Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, September 30, 2011

A winner

I've added four more followers to the list of participants:

8,.  Kez
84. Sandie
85. Elis
86. Lydia

I cut the lists into strips, folded the strips and mixed all inside a bowl.  Pie picked up the winner.

Auxi please email me your address. My email is drorahed@gmail

It has been a very exciting experience.  I wish I could give each of you, my dear followers, this giveaway but alas there can only be one winner. I do appreciate your participation and thank each and every one of you so much for your encouraging comments.

Very soon, at the end of November I'll have another giveaway to celebrate one year of blogging.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day before my giveaway draw

There are already 82 participants and the draw will be tomorrow.  I made  4 numbered lists, in the order of the comments. I'll add to the last list if more people comment today.  This is what it looks now. If any one still wants to participate,he/she can do so today and tomorrow morning, I'll just add a new page.

Every line will be cut out, folded, and go into a ball.  All the folded notes will be mixed well and one
will be picked out by one of the young ones.

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gifts from Rosa Margarita

Yesterday I received these most precious gifts which made all the way from Mexico.  When I opened the envelope and saw what this dear and generous lady made for me,  I just melted down with emothion. With the tiniest sized crochet needle Rosa Margarita created a set of baby garments so delicate and so beautiful! I hope my photos give them enough justice.  In addition, the lovely little doily which will go right away into the Bavarian scene.

Thank you Rosa Margarita for these beautiful gifts which I am going to treasure. Muchas gracias!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bavarian furniture

These pieces of furniture are a gift I received from my daughter Galia, sometime ago.  She bought them for me while vacationing in Austria.

They look home made, probably by a loving grandfather.  They are not new, some children already had fun playing with them.

The bed was too short.  I took it apart and made it longer by using tongue depressors.

Shall have to make beddings to cover this ugly look.

I love the hand painted decorations.

Now it's my turn to play and have fun by adding more pieces of furniture, accessories, rugs, etc.  What I have now iare a few pieces for a bedroom and a nursary.

It's also time to extend a very warm welcome to new followers

Minilisa - http://minilisa.blogspot.com/
Cristina f - Cannot find your blog to follow.
Sandra Moss - http://lifeisgood-sandie.blogspot.com/
Kez - http://weewonder.blogspot.com/
Isabel - Cannot find your blog to follow.
Maria - http://diaryofaminiaturist.blogspot.com/

I am always grateful to all my followers for finding the time to visit my blog, Your comments are what encourage and inspire me.

The end of this week is the day of my giveaway draw.  If there are difficulties in entering and commenting on this post you can email me instead to say you are interested and you'll  be counted in.

Good night.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The cat concert

This time it's not about miniatures.  I just want to share this short, one-reel 1947 animated cartoon with my fellow bloggers, especially, Karina, Jennifer, Casey, Sans and all the others who post the humorous, entertaining and cute stories through their miniatures.  Many more bloggers do so, but in languages which I do not understand and I , herewith, appologize for not commenting.

I hope you'll enjoy this wonderful work of art as much as I did.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Het Muizenhuis

At last, I am the very proud owner of Karina's first edition bestseller "Het Muizenhuis".  The book arrived today.

I don't speak Dutch, but the photos speak for themselves.  They are marvellous.  Beautiful scenes, mostly Karina's creations. What a talent!

Thank you Karina for this wonderful gift. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last days of summer

I have created my last tribute to summer which will soon leave us here, although it's still hot and humid.  I've made more than I need and will send them as swaps to very special friends.  I hope they  like them.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Gentleman's study

I finished making the changes in the desk.  Didn't want to alter the legs which are a nice part of it, so added pieces of the famous 1/4" wooden strips under the drawers and now the height is passable.  I also changed the handles which were too big.  If I find nicer handles than the beads I used I'll change these too.  Now it only needs waxing.  In my collection of mini chairs, I found a cheap chair which I believe I can upgrade and make it more suitable for the desk.

As you can see in the photos, I found a dog (I love it), a picture frame, made a table lamp from one of Mary's beautiful ceramic beads which she sent me, and also made an inkpot with a feather pen. I shall add a blotted and writing pad (Any suggestions are welcome).

I ordered two room boxes, one for this project and another for the sewing room.  Our post is so slow, I am afraid by the time they arrive I'll need a third one.  Meanwhile I am having time to complete a few swap miniatures for friends on the blogs. And, of course, time for longer visits to your blogs.

I found a tiny doggy and loved it so much I made a l/24" chair for it.  The chair was fun to make and you can see it beside the l/12" in the photo.  I used about half the measurements I gave in my tutorial
a few months ago.

As always, I am very happy to welcome new friends

Valeria - http://bricando-de-boneca.blogspot.com/
Carolina Leonardo-  Cannot locate your blog to follow.
Audra Pangle - http://audrasminiatures.blogspot.com/
Sylvia - http://miniaturasnatasylvia.blogspot.com/
Joy - http://www.adora-bella-minis.com/
Trini (vilma) - http://mitiempolibretrini.blogspot.com/
Angela Perez Sanchez - Cannot locate your blog to follow.
Lidi - http://basketcase-miniatures.blogspot.com/

A wide, warm hug to all and an invitation to participate in my giveaway draw, if you like it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gifts from Jollie

Jollie - http://alittlemoreminis.blogspot.com/ sent me these wonderful minis from Greece, for my Greek Islands Balcony scene.  I am so happy that I already think about making another little scene using them.

Thank you Jollie, I am  moved and touched by your generous gesture.

On the chair is a string of blue beads called "komboloi".   Greek men play with them as Jollie explains.
The second photo shows a beautiful silver incense burner. It works on charcoal and is just exquisite.
The third photo shows a tiny ceramic light house, very cute.
And in the fourth photo you see a beautiful Greek Island scene picture.  It is a magnet.  I can make a frame for it and it will be  wonderful hanging on a wall.

Today was another of those hot and humid days.  I was feeling low and tired and these gifts lifted up my spirits as well as my energy.

Blessing to all of you my friends.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A gentelman's study?

I am starting a new project and hesitate about what it's going to be.  I have a some furniture collected and want to put them together in a new roombox.  First is this book case.
 I made all the books. I cut pieces of card boards and covered them with pieces of leather.  The titles are cut from magazines newspapers, etc.  I made the ceramic pot and fimo plant.  The statue knew better days as a pendant to a bead necklace from Egypt owned by a friend of mine.   It fell and broke down so I inherited it, made it a base to stand on and placed it here.

The rug was bought on a holiday in Anatalia, Turkey.  The armchair is nice enough but I am not so sure about the chair and the desk is too short.  I'll have to do something about it. Maybe lift the top a bit...

This is going to keep me busy for a while. I'll need pictures for the walls, table lamps, more plants, a dog, inkpot and feather, a blotter.... It's going to be a lot of fun. altogether.

I wish to welcome new friends:
Sonyait - http://cannelaemelograno.blogspot.com/
MelyMel - http://melymelpicolisogni.blogspot.com/
Marta Rivera - Couldn't locate your blog to follow
Maru - http://miniaturasymunecasdetica.blogspot.com/
Eva - http://tatalamaru.blogspot.com/
Carolina Leonardo - Couldn't locate your blog to follow
Beis - Couldn't locate your blog to follow
I am so pleased you found my blog interesting enough to follow and send you all warm hugs.

I am the lucky winner

I am the lucky winner of Karina's, http://the-mouse-mansion.blogspot.com/ wonderful giveaway. I really am delighted with this prize.  I am a great admirer of Karina's fantastic work and an autographed book by her is something I shall treasure.  Thank you Karina.