe with white or black.


Flower duck pots for anyone who likes and wants them. (more than half are already gone. I'll have to make more.)


This if how the ducks look before sanding and make-up.  These are made from DAS.

We are in the midst of several holidays,  Last week was the holiest day in the Jewish faith. Yom Kippur, (Day of  Atonement.) Religious people fast on this day, pray in synagogues and don't drive or do any manual work, including cooking, lighting fire. They don't smoke because this require lighting a fire.. Except for police cars and ambulances the roads are empty all over the country. A very solemn day indeed. I'm relieved it has passed without incidents.

Today is the second day of the feast of Sukkot (Feast if Tabernacles.)  This one is a happy feast that lasts 8 days but the 6 days in between the first and the eighth are shorter than regular working days.  Schools and many official institutes are closed all the 8 days. 

Can't believe it's already October!

I wish you all my dear readers lovely autumn days to enjoy with blessings.