Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, June 29, 2015

Tatiana's gifts

Hello again and big thanks to all who wished me a quick recovery.  It worked!! I'm back to normal
with too many plans and no time for weakness.

A few days ago I received gorgeous birthday gifts from , you'll all agree with me, one of the most talented artists in our miniature spheres - Tatiana.

I wish I could take a better photo.  This one doe not give enough credit to the wonderful

It's the most exquisite birdhouse I've ever seen.  Each little flower on the climbing rose is hand crafted from clay.  Look at this cute tiny gnome sitting under the gorgeous lamp post.  The flower
pots too are Tatiana's wonderful work.

I built this garden arbor a few years ago and made the climbing rose for it.  All the other items
came from blog friends.  Each time I look at it (with great pleasure) I think of how lucky I am for these friends.


Cats are my favorite pets.  I was never without one or two before my marriage.  Alas, I can't keep
them now because my husband is allergic to them.

My grand daughters share my love for cats, Tali keeps three and Adi two.  All of the cats were
strays.  This adorable cat was made by Tatiana and will be very special to me.

Tatiana's bread and bowl of cheese attracted a little mouse which in turn attracted......guess who.
Any suggestions for a name?

Let me introduce Nurriko San.  One more precious gift.  It was love at first sight with me and this
adorable cutie.

THANK YOU TATIANA!   You made my Birthday very special.

And to all my friends I wish a wonderful Summer with blessings.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kikka's gift (Contd.)

Hello dears,

In my last post I didn't show you one more of Kikka's gifts.  Kikka knows I have a miniature shoes
collection and from time to time manages to make me very happy, sending little shoes.  This time
a pair of rubber boots which are also perfect for my gardening shed.

Thank you dear Kikka.  These were really welcome.

This garden shed was built from  large bamboo barbecue skewers and 1/4" square dowels.
most of the items displayed are gifts from wonderful blog friends.  I made the table and
shelf units.  The hose is a piece of electric cable.

This is how it looks from the back.

It was hard work cutting the bamboo skewers but it was the only material I could find for building a

In my next post I'll show you gifts received a day before yesterday from one of our the most talented and admired friends.

A warm welcome to Agnes.  Agnes spins adorable, entertaining little stories using  Capucine
an Ninour as her star characters.  Even that I have to use a translator I enjoy and smile reading Agnes' blog.  There is also
a lovely tutorial in her last post.

Have a wonderful week end and blessings to all 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Workshop with non-miniaturists

Hello dear readers,

I'm happy to be back and almost well again.  A small mole with malignant cells was removed from right under my right eye lower lid.  I still have stitches which pull my eye and cause a bit of trouble. This is the reason why I kept away from blogging.  I hope to little by little devote more time now.

Before my surgery, I promised to volunteer at a day care center for elderly people.  They had absolutely no knowledge about miniatures and are very enthusiastic to learn.  We'll begin by making a straw stall.  Most of the ladies know how to crochet and knit which will make it easy to
teach them.  About twice a year the center holds a bazaar and sells what the people make to cover materials costs.  Here is an example of what we are going to create.

We'll be using inexpensive materials only.

The gentlemen will help making the stalls.  I'm sure it's going to be fun for all.  I hope to be able
to show you their progress as it goes, beginning July.

Blessings to all of you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Birthday gifts

Hello all,

Everyday problems caught up with me making it almost impossible to find time for miniatures. The next few weeks are also going to be busy with overseas visitors, a minor health
problem, etc.  I'll try to find time in between to visit and see my favorite blogs.

Last week was my birthday.  You probably noticed that I did not make a Birthday Giveaway but
a Spring one instead.  Got some surprise gifts which photos I want to share with you.

From Kikka

Beautifully crafted stationary items.

From Fabiola

Beautiful lingerie set, a tiny silver angel  and a lovely embroidered piece.

From Maria

Lovely knitted garments, perfect for my wool booth which will soon be replaced  by
a wool shop. Maria really pampered me with tiny  and very cute items as well as a beautiful

From my daughter Galia

There is one more gift from both my daughters but it's still not ready to be installed.  I'll show it later on.

Thank you all my dear friends for your gifts, good wishes by email and lovely birthday cards.

Lucky for me, I'll not miss tour next local miniaturists workshop.  The overnight one was cancelled and will be replaced by a regular one day workshop at the beginning of August.

I wish you all a lovely spring time and blessings.