Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, October 2, 2023

Dear readers,

I've been busily crafting, preparing little gifts for my great-grand-kids and other kids and friends, taking advantage of the time the P/C was unavailable. I'm also relieved to realize that no photo in my blog got lost.  Blogger took care of that..

A few of the items you'll see in the photos below have already been wrapped and presented but many await the arrival of my granddaughters and their family who live abroad. 

The strollers and teddies are for the little girls and their teenaged sisters.


The dogs and cats are for the boys and/or their girl friends. Pipe cleaners are wonderful to work with. I had to order the light colored ones.  I ordered beige and received these.  This is what happens when your order online. At least you are safe with white or black.


Flower duck pots for anyone who likes and wants them. (more than half are already gone. I'll have to make more.)


This if how the ducks look before sanding and make-up.  These are made from DAS.

We are in the midst of several holidays,  Last week was the holiest day in the Jewish faith. Yom Kippur, (Day of  Atonement.) Religious people fast on this day, pray in synagogues and don't drive or do any manual work, including cooking, lighting fire. They don't smoke because this require lighting a fire.. Except for police cars and ambulances the roads are empty all over the country. A very solemn day indeed. I'm relieved it has passed without incidents.

Today is the second day of the feast of Sukkot (Feast if Tabernacles.)  This one is a happy feast that lasts 8 days but the 6 days in between the first and the eighth are shorter than regular working days.  Schools and many official institutes are closed all the 8 days. 

Can't believe it's already October!

I wish you all my dear readers lovely autumn days to enjoy with blessings.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

 Hello dear readers,

After an unexpected absence of a few weeks from this blog, I am back with you. 

My faithful but very old Mac computer was infected with dangerous viruses. I didn't trust myself to work on it or contact friends through it in order not to transfer the risk to other computers. being the last woman who considers herself  a computer technologist, and because of the risk I also was afraid of saving data to a disk-on-key. 

In the end the computer was sent for repair but it was too late to save it. Fortunately, my eldest grandson helped me purchase a new computer. My genius 18 year old great-grandson was the one who assembled it for me at home. In the meantime, an expert tried to save the data, but a large part was lost, including the addresses of friends and some very important photos.

Now I have to practice and get used to the, fully protected new (Sadly, not an expensive Mac), but a reliable computer with Windows 10. It takes me time to load photos and find where exactly they are in order to transfer them to the blog. The lesson I learned and shall hopefully remind is to save my data every few months.

I already visited some of your blogs and left a (safe) short comment.  I shall visit the rest of my favorite blogs and leave comments as soon as possible.

Does anyone remember this pizza savers potion table?

I have a new "waste to best" idea for these throwaway pieces.  Below are my photos of round and corner ones.

We'll be celebrating our Hebrew New Year at the end of this week and I'm busy preparing miniature gifts for the family.  I'll show these in my next post, after the holiday.

I wish all my Jewish blog friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I wish a wonderful crafty rest of the week to all my readers with hugs and blessings.

Friday, July 28, 2023

 Dear readers

It's me, Baalatova. Believe me, it wasn't me who sent the terrible heat wave that suppresses any desire to create something new to be shown here. I do everything in my power to make Drora work. She just finished reading a stack of books, practiced playing the electric organ, received a heap of plastic vials collected by the women at the day center, and will finally start to make something out of them.

I took care of the air conditioner.  It works full-time, and because of my spells, there is no electricity cut off in our area. As you see, Solly and Kitty are in my good hands. They don't complain about the heat like my lazy Drora.

My advice to you all is to spend as little as possible time outdoors, keep cool, and don't forget to drink enough water.

Have a pleasant weekend with blessings.

Friday, June 16, 2023

tutorial for making a urn planter.

 Hello dear readers

Before I'll let you know who the winner is I'll show you how easy it is to make these planters with one of the most common household items.

Materials and tools:

Tools are what you see in the photo.

Materials: A small bottle of eye drops or vitamin D drops. Narrow trimmings or lace. 
Tucky glue, Acrylic paint of your choice. A narrow masking tape for covering the rough edges of the brim. 

