Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, February 14, 2014

Short vacation by the Sea of Galilee

Hello dear readers,

Happy Valentine Day!

This pot of cyclamens is what I received today.  I am afraid they won't last as the climate is too warm for them.  I'll try to prolong their life by watering them with ice cubes.  Wow, the flowers and leaves are so beautiful!

We took advantage of the beautiful sunny days and spent a short while by the lake.  Again we
stayed at the Scot Hotel which we love.

Usually, this time of  year is winter at its coldest with cloudy skies and rain.  But something strange is going on.  It's as if winter forgot us.  Here are a few photos.  You will notice the bright sky, not a cloud to be seen. The air is clear and the water calm and blue.

The only minis I was able to create are another set of jute garden pieces for a beloved friend
who justly deserves them. Since it won't be a surprise, I can show you a photo.

A very warm welcome to my new followers, AniKristine, X, CristinaKoivurinteen Akka.  Thank you all for following.

Now I'll go visit your blogs and catch up with all the posts I missed this week

Hugs and Blessings

Monday, February 3, 2014

Winner of my 600 followers giveaway

Dear 600 readers,


No need to wait any longer.  I have added the following to yesterday's list.

64.  Isabel (mimundo).  65.  Pilar 6373.  66.  Alexa.  67.  Ludmila.  68.  Alexandra.  69.  Kikka.
70.  Arantza.  71.  Ani (Baby Paris).  72.  Paqui

I want to thank everyone who took part in this draw.  As always, I am very happy for the winner but a little sad that the giveaway goes to one winner only.  I loved making the little dog in his basket.  I want to make more to giveaway soon.

The winner was picked up by the true random number generator.

Melli!  Dear Melli, please email  your address to drorahed@gmail.com

Hugs to all and blessings.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

List of participants for my 600 followers giveaway

I may take any minute or may last a few days for follower No. 600 to show up.  Meantime, here is a list of participants, for you to check if I didn't miss anyone.  There is still time to take part in the draw until we reach 600.

1. Sharee. 2.De.  3. Lisa.  4. Neomi.  5.  Jennifer.  6.  Pam.  7.  Pilar 6373.  8.  Carmen.  9.  Mari.
10.  Ewa.  11.  Brit.  12.  Debbie.  13.  Francesca.  14.  Susanna.  15.  Patrizia.  16.  Sognatrice.  17.  Mely Mel.  18.  Eva Tatalamaru.  19.  Christine (CWPoppets).  20  Wyrna.  21.  Lily.  22.  Birgit.  23.  Meritan Nukkis.  24.  Mieke.  25.  Judith.  26.  Norma.  27.  Victoria Cascales.  28.  Simona.  29.  Susan.
30. Shelly.  31.  Paky.  32.  Chris P's/  33.  Tatiana.  34.  Veronique.  35.  Malu.  36.  Jane.  37.  Xandra Dekker.  38.  Diane.  39.  Giac.  40.  Heather.  41.  Irina.  42.  Catherine.  43.  Fabiola.  44.  Maribel.
45.  Melli (Pippibar)  46.  Melli.  47.  Kyle.  48.  Olga Nikiv.  50.  Shaairah.  51.  Teruka.  52.  Rebecca.
53. Isabel Ruiz Alono.  54.  Rosethe.  55.  Rosa Maria.  56.  Piikko.  57.  Encar Estela.  58.  Munir.
59.  Lee Mar.  60.  Maria.  61.  Ksandra.  62.  Genevieve.  63.  Angeles.

A warm welcome to Juan and Estella.  Thank you for following.

And here is something for those of you who love to bake cakes, a cool way to separate eggs.


Have fun!

I wish you a creative week and blessings.