Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, May 17, 2020

My first "Corona Days" vignette"

Hello dear readers

I hope you are all well and healthy.  Keep on taking care, safety is very important, especially now the quarantine is almost over.

I finished my first "Corona Days" vignette. I wanted it to be cheerful and represent spring.
Before the glass panel was inserted.

My green T-shirt reflected on the glass, hahaha...

The tree, from a dried-out stem of a bunch of grapes.

I hope the next boxes will be easier to make.  This one gave me a lot of trouble but finally, I managed to fit it into the frame.  It doesn't look nice from the back though, but nobody can notice and the good thing is that it sits tight even without gluing it permanently.

Have a great creative week ahead with blessings.


  1. What a charming scene, Drora! It just draws you in and makes you want to peek into the gouse's windows!
    I don't know how you are so nimble with such tiny flowers, but your skills at making them are admirable!
    I fought with tea bags for an hour last night and they were 1/12th scale!!!
    I am sure the next one will go much easier now that you know the pitfalls. It is marvelous!

  2. ¡Qué bonito es! Se ve tan alegre y lleno de color que da alegría.

  3. Que escena más linda y encantadora !!!!

  4. La escena es preciosa Drora! Da gusto asomarse a ese "remanso de paz" que despide su ambiente!
    Estoy segura,que una vez hecha la primera,ya tendrás las claves,para que las siguientes,te resulten más sencillas de montar!

  5. Well your "Corona" vignette is gorgeous!! I really love it, especially that tree and all the flowers, the little house, well everything!! Lol, Spring at its best!! Keep the fantastic work and keep safe dear Drora xxx

  6. What a charming spring scene in your miniature frame, dear Drora, it looks lovely!! The spring flowers and the little house are so cute to see. I'm curious to see with what you'll come up next with these tiny frames.
    Blessings to you.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  7. So sweet! I really love your tree. I need to keep the grape stem method in mind.

  8. Your first "corona" vignette is beautiful - and what a great choice to go for a spring theme. So many tiny blossoms, my, this must have been a lot of work. And there are even curtains at the windows - so many wonderful details. I'm already curious to see the next frame!


  9. Ha quedado preciosa.
    Un saludo

  10. How Sweet your CV vignette turned out to be, Drora! I love the idea of using the dried grape stem as a tree trunk: definitely recycling at it's Best!
    Spring has always been my favourite season and I think it's well represented in your lovely little garden!

  11. Que cosita tan maravillosa Drora, es de lo mas bonito. Un cuadrito que mide poco mas que una cerilla, y todo lo que le has puesto dentro :O :O de veras es una gran obra de arte. Deseando ver otros mas que vayas a hacer, jeje.
    Cuidate mucho!!!!

  12. Wonderful and delicate work I enjoy watching it .Love the flowers. Kisses.

  13. What a lovely frame you have made and so little

    Stay safe and big hug Xandra

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  16. It is really gorgeous and I like the bright colours of the flowers, the house is lovely. You've managed to put a lot in your vignette.