Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, February 27, 2012

More awards

My very generous friends passed me once again these wonderful awards.  I am pleased and honoured that you regard me eligible for such awards.

Thank you dear Piikko - http://avenidamignonne.blogspot.com/

Thank you dear Valeria - http://bricando-de-boneca.blogspot.com/

I am truly grateful and know I have to pass on these awards to other blogs but  I cannot make myself choose,
so I pass on  these two awards to all of you my dear, talented friends.

And here is a very warm welcome to new followers.  I am thrilled and delighted to get to know you.  I try to follow your blogs when it's possible and they can be located.

Ana- http://entreminiaturas.blogspot.com/
Anda - http://hobbynagyitoalatt.blogspot.com/
Anne - http://sannevintilla.blogspot.com/
El Rincon de les minis Barcelona.

Blessings to all my friends

Monday, February 20, 2012

New gifts from Jennifer

Today I received these exquisite perfume bottles from Jennifer -http://www.plushpussycat.com/.

Aren't these tiny bottles beautiful? Jenny, I am delighted to have them.  THANK YOU!!!

Tiny treasures is what I call them. 

A very warm welcome to my new follower

Simona - http://artcraft-gifts.blogspot.com/.  Thank you for following.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Valentine Day Minis

Here is a photo of a few bits that I made for Valentine Day, thinking of doing a little scene with them but there was no time, so I'll leave them for next year.

For the teapots and sets I used glass beads.

Here is what I call cheaper by the dozen.  One day I was looking for little Binder clips to make bags from when I found out that for the price of 4 units I can get a box of 12.  I bought three different size boxes and now I am making bags inspired by some of your very talented blogs. 

Now I am going to visit blogs I neglected not having the time before.

I wish you an enjoyable weekend and blessings


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Discovery of the Jesus Boat in the Sea of Galilee

Yesterday my husband and me took a guided tour to the lower Galilee.  The tour was dedicated to Yigal Alon, one of our beloved heroes and founders. The tour started with the village, facing the beautiful Mount Tabor where Yigal Alon was born and where he grew up; a famous agricaltural school where he studied and ended at the Kibbutz he and his friends founded. The landscape is very beautiful and colourful this time of year.  Almond trees, the first to blossom, in white.  Red, blue and white anemonies as well as beautiful wild cyclamens adorn the green grass. The green mountain slopes are blossoming in  yellow.  A beautiful sight. The Kibbutz Ginosar is on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. ( Kinneret as it's called here.)

24 years ago, the Kinneret was in recession, owing to continuous droughts, when  a member of the Kibbutz made a stunning discovery of an ancient boat.  The process of digging out and perserving the boat was very complicated. If you are interested you can  check  internet or youtube for information in your own language about the whole process. The boat is now displayed at the Yigal Alon Ginosar Museum.  I tried to take photos but my camera did not work.  Here are photos from the internet.

Thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over the world come to see this miraculous treasure. It is believed to be Jesus' boat.  Let me tell you that for us too it was  a tremendous spiritual experience and the highlight of our tour.  There were bus load of tourists coming down from Jerusalem and Nazareth the time we were there.

This time I looked for more shells but found nothing.  I still have many from our previous visit.  Fortunately this year we have lots of rain and the Lake's level is rising a little.

I really love sharing this experience with you.  I wish it will make you want to come and see for yourself.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Fabriola's Prize

Here are photos of Fabiola's beautiful handcrafted bathroom miniatures which I won.  THANK YOU FABY!!!

A very warm welcome to new followers.  I am very grateful for your visits.

Minnie - http://miss-minnies-minis.blogspot.com/
Silver - http://silver-thistles.blogspot.com/
Allis - http://allisglade.blogspot.com/
Linda - http://lindasminis.blogspot.com/
Sherika - http://sunshineflminiadventures.blogspot.com/

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to be tourists for one day in our own country.  This will be to celebrate Valentine Day.  We'll be going all the way to the Lake of Galilee and if we're lucky we'll bring back more shells.

Happy Valentine Day!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A winner

The following names have been added to my previous list of participants:

119. Kez. 120. Patricia Cabrera. 121. Eva (Casita de regaliz). 122. Patty. 123. Maria (Il Cucchiaino Magico). 124. Mary (M's minis and more). 125. Linda (Linda's minis). 126. GeMa.

It's now past nine o'clock night time here , I used the random number generator and here is the result:

Rosa Margarita!!!  Congratulations!!! You are the winner!!!

This has been exciting, I waited all day long for the drawing.  Dear followers, I wish I could give this prize to each of you.  I can only promise to give more prizes in the future.  I already notice there are
So many wonderful, inspiring blogs with  awe-inspiring talents, I feel humble and grateful just being here.  Thank you  for participating.

