Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My giveaway has a winner

All morning I was busy making a list of all the 71 participants in my giveaway draw.  The numbers were given in accordance to the comments, so as not to miss anyone. The list was printed out and than cut into notes with name and number of each participant. Each note was folded in half and then folded again.  For the draw, my husband and I went over to our grandchildren's  and our two precious angels helped pick up the winner.  Shani picked out one note out of the bowl and handed it over to her brother Sahar who showed it to the camera.  and the winner is.....MINNIE KITCHEN.  (Minnie please email me your address and the prize will be airmailed to you. Congratulations!)

I want to thank you all.  I am truly flattered that so many found my giveaway attractive enough to want it and am sorry I can give it to only one winner.  I want to compensate by showing you how easy it is to make a market stall and will do so within the next few days. I shall make a new one and photograph all the stages.

Yesterday, while watching the Royal Wedding and seeing the "Hat Parade" I thought of how well Rachel's hat would fit in.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you Rachel

I am the lucky winner of these two beautiful marvels, from Rachel of the miniature maid blog giveaway. I just can't believe my fortune.  The corset is so delicate and the hat so elegant.  The combination of colors is fantastic.  Thank you Rachel!!

And it's time to open my arms again in welcome to my new followers:

Anubis 28472
Mary - minis and more
Ertal 77
I also want to remind you that there is still time for the draw on 30 April. 2 more days.
Good luck and hugs

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pay it forward 2011 swap

I signed up for Kathi's pay it forward 2011 swap.  The first 5 people who leave a comment on this post and let me know they want to participate, will receive a hand made gift from me.

The rules are simple.  You must post this on your blog and be willing to send hand made gifts to your first participants.  This is all about friendship and fun.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A tiny outdoor scene

I am delighted to welcome four new followers -

I wish all my friends a Happy Easter.

In a local pop store I found the tiny Chef (He is really a fridge magnet).  I liked him on the spot, he looked so

French, with his little mustache and agitating hands gestures. I bought several to hand out as little presents to friends.  But I thought he was too  tiny to stand alone and having the little wooden box handy I created this scene which I hope you will like. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gift from Flor

This tiny thimble- size cow flew all the way from Mexico to Israel and arrived safe and whole.  It was a surprise gift from a very talented lady who makes wonderful minis.  Thank you Flor.  You made me very happy today.

This weekend I received four more followers and again I open my arms with a big hug to my new friends:

What an exciting day!  And in the evening a big traditional family dinner to celebrate our Passover holiday.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


One of the most pleasant part of blogging is welcoming new followers and today I am delighted to welcome many with a big warm hug -

Pepi Hellin
Mrs Pit Stop
Macu Martin Diaz
Narina Napertaa
Maria 1
Chris P's Minis and More
Mini Babies
Monique Janssen
Sharon Larkin
Maria Ireland
Contar 5806

I visited all your blogs except the ones I could not locate. Please let me know by email so I could become your follower as well.  There are so many wonderful works to see and people are very generous sharing, giving tutorials and tips.  It's a wonderful place to be in, here in  BLOGLAND.

You will notice I have been busy making outdoor furniture.  The last picture is an experiment in crochet work. There was a tutorial in one of the Spanish blogs but I really don't remember which one.  I am truly grateful to the lady who gave this tutorial.  This is my first attempt.  I have to practice a lot more for a better result.

Do not forget my giveaway .  There is still time until the end of this month.  Good luck! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Market stall giveaway

I forgot to mention that the drawing date will be April 30 2011.  I wish you best of luck.

101 follower and a giveaway

In celebration for having 101 followers, I offer this market stall with the few bits and pieces as a giveaway.  The rules are, be a follower of this blog, make a comment on this giveaway and if possible, not obligatory, publish the giveaway at your blog.  The winner can make it a flower stall or a food stall or whatever he or she wish. Also change the color according to their taste.
And now it's time to receive with a big warm welcome the new followers who made it possible to reach 101:
Marlies - Marlies and minis
Carmen - La ventan a mi mundo
Pepi Mali - Cannot find your blog.
Mary - Cruzilandia
Klara - Klara designs
            Maison du bonheur
            Oostenlicht in Parijs
            Klara's blog
Maija - IIdasanttu

Thank you all.

Friday, April 1, 2011


With great pleasure and a warm hug I welcome my new followers:
Rosella - Il salotto delle rose
Mariana Belmonte - Albumes web de Picasa
Beatrice - Les miniatures de Beatrice
Heleni - Heleni tres petit blanc
             Patch to patch
Marylupe - (Cannot find your blog. Please let me know if you have one.)
I was planning a giveaway on my birthday in June, not even dreaming that I'd reach 95 followers.  I now will advance my giveaway.  Am already working on it and let you know as soon as it' finished.

Today I had fun making over beads and other things.  Took photos which will explain what I did and you are free to use any idea.
The bottle is much nicer looking  than it came out in this photo.  It is a 1:24" size.  The glass beads are from an inexpensive necklace.  I added white fimo parts and baked them together.  If you want to make teapots out of plastic beads, you have to bake the parts separately and then glue them to the plastic beads.
The doilies are cut from a place mat. They are rather large but can be cut smaller.
The vases are Chinese glass beads.  I baked them on little white fimo circles so that they'd stand upright.