Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, July 15, 2016

New Plant rack

Hello dear readers,

I was preparing this post very early in the morning, when I heard on the radio the shocking news about the murderous
attack on innocent civil people vacationing in Nice.

I was too shocked and forgot to change the heading. This is why, by mistake, the previous post got the same heading.

I made a plant rack and am going to show you how because the same method with a slight alteration can be used to make a garden or patio swing.

The materials are simple to find:

2 pairs wooden chop sticks (cut to length of about 15 cms)
6 lollipop sticks (for one 4 cm shelf and one 2 cm wide shelf.)
1 wooden barbecue stick
Glue ( I used tacky glue)
Paint of your choice

Let's pray for a quiet, peaceful weekend.  Blessings my dears


  1. Great work Drora!
    It is hard to believe things like in France or Turkey or anywhere else actually happen...can't understand those who kill others at all.. Hugs

  2. El mundo se ha vuelto loco, Drora... Yo también rezo contigo... Tu mueble está muy bonito, transmite la paz de las pequeñas cosas. Un beso

  3. Your plant rack is beautiful. Thank you Drora for the wonderful tutorial another item to go on my to-do list.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Hello Drora,
    The plant rack is just beautiful. Very well done and thank you for the instructional. It was a terrible event...we can only hope it comes to an end soon.
    Big hug

  5. Очень красивая работа! Спасибо, что показали как!
    Мое сердце болит! Так много печали в мире!

  6. The bad news come faster and faster... Nizza, Turkey, Baton Rouge etc. etc. - I really find it difficult to understand how fast all of this has developed and let's not forget how populists gain strength everywhere, sadly including my country. But with all of these bad news it's even more important to focus on the nicer things in life - like working on miniatures. Your plant rack looks awesome with all these beautiful flower pots made by you. Thank you very much for this very clear and easy tutorial.


  7. Thanks! You're very good to make minis.

  8. There are people on this world absolutely crazy... Thank you very much for your tuto, it's a great work. A big hug, Peace

  9. Yo me enteré del antentado de vacaciones y la verdad es que pienso: "que nos está pasando, nos faltan unos principios por los que reginos..." la verdad es que no lo se. Rezo porque esto no vuelva a ocurrir. Tu mueble es fantástico, está genial