Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Winner of my giveaway

Wow! How exciting! Waiting all this time and finally the day of the giveaway is here.
I have added the following participants to the previous list

83. Mari - Mcddiss
84. Antonia
85. Britt
86. Rocinash
87. Tatiana
88. Nora
89. Chigo Mado
90. Liliam
91. Melanie
92. Norma

I used the random number generator to pick up the winner

74. Jorgelina!  Please contact me by email (drorahed@gmail.com), to enable me post your prize.

It is difficult not to be able to give the prize to all of you .   I can only assure you that soon there will be another giveaway.

A warm welcome to my new followers

Nora - http://Erisartesania.blogspot.com.es
Kati - http://lasituvanminiatyyrit.blogspot.co.il
Zahn Melanie
Katin Mapt
Chigo Mado - http://when-2-inhabit-1-mind.blogspot.co.il

If I didn't mention your blog, it's because I cannot locate it. Please let me know if you have a blog I can visit.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Felma's Giveaway

I am happy to show you Felma's beautiful dress which I was extremely lucky to win.

This gorgeous dress came accompanied by the beautifully embroidered card.   A visit to Felma's blog is highly recommended.  Reading her posts just warms your heart. Here is the link http://www.dollhouseminiaturesbyfelma.blogspot.com.  You too, may be lucky enough in the future and win one of Felma's fabulous creations.

I made a special box to display this treasure combined with other treasures received from very dear online friends. It's another Ipad empty box saved from  the garbage bin.

The dressing table is a gift from Cris Cola,  the rug and hat from Jennifer, the bunch of roses from
Rosella and on the table a metal brush and hand mirror from Olga.  I wish I knew how to make short links like I see on many blogs.  Can anyone please teach me how to?

This is how the poor chair looked before I painted it to look a little better in the box.

A rather bad photo of the two boxes side by side.  I am not at all sure if I'll keep the dress in this box. I'll wait till the sewing room is finished to see which box is better.

And a big warm hug to my new followers
Xisca - http://minisxisc.blogspot.co.il
Adela - http://kyrani.blogspot.co.il
Leonor - http://puracachanilla.blogspot.co.il
Rose - http://bbflockin.blogspot.co.il
Gloria - http://lasmanitasdeglo.blogspot.com.es
Dessa - http://dessaraeartdolls.blogspot.co.il
Rossy Murga
Sarah Blake

If I didn't mention your blog, it's because I cannot find it.  Please let me know if you have one. Thank you for following.  You are invited to take part in my giveaway, there is still time.

Blessings to all my dear friends

Friday, June 22, 2012

List of participants in my June 30 giveaway

Here is the list of participants, in the order of the comments.

1 Iris
2. Eva - Tatalamaru
3. Maria Ireland
4. Cris Bottaro
5. Rosa Maria
6. Anda
7. Birgit
8. Zilda
9. Jazzi
10. Linda - Linda's minis
11. De
12. Jennifer - Plushpussycat
13. Mariana
14. Rosa
15. Patrizia
16. Lilybets
17. Kikka
18. Maria Carmen
19. Carmen - Mi pequena evasion
20. Pilar - mi pequena ilusion
21. Indy Poppy
22. Ilona
23. Debbi - Debbie's mini thoughts
24. Carla - Ninesdolls
25. Ludmila
26. Doortje
27 Ninni
28. Jean Baptist
29. Christie - CW Poppets
30. Sognatrice
31. Judith
32. Ewa
33. Sanne
34. Maija
35. Fabiola
36. Neomi
37. Maria - Diary of a miniaturist
38. Ascension
39. Irina
40. Begonia
41. Isabel - Isabel mini mundo
42. Ana
43. Wanda
44. Teviro
45. Maria Blanca
46. Rosa Margarita
47. Julia - el mundo Juli
48. Malu 2
49. Chris - minis and more
50. May
51. Mary - el rincon de los deseos
52. Carmen - Hadanet
53. Eliana
54. Cristina - La casa de Caterina
55. Alexandra
56. Karin - Craftland
57. Francesca
58. Eloisa
59. Julia - las minis del bosque
60. Cote
61. Anacoras
62. Mati - El rincon de Mati
63. Flor
64. Sanz
65. Pepita - el rincon de las miniaturas
66. Adela
67. Leonor
68. Eva - casita de regaliz
69. Lynn
70. Sarah
71. Aristacrina
72. Pilar - la casita del desvan
73. paky
74. Jorgelina
75. Ivana
76. Auxi
77. Rosa - Lavecinita
78. Isabel - Morgana 135
79. Cris Cola
80. Mely
81. Contar
82. Petra

