Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sabiha's Giveaway

About a month ago I won Sabiha's, http://sabsminiinterios.blogspot.com/, giveaway. Today, coming back home after sending my own giveaway and a Christmas swap, I found, waiting for me a delightful surprise.  A parcel from Sabiha containing not only the prize but also a few very precious items.
There was no communication possible between Sabiha and myself.  We couldn't get through the email system.  Finally Sabiha got my address from a mutual friend and I got this precious prize as well as other very appreciated items.  THANK YOU SABIHA for these very sexy, very delicate and exquisitely made pieces of lingerie.

Also included, was a bag full of wooden coffee stirrers.  I was extremely happy to receive these.  I will certainly use them in the future.  It is impossible to get them here.

The beautiful little wooden clog will be added to my miniature collection. The lace trimming is also very welcome and I love the little gourds and the pines.  The little sea shells are lovely.  The shells here are not as white as these. Thank you Sabiha for all these extras.

It never ceases to delight and amaze me when more people find it interesting to follow my blog.  Thank you all. Here is a warm welcome to my new followers:

Alexander Razdolsky
Vera Gade - http://vmfgade.blogspot.com/
Marivi - http://narvu-3.blogspot.com/
Fernanda Maria
Kristin - http://findingelisawms.blogspot.com/
Cris Cola - http://criscola.blogspot.com/
Doortje - http://doortgesminis.blogspot.com/
Domestic Diva


Sunday, November 27, 2011

My giveaway has a winner

Today, exactly a year ago I started this blog.  Little did I guess there would be 281 followers. I gained so many online friends and I really am blessed.

Wow! Finally there is a winner.  There were 84 participants and the random nominator picked up number 8! Congratulations Paky.  please email me your address so I can send you your prize.

This was very exciting, especially the last few days.  I wish I could give each one of you a prize, you  deserve it.  I promise another giveaway in the near future.  Here is the full list of participants in, more or less, the order of your comments.

1. Fabiola                                                            
2. Amary
3. The Old Maid
4. Peggy
5. Patty
6. Flor
7. Rosamargarita
8. Paky
9. Carmen (mi pequena evasion)
10. Teruka
11. Nina
12. Mely
13. Maribel
14. Naran
15. Jennifer
16. Eloisa
17. Valeria
18. Heleni
19. Isabel
20. Kez
21. Cris Bottaro
22. Carmen Casanova
23. Malu 2
24. Eliana
25. Ana
26. Ascencion
27. Patrizia
28. Ultsu
29. May (Anisflora)
30. Rosella
31. Carla Alessandra
32. Sjoukje
33. Morgana 135
34. Carmen Hadanet
35. Julia
36. Jorgelina
37. Neomi
38. Eva (Casitas de regaliz)
39. Irina
40. Sans
41. Marver
42. Mona
43. Maru
44. Domestic Diva
45. Beis
46. Lilybets
47. Carmen (lo que quiero contaros)
48. Lataina
49. Marieke
50. Cote
51. Natalia Hernandez
52. Mercedes
53. Eva Perendreu
54. Maria (Diary of a miniturist)
55. Fernando (Cunha)
56. Angeles
57. Antonia (miniscositas)
58. Maite
59. Hankhara
60. Indy Poppy
61. Rosa (Yayin)
62. Pat
63. Lara
64. Cris Cola
65. Ivana
66. Pepi Hellin
67. Karin (Craftland)
68. Tuikku
69. Munir
70. Audra
71. Monika
72. Mary (M's minis & more)
73. Montse
74. Kaisa
75. Yolita
76. Pretty Made
77. Maria (Pretty things Ireland)
78. Lotte
79. El bichillo
80. Valentina
81. Trini
82. Marycminis
83. Vera Gade
84. Katrina


Friday, November 25, 2011

Pre-list of participants in my giveaway draw

A cute photo of what courage is about

I have here a pre list of participants for my giveaway draw.  There is still time for more to participate. Just  put a comment on that post to be counted in.  Please check up the list to see if I missed anyone and make sure you follow this blog.

A random numerator will be used  to pick-up the winner.

