Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hello dear readers,

Hanukkah is over, Christmas is over  It's now left to look forward for the New Year 2016 festivities before getting back to normal work.

The meeting with the local miniaturists is being postponed to the end of January.
Right now I am preparing five flower boxes for the two sides and front windows of the camper.
The chocolates too are for the camper.

Egg cartons can  can be used for making very nice flower boxes.  I painted these and decorated
two with sea shells.  All five will be with sea shells, after all my camper is supposed to camp by the sea.

I think the following photos will show how I made these boxes.

The leaves are planted in plastelina.

I also worked on some gifts for friends at the day center.

A warm welcome to Marisa. Thank you for following.

A Happy New Year to you all!!!  Hugs and blessings.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The last of the Advent swaps and Christmas gift

Here are photos of the 20th of December Advent swaps.

From Maria:

A beautiful dress, a lovely knitted dress and cardigan and lots  of witchy stickers for Baalatova.

Thank you Maria.  I hope you are better and wish you quick recovery and full enjoyment of the
coming holidays.

From Leena:

Beautiful palcemats , books and glass birds, all beautifull crafted.

Thank you dear Leena.

From Kikka:

Colored pensils, drawing book, sweets.

Thank you dear Kikka.

From Fabiola:

A beautifully embroidered welcome mat and wall clock for Baalatova who will be over the moon
with joy.

Thank you dear Faby.

Dear ladies, I have enjoyed exchanging advent swaps with you.  It was real fun.

Birgit from Germany sent me these lovely gifts.

The very cute Flutterby and Rosey 2016 Calender and lovely Christmas miniatures. The tasty marzipans are gone and resting in peace.

Thank you dear Birgit.

And to you all my dear friends A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Camper project progress.

Hello dear readers,

Hanukkah over.   Now  we look  forwards for Christmas and New Year.

On January 3, the local miniaturists group meets again.  We have to finish the camper's interior
before the meeting and work together on  the exterior. (wheels, window boxes, etc.)  I already got to see two campers with finished indoor decorations and both were simply fabulous.
We have wonderful artists in our group.  I am learning so much from them.

Yesterday and today I made some progress on the camper.  It looks almost ready indoors.
Three walls are glued together and some of the furniture fixed in their place.  I also fixed
a non-working door and one shelf.  I plan to make two more shelves, one above the door
and one above the dining space larger window.

The front wall is not glued in place yet. Only after all the four walls will be glued together I'll be able to fix the roof.  (One more job to make this week.)

You can see Kikka's fishing rod leaning on the "door" together with the fish pail.  I also put
Tatiana's ice-box with a fish on it.

The dining area.  Light house and boat are a gift from  http://bigandlittlecreations.blogspot.co.il/          Yesterday I made the straw rug, straw bag and breads. Today I made the one-legged table.
The fruit plate and fruits, the paper jug and flowers, the clay pot and saucer with the Christmas
cacti were made by me.

The kitchen area.  Tea pot made from a glass marble. The blue pots are a swap gift from my friend
Sarit Eshed.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday with blessings.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Third Advent Sunday Swaps

Hello dear readers,

One more Sunday post to show all the wonderful swap gifts from my four talented and very creative blog friends.

From Maria

From Leena (Leena doesn't have a blog)

From Kikka

From Fabiola

Both Baalatova and I thank you dear ladies for your very lovely and thoughtful gifts.  I hope you'll enjoy mine as much as I do yours.

The following photos from the internet show real size cakes which look like miniature scenes.

If you want to see more awesome cakes from the same source, poke Here.

I wonder who ordered cakes like these and can't imagine  someone actually ate them.  It's pure

I wish you a wonderful rest of Sunday and the week to come with my blessings.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas gifts from Ukraine

Hello dear readers,

This morning a parcel arrived from dear Tatiana.  All the way from Kiev, Ukraine, came these
beautifully crafted gifts which deserve a special post. I quickly took photos to show you  before next Sunday, when it's time to open the Advent swaps.

These two pieces, a blue class vase and jar are gorgeous.  The photo doesn't give them enough

I really love the basket and tray.  There is always need for them in a house

If you want to know how this kitchen set was created. click here .  Tatiana creativity is as
big as her generosity in sharing most of her skillfully done miniatures.

An "ice box",  perfect for the sea side camper.  Will keep the fish fresh.

Full of very cute beads.

A little Xmas tree decoration for the big dollhouse tree.  Came in this beautiful box.


I wish you all a wonderful weekend and blessings

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Second Sunday Advent Swaps

It's the second Sunday I was looking forward to with great expectations.  This day ADVENT PARCELS are at last open.  Here are photos for you to see and admire.

From Maria

Both Baalatova and I thank you dear Maria for your thoughtful gifts. I love all.

From Leena

Thank you dear Leena for these beautifully crafted leather bag and books.  I love them.

From Kikka

I'm over the moon! Kikka.  This is perfect for a seaside camper.
I always meant to make a fishing rod. You saved me the job. It's beautifully crafted.
Thank you my dear.

From Fabiola

Wow! Baalatova will be thrilled with these wonderful witchy chic items. Thank you dear Faby
for your thoughtful gifts.

Well dear girls, this was really worth waiting for.  I hope you'll enjoy what you find as you open my parcels as much as I do today.

A very warm welcome to Zulueta.  Thank you for following my blog.  I loved what I saw on your
blog and am happy to follow you.

Looking out of the window we see a beautiful cloudless sky.  But you will not
believe how cold it is.  We are experiencing an insufferable cold wave these last few days.  We are
not used to extreme cold.  Usually our winders are mild, except on the high mountains.

I wish you all a warm lovely Sunday with blessings.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The camper's kitchen unit

Hello again

Today I finished packing my last parcel for Christmas.  I think I'll never open an Etsy shop.  The
most difficult part of shipping a parcel is packing and waiting in line at the post office. This time
of the year with both Christmas and Hanukkah gifts to make and send is the busiest.

Now I can breath quietly and make some progress with the camper.  I finished, if there is such
a thing as finishing, the kitchen unit, both lower and upper parts. 

If you poke the photo you'll be able to see a faucet.  I was very happy to find one in my
stash, saved me a lot of work.

There is only a table to add to complete the camper's set of furniture.  Right now the walls and
floor have not been assembled.  Not sure if I'll be able to do it this weekend but I have time
until the beginning of January when the miniaturists group meet again.

Blessings to all!