Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unusual show case

Hello dear readers,

Last week my friend Sarit took me along to a large craft store.  I was looking for craft tools.

The store carried lots of craft material - patchwork fabrics, scrap book staff, various sorts of paint, embroidery silks, etc.  However only a very small offer of tools suitable for mini crafting.

I hated to leave without buying anything when suddenly I spotted  this hanging glass bubble. Immediately I thought of the incredible little house Tatiana sent me for my birthday and knew it will make an ideal show-case for it.  It's always a pleasure to buy something when you are out for shopping.

All that was needed was a bit of landscaping

I'll certainly buy more of these hanging bubbles.  They make ideal gifts.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Hello dear readers,

Although, compared with Europe and other countries, our winter is mild, we do have a few very cold, rainy and dreary days.  On such days I just sit down in my warm kitchen,  make flowers and plants and dream of spring days.  I experimented  making stems for my flowers and found out that soaking a green cotton , slightly thicker thread, in a slightly diluted white plastic glue solution makes it stiff enough to stand up. It is easy to glue on flower petals and leaves on this stem.

Flowers with thread stems.

Irises on paper coated wire stems.

Flowers with thread stems.

I'll make leaves to mix with the flowers as bouquets.  These are intended for the next meeting with the local miniaturists, date unknown yet.

I wish you all a warm and cozy weekend with blessings.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Edible Minis

Hello again dear readers,

I am relieved and happy that at last all my friends received their Christmas gifts, some on time some delayed and some very very delayed.  As the saying goes, "better late than never".

Now that I can make polystyrene stones I want to try to do  more wall hangings like the ones when I first started this hobby. They serve as great gifts. The example in the photo below is made with ceramic "stones" and is a bit too heavy for its size.

There is always a demand for gifts so creating a few more will be my next project for the new year.

I can't tell why they do it but lately members of my family keep bringing us miniatures to eat.
First came the Japanese candy dolls which were too cute to be eaten.  I sent one in the gift parcels
to my overseas friends.

The following were these chocolate mushrooms from Japan.  This time we did eat them.  They were
delicious, a combination of cracker and chocolate.

For the New Year we received these little chocolate bottles filled with liqueurs.

I wish you all days of creativity and good health and blessings.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Gifts from Kiev, Ukrain

Dear Readers,

Hello again dear readers.

Baalatova must have cast a spell on my overseas friends.  Most of my Christmas and New Year gifts are for her.  If you saw my previous post you probably understand what I mean.

My very dear friend Tatiana sent these beautiful miniatures and almost all are for Baalatova.

Two beautiful baskets created by Tatiana.  Her first weaving work!!!
Baalatova is going to use both baskets to keep her spare clothes in when she'll get her

Before I had anything to say on the subject Baalatova grabbed the candle and pumpkins.

And then she saw the book,  Mine she cried, Mine!!!

At least Baalatova spared me these beautiful beads, mini newspapers and a beautiful doily.


I wish you all creative and peaceful days with blessings.