Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, April 26, 2020

flower arrangements

Hello dear readers,

The day after tomorrow will be our Independence Day.  I don't know how we'll be celebrating this year in view of the COVID-19 situation. We have to be thankful for what we have.

I finished the nutshells with an extra one. (16).  I know I'll make more but not too soon. Enough is enough.  Before I show you how they all look together,  I'd like you to see the flower arrangements which kept me calm and occupied these last days.

As to Baalatova, I'm afraid I'll have to keep her two innocent admirers away from her for a while.
I'll let you know why in my next post which will be all about her.

The visit with my husband was emotionally difficult. My daughter Galia came with me. My other daughter was feeling sick and afraid to go out. After more than two years of not missing one day visiting or staying a few hours with him,  we were not able to come and see my husband for over 5 weeks. I am not sure if he or any of the other patients are capable of understanding how grave the COVID-19 epidemic situation is. The poor man felt abandoned, betrayed, and was clearly not happy to see us.  We couldn't talk clearly with a glass door between us. Because of his pacemaker, he can't use a cellular phone. It was a heartbreaking event/
For the sake of the patients' safety,  all families have been allotted 3 visits a week 20 minutes each.  Tomorrow we go again. Hopefully this time it will be less hard.

Stay healthy, keep crafting, We will endure!


  1. I'm so sorry your husband isn't able to speak with you. I hope the added stress doesn't impact his health. This will end soon I hope.

    I love your flower arrangements! They're so lovely.

  2. I TOTALLY understand how your husband must feel being cut off from his family without entirely understanding all of the serious reasons behind it, and
    how upsetting it is for you and your daughters to not be able to be able to visit him as you had been doing for the past 2 year. Everything feels topsy turvy right now and will no doubt continue to be this way for quite a while but LOVE conquers all Drora, and your love and concern for your husband will prevail.
    Meanwhile , your floral arrangements are so cheering and beautifully arranged that they can't help but put a smile on your face and lighten your heart ! Spring is Definitely in the air Drora, and seeing your mini flowers and your gnome and bunny homes, lets me see how beautiful Life is!

  3. Dear Drora, I understand how hard this situation must be on you, your husband and daughters. Let´s hope that soon we can go back to a certain sense of normality and you are able to visit and see your husband as before. Thank you for lifting our spirits with your flowers, your arrangements are colourful, cheerful and beautiful, take care xxx

  4. I loved seeing your flower arrangements, dear Drora, they look so cheerful in these bright colors.
    I'm so sorry that the visit to your husband was a sad and heartbreaking event, dear Drora, I so feel for you. Years ago I've been nursing elderly people in a simmilar health situation as your husband is now, so I exactly know where you're talking about, you described the situation very well. But none the less this situation is deeply sad, heartbreaking for you and your daughter, even more because you can't change the situation.....I wish I could comfort you a bit.
    I hope your next visit to your husband will be a better one.
    Stay safe, dearest Drora, take care.
    Blessings, Ilona

  5. Your arrangements are so very pretty!
    What a difficult visit it must have been for you all - I pray that it will get easier for you.

  6. Dear Drora
    I've been thinking of you so much, and commenting on your blog posts. Until a few days ago I didn't realize that my commenst on blogs are just disappearing and not being posted. This is because of some Firefox security update/Google bug on my computer. I also don't see some pictures on blogs, but random ones in the same post may appear. I'm looking for a solution to these problems but so far I haven't found it. Some setting changes have allowed me to post comments at least, hooray!
    I wanted to tell you how much sympathy I have with your situation not being able to visit your husband. This week, for the first time in more than a month, my father in law was able to visit his wife in the frail care home where she lives. They had to communicate through a glass window and there was no communication at all. She has dementia and is not always responsive to people around her but not being able to look in her eyes and touch her must have been so difficult for Siegfried. I really hope that your situation is better with the next visit.
    In the meantime, your miniature creations are gorgeous and I'm very impressed with how productive you've been. Keep up your spirits, we will come out the other end of this stronger!
    P.S. Thank you for the Resistere song, I can't stop watching it.

