Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, March 21, 2014

"Faberge" eggs

Hello dear readers

Making these decorative eggs was something I always wanted to do.  Jennifer sent me some jewelry
findings which make perfect cups for the eggs.

A silver sequin was glued to the bottom of the findings to make it stay upright and steady.

This is an experiment.  Would you believe it? the body of this rather elegant teapot is a glass marble.  If you don't have beads you can use marbles.

I bought this little shadow box some years ago.  I wanted to make the tiny toys for a toy
shop and never got to do so.  It's too cute to keep hidden.

And here is a sweet scene to share just for fun.

A warm welcome to my new follower, Jess.  I couldn't find your blog, if you have on please let me know so I can visit.

Have a wonderful week end my dears and blessings to all.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A frog teapot tutorial

This is very easy to make.  You'll need

A green bead or a green ball of green polymer clay.  A tiny piece of white clay and a tiny piece of black clay.  I used Fimo.

Stick one circle of clay under the bead to steady it and the other circle on top of the bead to form the cover of the pot.

Make the eyes using the two small green balls.  Press a little dent in the middle of the small green balls.

Install tiny white balls in the dents.

Stick tiny black balls on the white balls.

Flatten a little the other two little green balls. With a knife make two cuts in each and
stick them to the bottom of the bead. (These make the feet)

Now make the nozzle as seen in the photo bellow.

Stick nozzle to the bead.

Stick eyes to cover.  (Stick them close together, as seen in the next photo)

Add handle, bake and glaze.  That's all.

Hope the photos speak for themselves because my English is too poor for better explanation.

I was very lucky to win Rosella's birthday giveaway. A precious little cushion.  It arrived when I was too
ill to take photos and post about it but I did let Rosella know that it was safe in my hands.
I'll have to show you Rosella's photo, because right now I am frustratedly looking for it.  I know it's safe
somewhere close.  There is a word we use a lot in Hebrew, BALAGAN which means a messy
chaos.  This is what my work table looks right now.  I haven't gained enough courage to start tidying it and cannot let anyone else to this job for me.

A warm welcome to Marian. Thank you for following.

Hugs and blessings to all my readers

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easter teapots

Hello all,

It took me a long time to get rid of my flu and come back.  I also had to take care of my husband who caught the flu from me and you know how spoiled husbands are when they are sick.  They just need your full attention and once they get it they want it all the time.  This means less time for miniatures.

Here is something I created for Easter.  A friend gave me a broken necklace of green glass beads.
I used some for these teapots.

A froggy teapot and creamer for Kikka's very cute frog collection

I got carried away and made two more sets.

Bunny teapots and a fat little bunny.  It ate too much green stuff.

I am sorry I was unable to visit your blogs during the last weeks.  I'll try to catch up as much as possible.

The cyclamen pot is still flowering and sends you its love.  I pamper it.  The secret is not to let the
roots stay in water.  It needs cold water and good drainage.  Maybe not as beautiful as when  it arrived but
it's record time for me to have it still alive, especially since it was a month of unusual warm weather and
cyclamen thrive on cold days.

Hugs and blessings to all my dear friends.