Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rooms for the Bavarian furniture

I finally found a box which will be turned into  three rooms to house the furniture.  I never thought it will take so much work!  I  made one wooden floor.  There have to be two more.  There are also windows and doors to be made.  It will probable take me a few months to finish.  But I did accomplish some work for the rooms. It took me forever to make the afgahn for the bed.  I also stiched a little rug.
The big rug I already had stiched long ago.

The main bedroom

The little pitcher is from Marlies tutorial  (http://marliesminies.blogspot.com/).

Children's Bedroom

The tiny baby's garments are a gift from dear Rosa Margarita (http://chiquicosas.blogspot.com/). I made the chair for the Nany. There is still a lot of work here.

The dinning room

 Eva's gift (http://casitaderegaliz.blogspot.com/) - there is no end to what I have to do here.  Can you see the tiny basket filled with lavender? - it's Jennifer's gift www.plushpussycat.com/).  The little vase is a bead.

Here is something cute I want to share with you. Breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A kitchen cupboard

I built me a kitchen cupboard.  Maybe not the finest one but I am happy with the results. 

There were a few miniature blue glass pieces, two teapots I made from white and blue lined beads, two vases I made from Chinese beads, a ceramic vase I made, a painted shell and several ceramics my daughter made.  Now they are all displayed here.

The box is the one my ipad came in.  I found a frame which fits it.  The wallpaper, in its earlier life, was a shopping bag.

Now that I see the photo I think I'll add short legs to the cupboard.

Maybe a wall hanging or clock, there is too much empty space on top.

I'm not sure about the color of the frame.  Shall I leave it as it is... I'm getting used to it.  Your  advice or suggestion is welcome.

As always, I'm happy to extend a warm welcome to two more followers

Luce Coles - http://evalinarose.blogspot.com/
Cyd - http://minimodpod.blogspot.com/

Have a wonderful Sunday! Blessings to all.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

From Spain with love

The postlady, who shares my thrills and delight each time she comes carrying gifts from friends
surprised me with a wonderful parcel from Spain.  Carmen - http://lamaisoncarmen.blogspot.com/.
Carmen,  a visit to your beautiful, inspiring blog is a privilege to be grateful for. Getting gifts is an unexcpected bonus.  THANK YOU!!!

I have to show you what this exquisite dress looks from the back.  A perfect finish.  The knitted top is beautiful and so is the matching bonnet. Very delicate lace bordered blue linen, a baby bottle and a silver pacifier, which will be wonderful for the nursary I have in mind.

The list of my followers is growing.  A warm welcome to Lucille, who doesn't have a blog yet.  I am trying to convince her to enter this wonderful world.

Tomorrow is Lag- Baomer Day.  Tonight,  all around us are bonfires and the smell of smoke.  It's a wonderful event for our young children, who for weeks have been collecting wood for the bonfires.
The view of bonfires scattered around for miles, is stunning if you are up on the roof of a tall building.

Blessings to all my friends and a good night 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Award

Thank you Maria Blance, - http:lascosasdemariaayamontino.blogspot.com/, for passing me this lovely award.
I can only be worthy of it after I state  five strange habits that I have and pass on this award  to 15 blogs:

1.  I collect funny cartoons.

2.  I prefer a book to a movie based on it.

3.  I have the cheek to post in English which is not my mother tongue.  I don't mind  if you  laugh when you
     see a strange word in my comments., my intentions are good.

4.  I am unable to finish telling a joke.  I start laughing  and it's contagious so people laugh along
     without knowing what the joke was about.

5.  I cry with tears streaming down my eyes at the silliest moving story but cannot wear contact lens because
     my eyes are too dry.

About passing on this award to 15 blogs. Why only 15 when I can pass it on to 394?  The only condition is that you state your 5 strange habits.  You are invited to come and get it.

Have a lovely day with my blessings


Friday, May 4, 2012

De's 350 followers anniversary giveaway

A few weeks ago I was the fortunate winner of De's 350  followers anniversary giveaway.  This was a very original giveaway.  The winner could request a doll of his wish  and De would handcraft it for him.  I asked for a baby boy.  De made and sent it along with cute garments, bottle and a piece of   material to be turned into a bed sheet. THANK YOU De!!! Wishes can come true!

De has a wonderful blog full of very clever makeover ideas - http://delightfulminis.blogspot.com/.  A very inspiring blog.

A wide, warm welcome to my new followers.  I am thrilled and flattered every time a new follower shows up.

Elena - http://lisanarassvete.blogspot.com
Ana - http://mycupofteaminiatures.blogspot.com/
Silke - http://bastetanteskleinewelt.blogspot.com/
Helene - http://dalmar-miniatures.blogspot.com/
Giraultclaude - Couln't locate a blog.  If you have one please let me know so I can follow too.

Blessings to you all

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring giveaway winner

Well my friends it's draw time.  I added the following participants' name to the previous list and as you see, there are 90.

82. Maria Ireland
83. Ultsu
84. Eloisa
85. Minnie Kitchen
86. Pearl
87. Sylvia
88. Maija
89. Caroline - Cindrella moments
90. Rocinash

The random number generator was used to pick up the winner. And the winner is........

No. 40 - LOTTE!!!!  Dear Lotte, please email your address to me - drorahed@gmail.com and I'll post the prize to you.

I'd have loved to give all of you a prize which you well deserve, instead I extend my arms in a big warm hug.
There will be more giveaways I promise.  Either on my birthday next month or when the Number of followers reaches 400.

Blessings to all