A very warm welcom to my new followers (Suddenly there are 275!) I am very happy you joined in.

Ciac - http://englishmanordollhouse.blogspot.com/
Yolita - http://yolitasamano.blogspot.com/
Andy - http://dollshouseandminiatures.blogspot.com/
Anna -http://shneewalski.blogspot.com/

Nelsi - http://nelsidesign.blogspot.com/
Michelle - Cannot find your blog to follow.

There is one new follower, you are most welcome, but I cannot make out your name. It is written in Cyrillic Letters which I do not read.

Blessings to all

Friday, November 18, 2011

A small box decorated with sea shells tutorial

We are having 3 very rainy days here which are very welcome.  Our dry country needs  many days like these.  Staying inside was very productive for me.  I experimented with my sea shells and will show you with photos how to make decorated jewelry or sewing boxes.

I bought the little wooden discs with the intention of making baskets from Casey's tutorials but they
also work for making boxes.  You can make them any form you wish, oval, square, etc. You just cut
a strip of card stock the width and length you want, form a ring to fit the disc and glue it to the disc. After the it's dry, you glue on the shells.  I  cut pieces of felt and glued them to the inside of the box.
I rather like the results but will make more experiments. I'd love to hear from you if you have other ideas for the little shells.

A very warm welcome to my new followers

Nicole - http://bluesuopminiatures.blogspot.com/
Tuikku - http://minitarinat.blogspot.com/
Julie - http://juliesdollhouse.blogspot.com/
Nancy - http://boomerartes.blogspot.com/
Cabezuela - Cannot locate your blog to follow.

You are invited to participate in my giveaway draw.  If follower has difficulties commenting on that post, please send me an email and you will be counted in.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

IKEA box small project

This was a quick project.  I used an IKEA 16cmx16cm shallow box. I took the inside part out to allow for a little more depth and used false coreboard floor and ceiling to keep the glass in place. I had to make a new back from plywood.

The wallpaper and floor are printables from the net.

The clock on the wall and the candleholder with the candle are a gift from Olga - http://elpetitmondelalluna.blogspot.com/.  The raised plate is a gift from Cristina - http://criscolas.blogspot.com/, I just made a leg from beads to lift up the beautiful plate.  The wall lamps (There are two, one on the wall opposite the clock) are a gift from Gonda - http://gondasminiworld.blogspot.com/.  The picture is an original, painted and framed by a very talented friend, Hannah. 
I made the chair and the jewel box.

I hope you like it.

As always, I am happy to welcome new followers

Ultsu - http://www.miniatureandcraft.com/blog.
Cunha - http://cunha-casadebonecasminhas.blogspot.com/
Lilybets - http://nelboscodililybets.blogspot.com/
Susan - http://minicrochetmad.blogspot.com/
Cote - Cannot find blog to follow.
Aliana - Cannot find blog to follow.
Hankhara - http://hankhara.blogspot.com/
Indy Poppy - http://tailsofadventurewithindyandpoppy.blogspot.com/
Monica - http://minilusion.blogspot.com/
Wilga - http://mydollhouseminiatures.blogspot.com/

Blessings to you all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First year anniversary giveaway

27th November is the day of my blog's first year anniversary.

I am so grateful to you, my followers, for accepting my friendship and giving back so much more. You left wonderful encouraging comments on my posts, you  were ready to take the chance of swapping with me, you made wonderful unconditional kind gestures which left me speechless with pleasant surprise, you gaveaway the most beautiful gifts (some of which I was lucky to win) and above all, for the pleasure I get visiting your blogs reading your posts and being impressed with so much talent and creativity.

These toys are my giveaway.  The little doll is from Russia and the little pony is a rubber eraser, the rest are mostly made of wood and my hand work.    The draw will be on 27th November.

You are invited to participate, new followers too. If you are interested, just be a follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post.  You don't have to put a link on your blog, but if you do, I'll add another toy to the parcel.  I hope the winner gets the parcel before Christmas.  I wish you all good luck.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to two new followers

Rosa  -  http://elrincondelavencinita.blogspot.com/
Fernando - http://fernando-miniaturas.blogspot.com/

A warm hug to all of you.