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday gifts from Jennifer

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to all my wonderful friends who wished me a Happy Birthday.  You made it a very special day for me.  A special thank you to my dear friend Rosa Margarita, for staying up awake until daybreak, to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. Isn't Rosa Margarita a lovely lady!- http://chiquicosas.blogspot.co.il.

 Gifts keep coming.  Jennifer,  a lovely generous person, pampered me with so many gifts that I'll surely have to share some with you.  I don't believe there is any one of my followers who doesn't know Jenni.  If you don't here is her blog, well worthy of visiting. http://www.plushpussycat.com/

Kitchen staff

DIY stuff

Beautiful, most delicate corset and parasol hand crafted by Jenni.

Very cute bunny, chicks, doves, cat, squirrel, teddy, and a plucked chicken, ready to be cooked. Grecian pillars which can be turned into bird's baths.

Christmas staff

Halloween staff.  I hinted that I couln't find a skeleton to make a Halloween scene.  Jenni sent me
16 half scale skeletons.  These will certainly be shared.  You only have to give me a hint.

Sewing stuff

Tiny shells from far away coasts.
And one of the most beautiful Birthday cards ever.  Jennifer's creation.


Blessings to all of you

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Award

This very nice award was forwarded to me by Amary - http://rincondeamary.blogspot.co.il

Dear Amary, all the 14 other friends you passed the award to, are also my choice but since you already did so,  I'll add 15 other friends worthy of this award.

Fabiola - http://fabiolamiominimundo.blogspot.co.il
Ewa - http://diaryofaminiaturist.blogspot.co.il
Birgit - http://biwubaer.blogspot.co.il
Ilona - http://minimumloon.blogspot.co.il
Cris - http://pequeninasminnniaturas.blogspot.com/
Karin - http://craftlandminisundanderes.blogspot.co.il
Jazzi - http://jazziminis.blogspot.co.il
Mary - http://elrincondelosdeseos.blogspot.co.il
Maria Blanca - http://lascosasdemariaayamontino.blogspot.co.il
Eliana - http://terradedosgigantes.blogspot.co.il
Sanz - http://sanzdollhousediaries.blogspot.co.il
Maria - http://diaryofaminiaturist.blogspot.co.il
Flor - http://florff.blogspot.co.il
Ludmila- http://arturkinamama.blogspot.co.il
Christine - http://cwpoppets.blogspot.co.il

And there are so many more who are entitled to this award, but alas, I am only to pass it on to 15 followers.

A very warm welcome to my new followers

Ninni - Please let me know if you have a blog I can follow.
Miniartdom -  Okease ket ne jbiw uf tiy gave a blog I can follow.
Francesca - http://miniricamo.blogspot.co.il
Anacora - http://elrincondeanacora.blogspot.co.il
Cornelias - http://corneliasmorsa.blogspot.co.il

Blessings to all

Monday, June 4, 2012

My birthday gifts

Hello all
Today is my birthday. Another year older and celebrating big time.  I received gorgeous gifts from all my friends in Kasia's birthday swap group.  Now that Kasia already posted about it, I am going to show you photos of these gifts by the order of their arrival.

                                               Simona's gifts - http://artcraft-gifts.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Simona. I love everything you sent. The little brass frame as well as the little kettle, will go into the Bavarian rooms.  I'll use the stationary and beautiful cook book in another project. The dress is very pretty.

                                              Rosella's gifts - http://ilsallotodellerose.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Rosella.  The radio (I love it!) already went to my antiques market  stand.  I plan to do a new perfume shop facade in which I'll display gift perfume bottles,  yours among them.  I love the " his" and " hers" slippers and the beautiful cushions.  In fact, I love everything.

