Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, September 25, 2020

Vignette No. 4

Hello dear readers,

It's difficult to come out of grief and get back to miniatures.  Contrary to my resolutions, I hardly created or finished any of the projects I started.  Our COD-19 situation is getting worse daily. Only yesterday over 6000 people were pronounced positive. We are now back in enclosures and a strict quarantine is scheduled by our government for the beginning of next week. You will agree with me that it is certainly not a good cheer-up situation 

Today, I finished the last of my four vignettes. As planned, all four frames were sprayed with white paint and look much better than before.  For the No. 4 box, I again used stray pieces of wood from my stash.  The 4 inside boxes fit tightly into the frames, so the scenes inside can be altered and items can be taken out or added if necessary.

I have been working on the  BookNook.  The walls are nearly finished.  Goldie and Sarit are far ahead of me,  We are all waiting for the time the enclosure and quarantine days will be over for our next meeting until then I'll be able to catch-up with the girls and be ready for the final steps of our project.

I apologize for scarcely visiting your blogs.  I missed your last posts but will try to see as many as possible now that I'm here again.

Please protect yourselves, wear masks, and keep a distance from people and crowds.