Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, March 31, 2023

A garden for Solly and Kitty (Part 3)

 Hello dear readers,

As I mentioned before, this project is a slow-go one.  Making tiny-tiny star flower cushions is time-consuming. especially when they refuse to stick to the foam cushions. Using the smallest 6-flower shapes punch I own, I punched out hundreds of tiny flowers from thin colored paper, then I shaped them one by one. This is how they look at the end.  I have not glued the cushions to the grass circle.  I find this one too large for the small garden.  I'll make a smaller one and see if it's better.



The windows are finally fixed permanently on the walls.

The two new window boxes are out of popsicle sticks with a piece of metal jewelry finding decoration.

Still to make a bench and many more other flowers,  The fence in the photo will be replaced by another much higher one.

Hoping to be able to show more progress next post, I wish you all, dear readers and friends, a lovely spring weekend with blessings.

Friday, March 24, 2023

A garden for Solly and Kitty (Part 2)

 Hello dear readers

Since the outdoor walls of the two homes will be part of the garden, I decided to make a faux window facing the garden for each home.  I made 2 identical windows for each home one for indoors and the other for outside. It involved sawing pieces of wood strips, a job that I try to avoid, and the result is not perfect, but good enough for these humble structures.

For the windows' flower boxes, I followed my own pansies tutorial, https://drorasminimundo.blogspot.com/2017/03/pansies-tutorial.html but needed a smaller butterfly punch which I was unable to find, so I used instead a 1/24" Punch Bunch leaf one that makes a reasonable butterfly if you cut the tiny piece that connexed the leaf to the branch.

The box is made out of one popsicle stick and a piece of metal jewelry find for decoration.

I hope to be able to show more progress next week.

I wish\you all a lovely weekend with blessings

Friday, March 17, 2023

A garden for Solly and Kitty

Hello dear readers,

Finally, I found time to start a small garden.  It will be a slow project as I want this garden to be filled with colorful flowers, and making tiny paper flowers is a time-consuming job.

The first thing I made was a birdbath.  There were waiting to be used, these two beautiful tiny birds made by Rosa Maria that were gifted to me a few months ago.  Nothing is glued together yet.

I made a fence from recycled bamboo cocktail forks.  Will be painted when I'll decide on a suitable color. 

I hope to be able to show progress in my next post.

For a change, the Israel post behaved nicely and a new parcel from dear Rosa arrived on time, making me super happy. Everything Rosa makes is exquisite. I was overwhelmed seeing this lovely composition. I put a match in front of it so you can note how tiny the little angel is.


And Rosa, being the generous lady she is, added three more gorgeous handmade treasures.


I wish you all my dear readers and friends a lovely weekend with blessings.