                                           Fabiola's gifts - http://fabiolamiominimundo.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Fabiola.  Beautiful minis! The cork coasters and placemat are marvelous. I love the grocery paper bag with all the products, as well as all the other miniatures you made for me.

                                           Karin's gifts - http://craftlandminisundanderes.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Karin for all these gorgeous gifts, beautifully packed in this lovely box.  I love them all and am very grateful for the coffee stirrers which you so generously added. 

                                           Gill's gifts - http://makeitsmall.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Gill.  You can see now what inspires me to make a perfume shop window.  I love the beautiful boxes and those old photos.

                                           Teresa"s gifts - http://blog.teruka.net/

Thank you Teresa. I love your gifts., the cup of tea with cakes look delicious, the gorgeous roses in the
white pitcher and lovely napkin. The photo doesn't show it very well, there is a pair of spectacles with an exquisitely embroidered case. I fell in love at first sight with them as soon as I saw them.

                                           Maria's gifts - http://prettythingsireland.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Maria, you really spoiled me with all these wonderful gifts.  I love them all.  I have to show two very special fantastic gifts which cannot be seen well in the top photo.

                                           Cristina's gifts - http://minisdecris.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Cristina. I love every single gift you sent. Gorgeous pieces all.

                                           Sandra's gifts - http://samirasminis.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Sandara for these exquisite pieces.  I can't stop looking at the tiny birds and marvelling at how wonderful  this scene looks.

                                           Kaisa's gifts - http://dollhousemansion.blogspot.co.il/

Thank you Kaisa.  I love every single gift here.  The lovely rack, the hand woven basket, the what look like Medieval plates, spoons and forks,  the stationary pieces (Look at the tiny rubber and pencil) and most of all, I am happy that you are well again and planning more swap projects.

                                           Patty's gifts - http://patty-petite-orphelin.blogspot.co.il/

Last, but not least, is this jewel.  A tiny stroller with a tiny teddy hand made by Patty.  I can imagine how difficult it was to part with these beauties.  I love them.

Since it's Monday and most of the members of my close family are working, we are going to have a great day at the beach next Saturday, lunching out in one of the best restaurants.  I am already looking forward to this family gathering.  There are local and overseas phone calls and flowers.

I think I am one of the luckiest persons with all these lovely gifts and to top it all I won Felma's
Http://dollhouseminiaturesbyfelma.blogspot.com/  giveaway, a gorgeous, glamorous evening dress.  Can't wait to hold it in my hands.

I want to thank Cris - http://pequeninasminnniaturas.blogspot.com/ for forwarding me this award.
Thank you Cris for considering me worthy of it.  I am honored.

Blessings from a deliriously happy me to all of you

Saturday, June 2, 2012

New giveaway

Who says the number has to be a round one?  It's time for a new giveaway and of course, as usual, the terms
are - Make a comment if your like this giveaway, be a follower or become one.  Only if you want to, make a link on your blog.  The draw will be on Saturday night, 30 June.

All four ceramic pieces are handcrafted by Nilly, my daughter. I made the philodendrum.  It's planted in brown plastelina and can be transplanted any time or place.

I also want to thank Maria Blance - http://lascosasdemariaayamontino.blogspotco.il, Eva -
http://tatalamaru.blogspot.co.il and Sognatirice - http://sognatriceabordo.blogspot.it
for passing on  their award to me.  I am very grateful and, as usual,  offer this award to every single one of my followers as well as to blogs I follow.

I got used to the yellow frame of the kitchen cupboard scene.  Solved the problem of the too high ceiling by tilting the box.  It was a good thing I didn't throw away the remains of the paper shopping bag.  I also added, as friends suggested in their comments, a touch of yellow by changing the flowers. I rather like the results.  I painted white a metal oval frame . The picture inside is a tatoo transfer of a blue flower with a yellow center.

A warm welcome to my new followers

Madelaine - Couldn't locate your blog.  If you have one please let me know so I can follow.
Zilda - http://miniterapia.blogspot.co.il

You are wellcome to take part in my giveaway.

A big hug to all and blessings