Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Toy Stroller Tutorial

Hello my dear readers

Thank you for your sincere interest and good wishes about my family health crisis. It helps a
lot to know that  you care.

My dear husband, who is also my best friend, suffered sudden, severe left side chest pains accompanied by inability to use his left leg.  This was a most frightening experience for both of us.  I called emergency and we went right away, by ambulance,  to the nearest hospital.  Fortunately, all
the tests, ECG, blood tests and X rays were negative.  The doctors wanted him to stay under observation for 48 hours, but my daughters and I decided to bring him back home since the wards were completely full with the only beds available  in the corridors.  Fortunately, he feels a little better now. He still finds it difficult to walk and uses a walking cane but now his right leg hurts too and both legs are weak.

I decided it's time to give something back in return for all the lovely tutorials by
generous friends on the blogs.  Here is a tutorial for making a cute little doll stroller which
uses very simple craft materials that can be easily found .  In fact, I had them all at
home.  It helps keeping you occupied when the weather is bad.

Meet Yanna, a precious little doll created by Tatiana . The dress too is made by Tatian.  Yanna is
delighted with her new toy.

To make this toy stroller you will need:

For the chair

2 cm wide craft stick
1.5 cm wide tongue depress or
0.5 cm wide coffee stirrer.
1x1.5  cm piece of wood.

For the wheels

4 beads or buttons
2 babies cotton ear buds
2 long sewing pins or metal wire (For moving wheels)
  (you can just glue on 4 buttons if you don't intend the wheels to move.)
2 short sewing pins (or wire) for the handle.

1.  Cut 1.5 cm from each end of the large craft stick
2.  Cut 4.5 cm from the tongue depressor.
3.  From this 4.5 cm piece, make a cut ( not all the way through) from the flat end of 2.3 cm.
     This will enable the piece to be bent at an angle.
4.  Cut two 4 cm long pieces from both ends of the coffee stirrer.  Drill a tiny hole at the
     rounded tops and make a cross cut at the bottom.

You will also need  small piece of fabric for lining the seat.

Glue he chair pieces together.

Assembling the wheels

Cut two 2 cm long pieces from one of the ear buds.

Thread a long pin, or a piece of wire through the ear bud tube,fixing a round bead at each end.
secure ends with a drop of glue.  When dry, cut  away protruding wire.

I painted the wheels black before assembly and than glued them on with the 1.5 cm piece of
wood between them.

Stick each short pin inside the hole the two halves of the handle and thread both pins
through  1.5 cm piece of ear bud tube. Put a drop of glue to fix them firmly.

Paint and glue handle to the chair as in the photo.
You can now glue a piece of fabric of your choice to the seat.

When finished, you can decorate with decals, decoupage or whatever you have at hand. Use
your imagination.

This is what the stroller looks before decoration,

I'll be happy to answer any questions if there are.

The weather here turned normal.  The few last days are sunny and bright.

Hugs and blessings to all my readers.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Giveaway gift from a grand lady

Hello all,

Yesterday I received my win from a grand lady here .  Her name is a secret but her generosity knows no bounds.  Mine was one of over 20 prizes which this lady shipped at one time to over 20 different blogs all around the world!

THANK YOU DEAR GRAND MOMMY!!!  I love my gifts.

I was in the midst of making a step by step tutorial for a toy wooden stroller, but an emergency health crisis in the family made me stop.  Next week, hopefully, I'll finish and post it. Just to
show you how the stroller looks, here is a photo.

Our days are still very cold.  We are not used to such weather.  I long for blue skies, sun and
long walks.

I wish you  a wonderful weekend.  Blessings to all my dear friends.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014 Gifts

Hello dear friends,

The weather here today is stormy.  It's thunders, rain and hail all the time and the best thing to do is stay warm at home. We also endure power breaks from time to time, which make it impossible to use the internet,  Because of these power breaks I am slow in visiting my favorite blogs and leaving comments.  Please my friends, accept my apologies.

For unexpected reasons, some of my Christmas swaps will be late in arriving, so I'll just show you
two which are already here.  I'll post about the rest when they arrive.

From Fabiola  Christmas gifts

From Gonda.  I was lucky to have Gonda as one of my partners in Fabiola's International
Christmas Swap Chain.

Fabiola already posted photos of my swap gifts to both my partners in the exchange chain.
If you're interested, just pop over to her blog and see them and all the others.

I hope you enjoy better weather than we do here, and wish you all the best.  Blessings to all.