Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, May 31, 2013

A short vacation in Tiberius, by the Lake of Galilee

Hello dear readers,

We are back from our wonderful stay by the lake.  It was great to see the lake filled up, after a winter with bountiful rains.  The last few years were dry and the lake regressed leaving a wide shore.

It was not so good for finding shells.  Before, with the regression of the water,  quantities of shells were exposed. Now we have to dive to find them.

We stayed in  a boutique hotel which a little less than two centuries ago was a Scott church hospital run by missioners. Here are some photos of the hotel buildings built with basalt local stones.


I promised to show you some of the gifts I received, beginning  with my grand daughters gift.  A book.
One of the funniests. I'm reading and giggling all the way.  It was translated from Swedish to Hebrew.  Written by Jonas Jonasson and called "A one hundred years old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared". ( Lil, did you read it?) Here is a picture of the book's cover which speaks for itself.
The book was translated to many languages.

Will show more gifts tomorrow.

I wish you a wonderful weekend with my blessings

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4th June giveaway participants

Tomorrow, we leave for Tiberius where we'll be spending 2 days by the Lake of Galilee.  We'll be celebrating an early birthday and wedding anniversary together with our two daughters and their families.
It's almost  the best time of the year to visit the north part of Israel.  Later on it will be too hot .

I am leaving a list of participants in the order of comments for you to check up if you are in.  There are still a few days left  to join in before the draw.

1.   Yam Yam
2.   Eliana
3.   Mieke
4.   Isabel
5.   Emanuela
6.   Wyrna
7.   Contar
8.   Ewa
9.   Tatiana
10.  Ana (Mucuy)
11.  Mari
12.  Virginia Isabel
13.  Susanna
14.  Daria
15.  Fabiola
16.  Kim
17.  Giac
18.  Micaela
19.  Birgit
20.  Maria Ireland
21.  Jennifer
22.  Melli
23  Xandra
24.  Ruth
25.  Carol
26.  Lotte
27.  Lil
28.  Ludmila
29.  Patrizia
30.  Maribel
31.  Caroline
32. Linda
33.  Hannah
34.  Doortje
35.  Eva Talamaru
36.  Maria Luisa
37.  Evelyne
38.  Kyle
39.  Xandra Dekker
40.  Kez
41.  Keelin
42.  Magda
43.  Sognatrice
44. Isabel Garcia Gonzales
45.  Naran
46.  Irina
47.  Adela
48. Anna AA
49. Malu 2
50.  Indy
51.  Mely
52.  Debbie
53.  Carmen (Pekevasion)
54.  Britt
55.  Maria Jesus
56.  Beis
57.  Anna - (Mikroprag.)
58.  Natalia
59.  Madame Lepola
60.  Melli- Pippibar
61.  Rosella
62.  Marisa
63.  Yolanda Moran
64.  Ascension
65.  Elena
66.  Teruka
67.  Rosa Margarita
68.  Figurettes
69.  Bridget
70.  Susan Korman
7l.   Begona
72.  Lily
73.  Shpulka
74.  Carmen Hadanet
75.  Britta
76.  Angeles (Mini Nubes)
77.  Audra
78.  Muriel
79.  Julia
80.  Ilona
81.  Maureen (Modernist Molly)
82.  Melli's Hobby
83.  Maria Angeles
84.  Francesca
85.  Chris (P's)

When I get back, I'll show you what gorgeous gifts from wonderful friends, already arrived.

Blessings my dear friends

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A visit to Beit Gemal Convent

Today was quite a warm but othrwise, nice and bright day.  Nilly, my daugter took her friend Heda and me to visit the Beit Gemal Abbey situated on the way to Jeusalem.

We had a nice welcome by the nuns who knew Heda personally.  Heda is  a professional photographer who several years ago exhibited her work at the convent.  Several of her beautiful photographs still hang in the convent' lobby.

We were taken along to see parts of this beautiful convent. I was thrilled to see a large diorama displaying
scene from the Old and New Testaments.

Nilly took lots of photos, a few I will share with you.

The entrance, hidden by trees.

The lobby or visiors room, with Heda's photographs on the wall.

The diorama.  Poke the picture to see better.

Gorgeous, hand painted ceramics which are sold at the convent's shop

It was one of those peaceful days that left me with a sense of tranquility.

Blessings to you my dear readers.

Friday, May 17, 2013

New giveaway

This giveaway is in gratitude to all my followers.  Without you my dear friends crafting would be a very lonely
place.  Being able to share and receive your opinions and reactions is truly rewarding.  I hope this humble offering will be to your liking.

My only requirement is that you be a follower and if you like this giveaway make a comment on this post.
The draw will be on the 4th of June (My birthday).

Every item on this table is made by me using craft materials. The narrow wooden sidetable  is left unpainted for the winner to paint as
she or he wishes. If, by chance, the winner has already received from me one of these items, I'll make her or him something different instead.

I wish you a wonderful weekend.  Blessings to all.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eva's Giveaway

Today Eva's prize arrived.  It is a beautiful 1/12" or 1/16" scale and I can use it to make a vignette in one of those display boxes I was lucky to find.

The vase and flowers are gorgeous and so is the little ornament made from a button .  It will
make a beautiful wall plate.

THANK YOU EVA FOR YOUR WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY!  Eva's blog is well worth a visit.
There are many inspiring miniatures to see and beautiful displays. Also, Eva is one of those very nice an generous bloggers who often makes great giveaways.

I was unable to continue working on my own giveaway.  We just came back from a little holiday in the
beautiful town of Haifa, the city I was born and grew up in.  It will take a day or two to finish.

Blessings to all

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swap with Alisha

I simply love swaps. Who doesn't?  It's so exciting to wait for a  parcel to come, open it and find mini treasures.  There is also the anxciety of waiting for your gifts to be opened by your swap partner and see if he or she will like what you sent.  Next to the delight of winning a giveaway this is the best prize.

This swap is with Alisha.  Our parcels almost collided in the air.  I am being totally spoiled with the treasures I received.  You be the judge.

A beautiful chicken soup preparation board. I saw the chicken soup at Jennifer's blog and dared ask Alisha to make me one. I love it. I also love the vegetable basket and breads.
Isn't this pitcher gorgeous? Alisha's work is incredible.

Here is some half scale food.  A stunning cheese board. Half scale cheese and pear plate.  These are perfect for the Bavarian rooms.

Candles. So realistic!

A beautiful basket with vegetables, all hand crafted by Alisha.  The breads are half scale but can also be full scale buns.

For this beautiful bird bath (With "water") I need to make some tiny birds.

Beautiful Chrismas tree ornaments. I love them and I love the little box too.  They'll be wonderful for my Christmas stalls.

I have no words (in English) enough to describe my delight and admiration for receiving all these beautiful hand crafted treasures.  THANK  YOU ALISHA!!!

Next month I am celebrating one more birthday.  I am preparing a new giveaway for you my dear readers and friends. I shall probably announce the date and post a photo soon next week. Please stay tuned.

I have no more complaints about our weather here.  We enjoy beautiful spring days.  We are spending a lot of time outdoors, going to the beach collecting seashells.  I wish it could stay this way for a long time.

A wonderful weekend to all my followers and friends.  Blessings to all!