Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, August 31, 2012

New Giveaway

Finishing my last project left me quite satisfied. My post received so many encouraging comments that I feel I owe my followers a little reward, a new giveaway which I hope you'd like.

I made the scarecrow and the climbing rose. The handmade, clay birdhouse was purchased in Venezuela .
To participate in my draw, you have to be a follower, make a comment on this post and, only if you want to, put a link on your blog. The draw will be on 22 September by the random number generator.

Ilona asked me what size is the collage.  It is 78x58 cms.

My husband is holding Sans' little suitcase against the collage.  I still think a background like this is more suitable for the suitcase garden.  Who knows, maybe sometime in the future I'll make something in this style.

A warm welcome and thank you to new followers

Olgita - www.plushyk.blogspot.co.il
Wyrna - http://afairytalecometruewyrna.blogspot.co.il
Susso - minajamuut.blogspot.co.il
Axfu42 - Please let me know if you have a blog I can visit.
Villa Conejo - Please let me know if you have a blog I can visit

I wish you a wonderful weekend.  Blessings to all

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shed and Annex completed

This project took less  time than I thought, due to all the lovely gifts received from great friends.
I am quite pleased with the results and hope you too will like it.

This is the finished annex. It's a combined project, including Sans' wonderful rusty suitacase -http://sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.co.il. Sandra's lovely water can, railings and hortensias -http:samirasminis.blogspot.co.il and Tatiana's beautiful rose and violets -http://mylittlelittledream.blogspot.co.il

"Stone" walls inlays.

Note the little bird on the railings.

Before the climbing rose.

A lot of work, making the climbing rose.

The potting shed.  Here are Blanca's beautiful flower pots and Carmen's "tin" cans and box - http://pekevasion.blogspot.co.il

Potting shed and annex.  They can stand side by side and also separately.  I'm thinking of makin a
transparent cover for the boxes instead of installing them in an IKEA greenhouse.

It's still  very hard to get used to the heat here, day after day. From the beach,  Nilly brought me more tiny seashells.  I'm experimenting with making new boxes.

Blessings to all my readers

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tatiana's gifts

Gorgeous miniatures, all handcrafted by a most talented miniaturist and a lovely, generous person, Tatiana -  http://mylittlelittledream.blogspot.co.il. If you are not already familiar with Tatiana's blog, a visit is most recommendable.
I have no words enough to describe my delight and joy at receiving these wonderful gifts.  Here are some photos. I hope they do justice to Tatiana's work.

A lovely postcard showing the city of Kiyev, Ukraine, Tatania's home town. Wow! I am so fortunate!

This tiny and very delicate tea set will go to the Bavarian rooms.
A precious pair of delightful teddy bears.

Flowers and plants that will go to the potting shed anned.  You will soon see them again.

Two tiny round boxes with flower decorated lids.

A beautiful wooden gold painted box, tiny perfect bell and candle holder and a lovely rose doily. All
perfect for the Bavarian rooms.

Here comes the most precious gift - A Stunning sewing Box

Full of ribbons, threads, and other sewing stuff.

Tiny buttons in the drawer.


A very warm welcome to new followers

Farida - http://sirinseyleratolyesi.blogspot.co.il
Maribel - maribel41.blogspot.co.il
Marisa - http://steinworks.blogspot.co.il
Susy do Brasil - Please let me know if you have a blog to follow.
Illyria Miniatures - Please let me know if you have a blog to follow.

I am very happy and grateful to learn that the number of followers is growing and I shall soon be preparing a new giveaway.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend with all my blessings.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Annex to the potting shed

This week has been hectic, besides having to finish, pack and post two swaps, there have been visitors to welcome.  I did not dedicate much time to the project.  There were also new decisions to be made.
The only thing I did accomplish is the structure for the annex.

This is only the first stage.  I will take more photos as I go along.

The annex structure is made like the shed, same height same depth. Can be displayed separately.

This is a collage by a Colombian painter.  We bought it years ago. There is beauty to be discovered even in this condition of habitation.  I am showing you this painting because this is more in style for Sans' rusty suitcase . Your opinions will be greatly welcome.

Blessings to all my dear friends

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Petra's gift

Look what I found in my mail box!  A precious, delicate baby girl, complete with knitted dress, pacifier, a little basket with lotion bottles and a tiny bag.  Dear Petra, http:// peetjedollhouses.blogspot.co.il, I am deeply moved by your wonderful gift.  THANK YOU PETRA!!

Here is the little darling in Nina's, http://minimumm.blogspot.co.il,  baby carrying beautiful basket.

And here she is with her tiny basket of lotions and little bag

In Maria's. http://prettythingsireland blogspot.co.il. lovely rocking cradle.

And in my hand.

Can you guess what my future project is going to be?

I'd like to welcome and introduce two new followers. Both are newcomers to blogland and show promising work.

Alexandra - http://ksandra-tyfilka.blogspot.co.il
Angels - http://1miniencantada.blogspot.co.il

A warm welcome and a hug to both of you.

And blessings to all my friends

Monday, August 6, 2012

Potting shed

Hello all,
Yesterday, we came back from our short vacation which was great.  I am refreshed and full of energy, although the temperature outside is way over 30 degrees Celsius with a forecast of getting higher.  I am blessing my airconditioner every moment of the day.

The shed itself is almost completed, except for the roof.  I am not so sure about the roof.  Maybe everything will be installed inside an extra IKEA greenhouse which I have.( It is still in its original packing.)  Now I'll have time to work on the other part, where Sans' and Sandra's gifts will be.

At least, there are photos I can show you.

Here is how I made the structure of the shed.

Floor was made separately on illustration board
Floor installed

Boards of wide bamboo skrewers added to make the wall.  After all it's only a shed and can be shabby.

A faucet installed. We need to water the plants and seedlings.

Backside of the shed.

This week will be dedicated to making plants. Notice the philadendrum under the faucet?  I made it following Flor's tutorial. I just love making flowers and plants and am very grateful for all the tutorials on this subject that people so generously give.

Blessings to all my friends