Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, July 27, 2012

Surprise gifts from Carmen

This can only happen in blogland.  Today, as I sat down to read my email, the bell, at the entrance to our apartments building rang.  It was the post lady, telling me that she left a note for me in my post box downstairs, to pick up a registered parcel at the post office.  She did not know which country it came from.  At that same time I was reading an email from Carmen - http://pekevasion.blogspot.co.il, informing me that she received a surprise parcel from me and that she also sent a surprise parcel to me weeks ago and was warried why it did not reach me yet.  I immediately went to pick up my parcel and sure enough it was from Carmen.

We surprised each other and received our surprise on the same day!

 I am so excited and thrilled.  I hope I was able to get good photos.

These old tins and cans are so perfectly made that you hardly can tell they are minis.
A cool jelly dessert, exactly right for a hot day like the one we are having. Tiny shells from the atlantic ocean in a beautifully sealed jar,  another jar with a tiny flower inside and these beautiful carnations.
Beautiful set of plates.
Gorgeous plates for wall decoration.

I, some weeks ago,  approached Carmen and asked her if there is a possibility that we make a swap.
Carmen agreed but we left it for later on.   Carmen knew what I was interested in but I had to guess what she'd like. I got Carmen's address from a mutual friend.  I hope Carmen is, at least,  half as pleased with my gifts as I am delighted with hers.


We leave on vacation for several days.  No minis for at least a week, but I shall be following your blogs and receive email and there will be someone to collect mail.  It's just too hot in town and we need a breath of fresh air.

The shed itself is almost finished.  I'll be able to show you what was done when I'm back.  It was a lot of hard work.  Cutting a large quantity of wood isn't exactly my cup of tea, especially not on hot days.

A warm welcome to one new follower and thank your for following

Angela - http://angelartistis.blogspot.co.il

Blessings to all

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Xmas in July swaps with Frieda and Petra

A Few months ago Jazzi - http://jazziminis.blogpost.co.il, organized a Xmas in July swap project.  My swap partner was Frieda, who does not have a blog but works closely with Petra - http://peetjesdollhouses.blogspot.co.il.  Petra, a very sweet young lady, is  my communication link with Frieda.  We started emailing each other and in the end  I got myself two very nice and kind swap partners instead of one.

Here is what Frieda sent me

Thank you Frieda, your work is absolutely precious and I am very happy with my gifts.

Here is what I sent Frieda

Here is what Petra sent me

Thank you Petra for these delicious sweets and  lovely perfumed toilet basket.

Here is what I sent Petra

I made the two 1:24" scale chairs especially for Petra because she was the winner of Julie's giveaway beautiful house in this scale and she can use them either inside or outside the house.

I am a little late in showing these photos.  I waited until I got news that my parcel, at long last, reached its destination.

A very warm welcome and thank you to  new followers

Jo - Please let me know if you have a blog I can visit.
Saara - http://saarannukkekoti.blogspot.co.il
Elvira - http://eleviramydollhouse.blogspot.co.il

I wish you all a nice, enjoyable week. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

More items for the potting shed

I have been busy preparing some stuff for the shed.  There is still a lot to make, including the shed itself and the yard.  For the time being I'm going to show you what I already did.

A plants stand.  The green paint is much nicer than what came out in the photo. I followed Joann Swanson's tutorial http://joannswansondiyminiatures.blogspot.co.il, to make the stand as well as some cans you will see in the next photo. If you don't know this blog, run and follow. Joann is one of the best miniatures teachers and her work is fabulous and inspiring.

I have to make packets of seeds and add them to the bench.

Don't miss Sandra's old watering can with the tiny perfect bird on the handle.  I hope the lazy cat
won't harm it.

I had fun making this scare-crow from raffia. I was inspired by May - http://anisnofla.blogspot.co.il. I believe I am going to make another one, because I'm not completely satisfied with this first attempt.

I hope to be able to show  more  next week.

