Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, September 28, 2015

A witch's home

Hello dear readers,

As you know, every witch should have somewhere to dwell, including Baalatova who is still
missing.  Baalatova is  known to travel a lot.  When she's healthy and well she
does not stay home for long periods.  Maybe now with her flying broom broken, she will
think twice about travelling.

So this week I've been busy preparing Baalatova's home.  It is a woodland house, made of light
materials, most of them I had at hand.  I'll try to show the progress as I go along.

First I had a cardboard box which I trimmed down.

Birgit's witchy chic garden gets a special place in this house.

There is much work to be done.  I'd love to finish this project before Halloween.
Hope to be able to show you more progress next post.

A very warm welcome to Olesya, a new comer to blogland from Russia.  Thank you Olesya for
following my blog.

Finally, some nice weather is here.  We can open the windows and enjoy a cool dustless breeze.

Blessings to all my dear readers!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Guarding the wands (contd.)

Hello dear readers,
Leona (The big cat)  and Felina her younger sister are on their way to notify
Skella and Skelly about their finds.

Catty and her little friends stayed behind on guard.

Suddenly Leona beheld  something that looked like a tree branch.  Both cats approached it
and looking closely saw that it too was a wand, not bright and colorful like the other wands but a magic wand.  This was really amazing but lol how perplexing.

As they were pondering what to do, two snakes arrived saying that the wand was theirs. They were
the first to find it on the top of a tree.

Big problem.  What if this was the one Baalatova lost!  We'll have to wait to find out soon.

The dust (Polvo not sand) storm is thankfully behind us.  There was much cleaning to do indoors
and outdoors. Miniatures were the first to get  dirty dust covered.

About the little slippers.  I cannot take credit for the idea of using the hairbands to make them.  I can
only tell you how I created the tiny duck heads.  I used felt fabric for the soles and felted the heads from the same material by pulling out of it wool and rolling it into little balls.  Same for the eyes
and for the beak using wool pulled out of black and orange felt fabric.  Very easy to glue together.  I also tried making slippers from pipe cleaners (also not my original idea). I prefer the ones from the hair bands although the pipe cleaners slippers are also cute.

The slippers will be easy to make for the ladies at the center.  The straw chairs and baskets were a big hit and sold well, mostly to the people at the center who needed gifts to bring to their grandchildren during the holidays. I am now on holidays from the center and will get back there in October. Meantime I'm on the look out for easy to make miniatures for them.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday and blessings


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guarding the wands

Hello dear readers

We are approaching Halloween and still no sign of Baalatova the ancient witch.
Skella and Skelly are worried.  They sent out their cat Catiushka, Catty for short, to hear news. She came back telling them she heard rumors that
Baalatova is recuperating and on the way to full recovery. Poor Baalotova
is limping about with the aid of two new brooms.  The only trouble is
she lost her wand in the accident and cannot function without it.

Skella thought it was a good idea to send out Catty again to look for the wand. If she
finds it, they'll be able to gain some good points with Baalatova.

Catty who knew how important her mission was, enlisted friends to help her.  With joint
forces there'll be more chances to find the wand.

Here Catty and her friends  are deciding how to spread out.

Two friends came back with a wand.

Then, two more friends came back with a different wand.

And a third wand!!

Three wands?? Now which will be Baalatova's?  Big problem!!

Let's guard the wands until Skella and Skelly decide what to do.

Let's hope that at least one wand belongs to Baalatova.  The Skellies are so eager to become ghosts and believe the old witch will be able to help them.

Speaking of ghosts, here is a cute pair.  Thanks again to the friend who sent them to me.

After making the wands, I played a bit with making slippers from pigtail bands.  They came out
quite cute.

We are all happy the dust storm is behind us.  For 4 days we kept our windows shut so as little as
possible dust will enter.  It didn't help much.  It was a lost fight with dust which covered every
surface.  I do not remember a situation like this.  It is believed the last time it happened was 75 years ago.

Happy New Year to my friends who are celebrating and blessings to all of you.

Monday, September 7, 2015

1:48" cottage completed

Helo dear readers

Finally, this 1:48" scale cottage project is complete.  I am rather pleased with myself when I see
what I accomplished.  I'd love to start  my witch project but next week is our 2-days New Year holiday followed by two more important holidays and this will be enough to keep us busy with family life. I'll probably just keep on working on my Christmas gifts and swaps.  Better start early to have them ready on time.

Here are some photos of the interior which I'd like to share with you.  Hope you like them.

I shall most certainly make other little houses on this scale, in fact I already have plans for a new one. but it takes a lot of patience and time and right now I want to begin the witch project.

Welcome to all my friends who are back from summer vacations.  I'm sure you all enjoyed a lovely time.

Blessings to all of you