  7. Siento que la visita a tu esposo haya sido difícil.
    Si esta situación es dura para los que estamos en casa y escuchamos diariamente las noticias para los enfermos que están recluidos la situación es más dura. Si ellos esperan verte diariamente y no llegas no terminan de entender lo que pasa fuera de sus paredes.
    Espero que a medida que vaya recibiendo de nuevo vuestras visitas se vaya tranquilizando.
    Las minis son geniales. Esos jarrones están llenos de colorido y alegría.
    El conjunto de los gnomos se ve maravilloso.
    Un saludo

  8. I'm so sorry going to see your husband was not a happy occasion, especially that you were looking forward to it. I hope next time will be better. This situation is difficult for everybody you as well as for your husband but I guess in different ways. A good thing you've got your miniatures, I guess while you're making them you are concentrating on what you're doing and this way you don't think too much of what's troubling you.
    Your flowers are beautiful and I amire you for having made so many nutshell scenes. Take care!

  9. Fuerza Drora, tus trabajos son fantásticos , muy primaverales. Buena semana y espero que estas nuevas visitas por fin comprenda tu marido la situación.Besos

  10. Qué duro está siendo todo, Drora! Y lo peor es la incertidumbre de no saber cuándo terminará y podremos normalizar nuestra vida. Espero que las visitas puedan ser más frecuentes ahora y que tu marido pueda sentir que siempre habéis estado a su lado; piensa que su "enfado" nace del amor y la añoranza que ha sentido por vosotras y sé fuerte ♥ Tus flores y tus pequeños gnomos son una dulzura :), mirarlos me reconforta... Un abrazo

  11. Drora,imagino la situación por la situación tan difícil por la que estáis pasando tanto vosotros como tu marido,es tan desgarrador no poder comunicarse,no poder calmarle con una caricia,un gran abrazo,una explicación que pueda entender...quizás poco a poco pueda ir entendiéndolo y pronto podáis fundiros en un abrazo.
    La terapia de las miniaturas,mientras,te mantiene la mente ocupada,eso es muy bueno.Tus flores y tus pequeñas casa de gnomos lucen maravillosas,gran trabajo!!
    Mucho ánimo y que todo vaya mejor amiga!

  12. What gorgeous floral arrangements, Drora! And all those nut houses! They are each one a work of art! I love them all!

    My heart hurts for you and your husband, Drora. To not be able to explain your absence and having to leave him feeling that way must be the hardest thing for you to cope with. I am sending my prayers that all your peace and understanding will be restored.

  13. Es una situación tan triste la que están viviendo muchas personas que se sienten tan solas y que además no entienden lo que está pasando.Lo siento Drora, pero por él tenéis que manteneros fuertes
    Tus flores si que son una alegría. De un colorido y una viveza impresionantes.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear how sad and difficult the long awaited visit at your husband's caring home has been for you and your daughter. I'm only glad that she was with you and that you did not have to stand this alone. Although we know that dement people are not responsible for reactions like this it still hurts anyway. But how should he ever understand what's going on... stay strong, dear Drora, fingers crossed for the next visit to be much happier.

    But speaking of happy - seeing your beautiful flower arrangements and this impressive collection of stunning miniature art in a nutshell made ME happy. Wonderful work - the receivers will be over the moon. Stay strong and stay safe!


  15. Ojalá esta situación tan difícil se normalice pronto y podamos abrazar a nuestros seres queridos.
    Las flores son preciosas y ver todas esas casitas de gnomos son una gozada. Están llenas de alegría.

  16. Wat verdrietig om te lezen dat je eerste bezoek aan je man zo verliep

    Ik hoop dat het bezoek vandaag beter verloopt
    Je walnoten en boeketten zijn prachtig geworden

    Ik wens je veel sterkte en blijf gezond

    Dikke knuffel Xandra

  17. Lovely flower arrangements and the bunnies are absolutely delightful!

  18. Your flower arrangement looks great, I wish you a lot of strength Drora in this difficult time, it is all so sad that you can hardly visit your husband.

  19. Your flower arrangements are amazing and the nutshells collection is magnificient.
    I'm so sorry for you and your husband in this bad period.