Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

My second "Corona" vignette, and a dollhouse for the dollhouse

Hello dear readers,

I hope everyone is well. Here, we have fewer new cases of the virus each day and hopefully it will continue this way.

Making the second box was a lot easier. It sits perfectly in the frame. As to the scene itself, this was a problem. I wanted it to have something in common with the first one but except for doing another barbecue I had no idea for an outdoor theme. It started as a barbecue scene, I even made a tiny grill from bits of wood and legs from paper clips. but slowly as I was working, new ideas kept jumping up and it is changing into a "secret, enchanted garden".  It is taking me longer to finish, as it needs lots of time-consuming flowers but very soon it will be completed. 

The walls are from a disposable styrofoam plate. The ground is a green-dyed thin soft foam sheet. The gate is from 2 pieces of metal embellishments.

Remember the little wooden laser cut house? I bought a parcel containing 18 pieces, 6 shapes 3 pieces each., intending to turn them into tiny dollhouses for the 1/12" dollhouse.
I cannot see myself doing 18 tiny dollhouses but at least I'll see what can be done with each shape.

This one is my first tiny dollhouse.

There is still to make indoor rooms and maybe some teeny-tiny bits of furniture.

The house measures 5.5X3,5 cm.

The first one on the top left side of the photo was used in my previous vignette. The second one, 3rd on the top of the photo is what this dollhouse is made from.


  1. I know your little houses are going to turn out so cute and each one unique in its way.

    We're having fewer and fewer cases but we've also got idiots who aren't following the social distancing guidelines too. I hope you get to see your husband soon.

  2. The secret garden room is already wonderful, Drora, and I love that it is inspiring you to create it as it wants to be! Your flowers are only going to make it that much more incredible!
    I also love that you are turning the laser cut houses into opening ones which will be furnished inside! So adorable and such a great idea!
    I am glad to hear that your Covid cases are declining! Hopefully, that means that life can get back to a closer normal time and you can see your husband and touch him ever day!
    Take care and hugs.

  3. I love your idea of a secret garden, dear Drora, I'm sure that your mini flowers will add an even more magical touch to these little scenes of you. I admire your intention for making teeny tiny furniture for the 1:144 scale dollhouse, this will be so difficult to do, I wish you luck!
    Here, in my region, people sometimes accidentally forget to keep social distance, but in general they are keeping good distance, thankfully. But now here the measures will get less strict after the 1st of June, I really hold tight my heart for the coming time....
    I so hope you can soon visit your husband, he will absolutely miss you alot. My father in law is in his nineties, he is still without any visitors after 3 months now, it's not human anymore....
    Take care, dear Drora, warm hugs,

  4. Ese jardín secreto va a ser precioso! Ya lo es con esa bonita puerta de forja,cuando esté lleno de flores,será increíble!
    Que buena idea hacer pequeñas casas que se abren!
    Espero que pronto puedas abrazar a tu esposo!

  5. That house is so tiny! Great job!

  6. Qué bien te está quedando el jardín. Me gusta mucho como queda la reja de la puerta
    ?Piensas poner muebles en esas pequeñísimas casas de muñecas¡

  7. Lovely roombox and little dollhouses

    Big hug Xandra

  8. Your box with the scene makes me want to see more... Your little house is lovely.

  9. Tiene una pinta estupenda esta escena.
    Sera un jardín encantador.
    Un saludo

  10. I really love the idea for your second vignette and it already looks so lovely - can't wait to see it with beautiful flowers here and enchanting touches there. And this tiny dollhouse is sooooooo cute - what a fantastic idea, a genius way to use this special ornament. Wow, and you even plan tiny furniture for it - this is going to be stunning!

    It's good to hear that there are fewer cases in your country too. It's the same around here but we've had so many restrictions being taken back that we're anticipating how this will develop. Here in my home state plenty of travelers have arrived - all the people who can't go abroad these days are now coming to our two sea shores, even to the islands. Fingers crossed that this goes well.


  11. Hola Drora, me encanta ese mini jardín, ya se vé encantador y cuando le pongas las flores lo será mucho más..
    La casita te ha quedado muy linda, y tienes muchas para poder hacer.

  12. Vaya, el traductor se ha comido la mayor parte de mi coment anterior.
    Te decía, que el mini jardín es encantador y las casitas muy lindas.

  13. Que escena tan caprichosa y tan bonita, Drora, me encanta! Un abrazo