Bless you my dears

Friday, February 10, 2012

Alicia's Giveaway Prize

Yesterday,  to my great delight, by special delivery, Alicia's gift arrived. I cannot describe fully how wonderful and talented is Alicia  - http://aliciaminiaturas.blogspot.com/.  Each little book is perfectly crafted.  The tiny Chrismas cards are beautiful and I love  the rolled up map  on the atlas. I hope you can see all that in my photos.

 You can see how much work is invested in each book.

The book case can be devided.  Here you see the drawers part.  I took out the little box so you can see how pretty it is with a lid that can be taken off.

This lovely post card came with the gift.

THANK YOU ALICIA!!! I am most grateful for all this.

I am also very grateful to Amary - http://rincondeamary.blogspot.com/, for passing on to me my 5th award this month.  I pass this award to all of you my very dear followers, for the pleasure you give me in following your work with little glimpses into your lives and for being there in this wonderful world of miniatures.

Blessings to all

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Awards

This award was passed on to me by Mary - http://miniaturas-elrincondelosdeseos.blogspot.com.
Thank you Mary I am very grateful and honored.

This award was passed on to me by Julia = http://elminimundodeyuli.blogspot.com/.  Again I am touched and grateful.  Thank you Julia.

Since it's very difficult for me to chose only a certain number from all the wonderful, inspiring, generous and immensely talented people, I am offering them to all of you dear followers.

A warm welcome to new followers.  Thank you for following.

Franceska - http://saucysiciliana.blogspot.com/
Sandi - http://whimsycottageminis.blogspot.com/
Honey Melone Miniatures


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Four days before my giveaway

I am listing the names of people who commented on my giveaway post.  Please check if your name appears.  Please remember that this giveaway was made for followers only.   There is still time to take part.

1. Patricia. 2. Fabiola. 3. Rocinash. 4. Maria Hipwell. 5. Ascension. 6. Carmen. 7. Kia. 8. Pikko. 9. Doortje. 10. Chrissey. 11. Cote.  12. Carmen Hadanet.  13. Julia.  14. May (Anisflora). 15. Carmen Casanova. 16. Lotte.  17 Audra.  18. Kikka. 19. Ewa.  20. Neomi.  21. Siete.  22. Caterina.  23. Domestic Diva.  24. Ludmilla.  25.  Paky.  26. Maru.  27. Jorgelina.  28. Britt.  29. El Bichillo.
30. Jennifer.  31. Ana.  32.  Malu 2.  33.  Maria (Diary of a miniaturist). 34. Sans.  35. Mely.  36.  Angeles.  37. Vicky.  38. Kleine Vinger.  39. Contar. 40. Maria Blanca.  41. Munir.  42. Isabel. 43. Birgit. 44. Valeria. 45. Eloisa.  46. Kaisa.  47. Irina.  48. Eva Tatalmaru. 49. Teviro. 50. Sionchi.  51. Pilar. 52. Auxi. 53. Debs. 54. Ultsu. 55. Antonia Jimenes. 56. Mona. 57. Luisa. 58. Pepita.  59. Meapuntoatodo. 60. Flor. 61. Cris Bottaro.  62. Hankara. 63. Lilybets. 64. Eliana. 65 Victoria. 66. Jennifer (Delights in miniatures). 67. Rosa Margarita. 68. Cristina. 69. Pity. 70. Kathi. 71. Natalia. 72. Amary. 73. Alejandra. 74. Rosa Maria. 75. Ciria. 76. Rosella. 77. Pepi. 78 Julia. 79 Lyssa. 80. Chari Pill. 81. Mercedes. 82. Diane. 83. Pilar 6373. 84. Katrina. 85. Maribel (41).  86. Johanna. 87. Terefer.
88. Rosa Ilanes.  89. Judith. 90. Niunka. 91. Isabel (Morgana 135). 92. Sandra (From Sydney)
93. Synnove.94. Ivana.  95. Pearl. 96. Eva Perendreu. 97. Beis. 98. Freya. 99. Natalia Hernandez. 100. Cris Colas.
101.  Sognatrice.  102. Mati Soto. 103. Sorty.  104.  Begonia Calo.  105. Wild Flower. 106. Liliam. 107. Alejandra. 108. Llona. 109. Iris.  110. Antonia Gago Andreu. 111. Angela (Mundo-Angela). 112. Deusdedit. 113. Magda. 114.  Craftland. 115. Rosa-Kreattiva.  116. Sissi.  117. Amandus.  118. Tiina.

Wow! I hope I spelled right your names and beg pardon if by mistake I didn't do so.  I'll be more than happy to add more names to this list, which was made in the order of your comments.

Blessings and good luck