Now I'll go visit your blogs.  I had trouble following lately.  I think some blogs disappear from my list from time to time.  Sometimes I cannot get translations, which is also bad. 

Have a wonderful weekend and blessings to all my friends

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nina's giveaway

 I was the lucky winner of one of Nina's 4 prizes, http://minimumm.blogspot.co.il, all of them beautiful, and today it arrived.

Beautifully packed.

Beautifully crafted.

Thank you Nina.  I am extremely happy to have one of your treasures in my possession.

My work on the potting shed continues.  Despite the heat, I was able to sit down and very slowly make some progress. Will show soon what was done.

A very warm welcome to Shpulka - http://rumasters.blogspot.co.il.  Now that I have a translator, I enjoy reading what my Russian followers post about.  Thank you Shpulka for following my blog.

Blessings my friends

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blanca's gifts

I have not the slightest idea how Blanca guessed how much I admired her gorgeous flowers, especially her peonies.  I was thrilled when she asked me for my mail address and offered, just like the generous person that she is, to send me some of her precious flowers.  We decided on a swap but mine has not yet reached her.  In fact, I sent my parcel the same day I received Blanca's.  I can only hope that she likes what I sent her, half as much as I am thrilled with her gifts.  If you cannot get Blanca's blog now, as there seem to be some temporary difficulties with maintaining it, try later. You will find there fabulous, step by step tutorials on making peonies and hyacinths. http://quepequenoeselmundo.blogspot.co.

These beautiful flowers will be just right for my potting shed.

I finished a potting bench, made of scratch.  I also made two trays with sprouting plants. I hope you
like it.  The shed itself is yet to be built but meantime I'll be adding little items, one by one.

The hyacinths on the top shelf were made following Blanca's tutorial.

And a warm and welcome hug to new followers

Zahn Melanie - Please let me know if you have a blog I can visit.
Elsa - Please let me know if you have a blog I can visit.
Marieke - http://marfolhuzminiatures.punt.nl
Alex - http://alex-mini.blogspot.co.il
Beany - http://minishappenin.blogspot.co.il

I wish all my dear online friends a very happy week with my blessings.

Monday, July 2, 2012

My little Garden in an Old Rusty Suitcase

A charming young lady from Singapore sent me this beautiful, precious gift crafted by her own talented hands.
Thank you Sans. http://sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.co.il

Before it arrived, not knowing it's exact proportions, I planned to use it in a scene, next to a little outhouse I made several years ago.  In the meantime I received some lovely garden items from Sandra
as well as some I already had at hand, so I changed my mind. I'd rather do a potting shed.  The only photos I can show now are of the miniatures which will be used for this project.  I'll build the shed (Similar structure as the outhouse only wider with room for shelves and pots.  I managed to collect a large number of wheel thrown clay pots, some you can see in the photos.
About the little outhouse.  It is kept on display in our spare guests' bathroom where it brings a smile to anyone who uses this room for the first time. The contrast is too funny.  We once lived in Bogota, Colombia. Do you know what they call the guests' bathroom there? Emergency Bathroom! (Bano de emergencia).

It's getting too hot here and I scarcely have time to craft.  Too many activities besides miniatures, as well as a senior citizen husband who wants to go out, sit with friends and enjoy life.  I wish I could get him to help me with the miniatures, he supports me, but has has no interest in it.

 Isn't this garden gorgeous?  I am so proud to have it!  You can see how much work was necessary to produce such reality.

The colomn needs a paintover and will look good with the clay birdhouse on top.

This is the outhouse.  It goes back to the "Emergency Bathroom".  I love the cheap plastic cat.  I wish I could felt it.  Worth a try.

Here you can see some of the clay pots I mentioned.  I bought many, because they are very difficult to find when you need them.

When will I ever finish all the pending projects?  On the other hand, where is the rush.

It's time to bid you goodnight .  Blessings to all of you and a big warm hug