Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A new scene in a frame

Hello dear friends,

The shops outside malls have been opened here, people are allowed to go outside, as long as they keep wearing face marks and gloves  The beaches are open again, but no big gathering allowed. No theaters, no concert halls no restaurants and cafeterias. It's hard to be happy while you realize that all around you, young people with families are losing their jobs.

No, I didn't get flowers for Mother's Day,  instead, I created a new flower arrangement.  The reason I didn't, is because we don't celebrate it any longer.  We celebrate Family Day instead, at a different time.

I completed the box to fit the frame.  It's not perfect, It was a lot more difficult to cut the wood than I guessed and I think it's too deep.  I am thinking of making a new box before going on and to
 use 3mm thick balsa wood.

It doesn't look bad when you look at it from the front but hanging on a wall it will stick out 6 cm
4 cm away from the wall will leave enough room for scenes.

I received my order from Aliexpress for tiny laser-cut different shapes of wooden houses. The idea is to make little dollhouses for the dollhouse from them. It's no big deal. I already made the plan.

I wish you all good health and blessings.


  1. Wow that bouquet is a stunner Drora! so beautiful!!!
    And I love the grass and sky you've created in the frame! I hope you have an easier time cutting the smaller one!

  2. Ese ramo de flores es una preciosidad Drora,se ve maravilloso!!
    La idea de las pequeñas casas en los marcos creo que resultarán muy bonitas!!

  3. In first glance I saw your flowers on the picture in my readers list, so I thought your flowers were real ones you got for Mother's Day, Drora, they are beautiful and I absolutely love their colors.
    I like the idea of little the box behind the frame, that tiny house in there is so adorable to see, what a good idea!
    Blessings to you.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  4. Your floweres are really beautiful, so real. your little scene is gorgeous. In France the situation is the same as in your country.

  5. Es una idea maravillosa y va a quedar una escena genial.
    Ya nos queda poco para volver a la normalidad aunque nunca volverá a ser igual que antes pero sabremos adaptarnos y volver a disfrutar de nuestras familias y amigos.
    Un saludo

  6. What a wonderful project! I have no doubt that you will do wonders with it

  7. I love how your trial and error still comes out looking lovely!

  8. lindas flores y escenita que promete...

  9. Las flores están fantásticas ,y la mini escena ya me gusta mucho ,espero el final Un abrazo y a seguir cuidándonos

  10. You made a lovely flower arangement
    Amazing your littlete house in the frame. I love it.

    Hugs Xandra

  11. Un bonito arreglo floral Drora.
    Esas escenitas enmarcadas me encantan, son pequeñas y fáciles de colocar en cualquier sitio.
    Estoy preocupada por el envío, salió de Barcelona hace ya un mes y medio y sigue retenido en la oficina de cambio.

  12. Very beautiful, great flowers.

  13. I love your flower arangement, it's absolutely beautiful. I love micro escenes. A big hug.

  14. Drora, nunca digas que tus pequeñas cosas son poca cosa, ese centro de flores es una belleza y tus pequeñas escenas con sus casitas inspiran una ternura que hace sonreír, resulta obvio todo el cariño que pones en ellas y eso se transmite. Yo disfruto mirándolas, son como el pequeño oasis que ningún confinamiento nos puede quitar. Un abrazo muy fuerte

  15. Ooops... I'm so late this time that I already had a glance at the finished vignette... *LOL* But it's still great to see how this lovely piece has developed. And the flower bouquet is absolutely beautiful, wonderful work!

    Good to hear that things in Israel are now also heading to what we're calling the "new normality" in Germany nowadays. Let's cross fingers that all of this re-opening won't cause a new infection wave. From today on tourists are welcome again not only in my home state but also on our islands... well, the silent blog reader and I keep on staying at home and only get out if we need to. Take good care of yourself and keep on crafting!