Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Starting vignette No.3 and furnishing the tiny dollhous

Hello dear readers,

I hope everyone is still on guard and takes good care in order to keep safe and healthy.

If I mislead anyone, with my imperfect English, about the Cricut warning, let me make it clear, the Circuit wasn't mine. I just passed on the words of a fellow miniaturist who went through this ordeal. Personally, if I had a Cricut, I'd unplug it when not in use, just to be on the safe side.

The box for the third vignette was easy to make.  I already made the grill and found the little cook in my stash, so I'll just make a barbecue scene again and have a third outdoor vignette.

The cook is a little magnet. The grill is a tiny wooden box that I made from popsicle sticks, covered with a plastic net from potatoes packaging.  The legs are paper clips. I glued all together and covered with black acrylic paint. It's quite sturdy.  Fell on the floor and didn't break.

There is still to make the food on the grill.

This is as it looks now. But soon it will get a door and window, and plants and flowers.  I hope it will look good.


I didn't neglect the tiny dollhouse and already started the fiddly work on its interior.  Made curtains (they still need rods.) and divided it into two floors.  The ground one will be the kitchen and living room. The top floor will be a bedroom and a bathroom. The bathroom is almost finished it only needs a rug a towel and a basket for the laundry.

It's exactly a matchbox size.

I am getting used to the new Blogger. The layout hasn't changed but I don't very much like the way I cannot see the photos before inserting them in the post.  I liked it better before.

Of all the COVID-19 jokes I read this one is the only one I quote.
"With all this spare time on their hands, people are going to start pursuing their passions. I wouldn't be surprised to sudden explosions in the arts, a renewal in scientific interest and mass proliferation of original content.
A Coroneissance, if you will."

I wish you all a pleasant Sunday with blessings.


  1. I love the little chef. He's so cute! And I'm so glad it wasn't your house that got burnt up! I'm still debating buying a cricut… but I'll know to keep it unplugged at least.

  2. La pequeña escena 3 promete ser bonita y divertida con el pequeño chef en la original barbacoa que has hecho!
    El baño de la casita se ve fantástico
    Pasa un bonito domingo Drora!

  3. Lovely projects, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  4. I like this new vignette of an outdoor scene, Drora, thank you for sharing of how you created the bbq. I love that cheerful little chef de cuisine ;O)!
    Regarding to your tiny dollhouse: oh my, what a teeny tiny work that will be!
    I'm still using the old blogger concept, I'm a bit anxious to step into the new one...but I think soon I will have too do it :(.
    Stay safe, take care, dear Drora.
    Blessings. Warm hugs, Ilona

  5. Hola, Drora! Comparto tu queja con el nuevo Blogger... terminaremos por acostumbrarnos pero yo seguiré con la antigua versión mientras pueda :) Me gusta tu escena de barbacoa; el cocinero es perfecto para ella y muy simpático además. No dejo de admirarme por lo maravillosamente bien que manejas una escala tan pequeña. Por aquí, seguimos avanzando en la desescalada; no todo el mundo es prudente y eso hace temer que pueda haber rebrotes, pero resulta muy gratificante poder recuperar aunque sea despacio la vida que teníamos antes. Cuídate mucho! Un abrazo

  6. I just love the idea of a barbecue scene and that little chef magnet is adorable! I love the rock walls and the grass, so far!
    I am so amazed and impressed by your tiny bathroom! What a fantastic and realistic job you've done on the little house!

  7. este también te ha quedado muy bonito

  8. Lovely little house and barbeque :)

    Big hugs from Xandra

  9. Esa casita quedará preciosa cuando esté terminada, y tu pequeño cocinero seguro que disfrutará mucho con su barbacoa.
    Te dejo un mensaje en el correo.

  10. Another wonderful vignette. The tiny house is so cute.

  11. What a wonderful start of your third vignette - and what a darling chef de cuisine! The way you've created this grill is awesome and very clever but what blew me away is the furnishing of the tiny house! What attention to details - curtain rods, towels and a laundry basket... in that "size"! Wow, wow, wow!!! You are amazing and I'm looking forward to see more progress.


  12. El cocinero con su barbacoa va a quedar muy original. Siempre alucino cuando a escalas tan pequeñas se consigue un efecto tan bueno como has hecho tú con el baño

  13. En cuanto a Blogger creo que puedes seguir utilizando la antigua interfaz. Yo voy a hacerlo.
    Tengo ganas de ver a ese cocinero cocinando.
    El baño ha quedado fantástico.
    Un saludo

  14. What a terrific Idea for making your tiny BBQ and grill! Love the look of the!
    facade of the tiny house and I look forward to seeing the tiny chef in action! showing off his skills

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