Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Home for Solly (Part 4)

Hello dear readers, I heard Solly softly murmuring to himself, "Why bother making me a fireplace? I'm a bear afterall, I have a thick fur that warms me in the winter, on the contrary, I love it when it's cold and I can sleep as much as I want to. This made me change my plans. Instead of a fireplace I made Solly a bookcase, Solly loves to read.
Solly's bed with his favorite pet toy. (toy made by Pilar, http://miniaturasenmimundo.blogspot.com/) \\The bed is made from poppsiclesticks, tongue depressors, and tiny wooden beads. It had to be very low to fit the limited height space. (Bed cover by Maria http://prettythingsireland.blogspot.com/.)
I made the table using wooden disk and a knob. On the finished table are a cup of tea with its teabag on a soucer with a biscuit a tiny teaspoon, and a jar filled with honey all made by Jodi(http://my-miniaturemadness.blogspot.com/) as well as the book mark inside the beautiful book made by Pilar.
Almost all the wonderfuly made books in this bookcase are made by Pilar. The book and the beautiful bronze statue are made by Rosa Maria (http://contrastes-rosamaria.blogspot.com/), and stand side by side on the top shelf.
There still is a lot of work awaiting me. More books on a wall shelf. A seat for Solly. Wall hanging pictures. flowers and plants. At least I'm very happy to display the beautiful gifts received from the top talented artists in Blogland. THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS, PILLAR, MARIA, JODI, ROSA MARIA, BIRGIT!!!! SOLLY JOINS ME WITH HIS OWN THANKS.
I am sorry for still not able to make links the old way. Not enough time and patience to study the new Google changes. No wonder people get tired of posting. I wish you all a lovely rest of the week with blessings

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Home for Solly (Part 3)

Hello dear readers All my plans for working on Solly's home were postponed. I had to tidy and clear my work surfaces, (Kitchen table, Dining table, even kitchen counter) to allow room for family celebration of my birthday and our Pentecost Holiday. Now the surfaces are tidy but the work is slower as it takes time to find the necessary items that were close at reach before. The floors are from cardboard. They need a coat or more of Mod Podge before being glued on.
Alas, this home is somewhat small for my dear Solly, but Solly is satisfied and prefers sitting on a cushion, Japanese style. I made a table and fireplace from bits and pieces. I'm not sure about their final color, Light green or beige. Any suggestion will be welcome.
Besides a huge quantity of chocolates, I received some very precious gifts. The first from Rosa Maria http://contrastes-rosamaria.blogspot.com/ A little parcel, beautifully packed with treasures. The photo cannot show exactly how exquisite this precious piece of lacework is. The threads are featherly light like spider webs and the tiny bobbins are a marvel. THANK YOU DEAR ROSA MARIA FOR THESE PRECIOUS GIFTS AND MOST OF ALL FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP.
From my two darling daughters I received this electrical organ. First I had to get used to playing on a narrow 5 octave instrument. My right and left hands collided on several points. After a few days of practice it's no longer a problem. I can play by ear any melody I know. My fingers are no longer as agile as they used to be when I was young and played classical music on my piano (sold 70 years ago and was the downpayment of our first home). Pop music is all I can play now.
I wish you all my dear readers, a pleasant weekend with blessings.