Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Candy shop facade finished

Dear Readers,

A finished project?  There is always room for more
details that can be added later on.

Front view.  The acetate "glass" in the window is not photogenic.  I can assure you, the display looks good out of this picture.

Side view.

Back view.  Small styrofoam triangles glued on the top support the roof.

The doorknob is a cupcake, at Dana's request.

Lamp made from jewelry findings and bead.

At last, the little candy shop facade is hanging, in the good company of others, on a special wall for hanging facades.

Just in case I'll no longer want the box to hang on a wall, a base (wood or foamboard) can be glued to its underside to make it stand securely on a shelf or other flat surface.

Three leftover quarters of the backgammon box with at least 20 different ideas will be my future projects.

Have a lovely autumn weekend with blessings.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Candy Shop Facade, almost finished

Hello dear readers,

It's only a small project but it takes time to make.  It is also an opportunity to show how to make a relatively easy shadow box which looks very pretty hanging on a wall and can serve as a nice gift.

Before gluing on the window frame,  The bricks received two layers of Mod Podge. Also, I added regular, white painted bamboo skewers to the square ones to make the frame larger.

With cover, unglued yet, just for demonstration.

The display on the shelves is already glued on. (looks ugly before covering.)

First, the bricks were glued to the sides.  You can see the cover being glued, held by clothespins.

While the glue was drying, I made egg carton "slates" for the roof.

The door, with a postbox and frame. The knob or handle is still to be done.

I hope to finish the project within the next few days.

Enjoy a beautiful Sunday with blessings!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Candy shop's front

Hello dear readers,

Not much has been done this past week.  Everyday issues caught up with me.  Here are a few pictures of the shop's front.  Nothing glued fix yet, just to show you how it's done.  As I told you at the beginning of this project, it is also a sort of tutorial with a few tips.

Painted bricks on cardboard with an opening for the display window.

Front and sides.

Made and painted a frame for the window. I used square bamboo kebab screws.  Look out for them, they are cheap but very fine and easy to work with.

How it looks without the frame.

I like it better framed.

4mm square beside regular bamboo screws.

This will be the door, not finished and not glued.  I just show it here for you to see the color.

I chose not to decorate this project with my ceramic "stones".  I just want to show different ways of facades anyone will be able to make from easily available craft material.

Tomorrow is our New Year's Eve.  Monday and Tuesday are our celebrating our New Year Holidays.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to readers who celebrate with me!

I wish you a lovely Sunday with blessings.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Candy shop sweets

Hello dear readers,

Here is what I managed to make up to now.

These are for the window display.

Just for demonstration.  Nothing is glued in place yet.  There may be more.

The inside of the box, painted. The shelves glued in place.  I had some rose lace strips which I glued to the back of the shelves. It looks bad now, but when finished, only the shelves will be seen. It is impossible to see the two holes I drilled in the middle of the box, below the top.  I put a thin wire through these holes to allow the box to hang on a nail in the wall.

For the lollipop sticks, I shaved a toothpick to make it narrow.

Painted a drop of red nail polish on the cookies to make it look like jam.

The chocolate bears are brown painted beads.

The little glass jars came with ugly plastic stoppers which I hated to throw away.  Here you can see my attempts to make something out of them. Cups!  The handles are cuts from a narrow drink plastic straw.

Hope to finish this project soon.

Have a wonderful, creative rest of the week with blessings.