I'm keeping the other parts of the bottle to see what can be done with them.  

To enable the trimming will stay firmly glued on plastic,  the brim has to be covered with masking tape.

A piece of lace is glued to the urn in the middle.  I wonder what it will look like after being painted. 
All three will be painted after the glue is completely dry.

I used materials that I had at hand for embellishing this part of the bottles. I ordered a silicone mold from Aliexpress. I hope to get it soon so I can make more versions.  The people at the Center were excited to see the first urn and started bringing all kinds and sizes of empty plastic medicine containers. I'm sure they can help me to decorate the bottles.

Not surprisingly, several comments were very close to the solution. The winner was the first with her comment. (Freethinker please contact me by email, at drorahed@gmail.com). 

Thank you for your much-appreciated and most welcomed comments.  

This is a list of participants in my second giveaway draw. The winner can choose one of the planters shown above after I make a slight change by gluing the plants inside the containers. 

1. Jodi, 2 Anisnofla. 3. Jenevieve. 4. Ram. 5. Betsy. 6. Alex. 7. Birgit. 8. Isabel. 9. Brigett.10. Brit. 11. Amary. 12. Gonda. 13. Marian 14. Fabiola. 15. Sheila.

Congratulations, dear Ram.  

I wish all my readers a lovely weekend with blessings.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

New Giveaway

Hello dear readers,

Making miniatures out of waste material is one of my favorite pastimes.  I realized that for a very long time, I didn't make a giveaway, so I'm using my Birthday (4, June) to make one.

This little flower planter urn in the photo below, is my latest "best out of waste." creation. The first follower of this blog to guess what the urn is made of will get it, if no one makes the right guess I'll just riffle it between all your comments, or make a new one for the riffle.  I hope you like it.   

This little pipe cleaner kitten tries to jump up to smell the flowers.....

The time for comments is from today until 15 June 2023.  

I wish you all, dear readers, a lovely creative week.


Thursday, May 25, 2023

A garden for Solly and Kitty (Final)

Hello dear readers,

The garden project took a long time to be completed.  Everything you see in it is made from scratch except Rosa's beautiful birds in the bath and Jodi's lovely little birdhouse (On the tallest fence post), a gift that inspired me to make more birdhouses.

The garden between Kitty's and Solly's houses.

The garden on Solly's lefthand side.

The garden on Kitty's righthand side.

Kitty:  I think the garden is a wee bit too small for us.

Solly:  At least we can admire the view and smell the heavenly perfume of the flowers.

Kitty:  Let's ask Baalatova if she can shrink us to fit Drora's bench.

 No way! There is plenty of room in my roof garden where you can come and play                                    Drora should better be careful or I shall shrink her if she miscalculates garden sizes again.
                    Meanwhile, enjoy the view from your windows.

      I wish you all a lovely weekend with blessings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

A garden for Solly and Kitty (Part 4)

 Hello dear readers,

It doesn't show much progress, but considering the Pessah holiday, family visits, and an important birthday (Dana, one of my five beloved great-granddaughters turned 17), there was not much time left for crafting.

The fence had a makeover.  It is now painted white with three taller strips of wood, two to accommodate birdhouses and one ready for ivy climbers.  The third birdhouse just sits on the fence itself.  (I got carried away and made several shapes of birdhouses from scratch.  The shrubs are awaiting flowers and a little blossoming tree is also almost finished and ready to be planted.  

Making the bench was very easy. I just glued together two square identical laser woodcuts. When dry I glued these to a piece of 1.3 cm thick, 2.5 cm wide long piece of wood.  The only hard work was cutting it to fit the size of the laser cuts. The sides too are triangle laser cuts which were in my stash. For the legs, I used 4 little wooden beads. Now I have to make a flat padded cushion for the seat so my witch Baalatova will approve it.

Here is a photo of the tree.  The flowers are just for demonstration.  They seem too large for the proportion of the garden which is about 1/24" scale.

Well, that's all for now.  I have to get myself ready to go out and celebrate with my family our 75th Independence Day. 

Happy Independence Day Israel to all my local friends with blessings to all my dear readers!