Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, February 27, 2015

Second meeting with the Israeli Miniaturists

Hello all,

Yesterday was the second time the local miniaturists met.  We enjoyed a wonderful time
together at Limor's place.  Limor is a very gifted  miniaturist as well as an author.  Her first book is already in print and will be published very soon. In my next post I'll show you photos of some of her
stunning miniature scenes.  Here is the link to Limor's web site Limor.

We all brought one little handmade gift for a swap. Mine was one of the toy trolleys which I already showed you before how to make.  I received a fantastic basket full of sausages, crafted by Sarit, who
is Limor's mother.  Both mother and daughter are very talented miniaturists.

You will probably get to know more of my fellow miniaturists, as I'm going to show you
some of their work after each time we meet.  This time we each made a pair of espadrilles.

Right now I'm experimenting with ceramics.  I made so many cookies and cakes in my last batch
that I have to make plates for them.  I'm trying to do a two layered plate.  Will see what will come
out.  I have to wait until the clay is completely dry then rub the surface smooth, glaze and fire.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with blessings

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Very Easy Shoes Rack Tutorial

 Hello dear readers,

After making the little shoes rack I showed you in my previous post, I wanted to make a larger,
12" scale, rack.  Here is what I used to make this.

Two chopsticks
8 long (barbeceu) matches
4 regular match sticks
Tacky glue

The chopsticks come tapered at their ends.  Cut about 7- 8 cms lengths from the tapered end down and glue together.  Cut off the long matches' heads and glue together 7 and 3.  Straiten the ends.

From the match sticks cut pieces and glue to the chopsticks triangles.

First glue the wider shelf to the triangles.  When dry glue the other shelf.

If you cut the chopsticks longer you can make it a plant rack.

A warm welcome to my new follower Tiina.  Thank you for following.

Wishing you all a wonderful creative week with hugs and blessings.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Giveaway Prize from Finland

Hello all

I was one of the lucky winners of Tiina's giveaway.  Today my prize arrived together with with a beautiful clay plate.  My prize was to be the little tablecloth so the plate was a delightful surprise.
Tiina's crochet work is incredible, the doily is simply exquisite.


There is going to be a second local miniaturists meeting next week.  We were each asked to bring one
hand crafted little gift which will be parted among us.  Here is what I made (I can show it to you -
none of my fellow miniaturists in this group know about this blog).

I hope the one who gets it will be pleased.  The shoes are made of Fimo, the stand is made of

A warm welcome to all my new followers, JuliaMartimezSigrid,

Hugs and blessings 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Day and the Skellies

Hello all

Skella and Skelly who are still looking forward with longing to be ghosts ,  recall with nostalgia their previous incarnation when Valentine Day was being celebrated.

Skella:  Do you remember the beautiful heart shaped cakes we used to eat.?

Skelly:  I do, my dear but now I have no  stomach for them.

Skella:  I wonder what happened to the gorgeous, heart shaped diamond ring I received on
valentine day and who is wearing my jewelry.

Skelly:  Let's just enjoy looking at how Valentine Day is being celebrated these days. No great changes. Men bring chocolates and flowers to their beloved and sometimes even propose
marriage. Romance is in the air.

Skella:  What I miss in this after life is a cat.  It could help me pass the time until we become ghosts. I saw a beautiful rag-doll kitty that nearly melted my bones.

Skelly:  This is no problem. We have already been adopted by a beautiful cat to keep us company.

Skella:  What about our application to the Ghost Academy?

Skelly:  No news yet.  They are overloaded with requests.  Every skeleton nowadays wants to be a ghost.  The training course alone takes over a year.

Skella sighing deeply:  Why does it have to take so long?

Skelly:  Did you think it is so easy to float around limbless?  The slightest air movement can
blow you away for miles and you wouldn't be able to find your way back, not to mention
storms and hurricanes. If you thought boohing is easy?  Let me correct and tell you that Opera singing is much easier to learn. But don't worry, we may be able to get help.

Skella eagerly:   Really? who from?

Skelly:  Rumors say that Baalatova the ageless witch lives in the neighborhood.  She, with her fantastic spells, may enable us to skip training and turn us directly into ghosts.

To be continued.......


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Magical Witchy Chic Herb Garden

Hello dear readers

Yesterday my purchase from Birgit's Etsy shop arrived.  I am more than delighted with my new
treasure and not only that but Birgit being, what we all know, the kindest and most generous
person on the blogs, sent me some wonderful extras, all useful and suitable for a project I have in mind.

This what I purchased, a magical witchy chic herb garden.

And these are all the extras Birgit sent along.

Three extra magical mushrooms and a small skull.  I planted them in flower pots which
I recently created.

Magic perfume bottles.

Thank you dear Birgit for your wonderful surprise gifts!!!

Here is also a photo of what came out of the kilt last week.  I was busy making clay Valentine cakes and cookies and other ceramic clay miniatures.

While the clay was still soft enough,  I cut some pots in half.  These will be good to glue directly on
the wall of some terrace of patio.

I also made a few more strollers. One I gave away to the curator of the Jaffa museum.

Today is one of the dreariest days of the year.  It's foggy and windy and as well as very cold.
According to the weather forecasts tomorrow is going to be worse. The best to do is stay home and work on my miniatures and/or, if blogger permits it, visit your blogs.

Hugs and blessings to all

Friday, February 6, 2015

Christmas gifts in February

Hello dear friends,

Before I continue I want to thank you again for your care and encouraging comments.  My husband
is slowly getting better and already walks indoors without the help of a cane.  He's, thank God, on
his way to recovery.

I have scarcely been able to visit blogs or work on minis.  I try to, whenever there is time, to see
what's going on and make comments.

Two parcels arrived this week.  One late, for very sad circumstances, the other is a replacement for
one which got lost.  I am very happy with all my gifts.

From Sharee :

If you want to learn how the cute little angel and cake plate are made, go see Sharee's blog where
she explains how it was done.

Thank you Sharee for these little treasures.

From Maria:

Maria's parcel was lost on it's way and she made me a new one.  I was appalled to realize how
outrageous the post charges were and the extra expenses caused to my dear friend.

The knitted garments are adorable! Thank you dear Maria!

Yesterday, my miniatures from the show came back after nearly 6 months of display.  I'll have
to keep some in boxes.  There is no more shelf space for them.  There are already projects
that I didn't finish just because of lack of space.  It's getting to be a problem.

I wish all my followers and readers a wonderful weekend.  Blessings