Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Simona's house - part 5

Hello dear readers,

This is almost the end of the project.  I still have to build the stairs and paint the lamp.  Also some painting
repairs and then fixing it all firmly by glue.

My advice is never to glue before you test everything.  I had to disassemble several times during this work.

It is difficult to see the color of the interior in the third photo.  The color is old rose, same as in the
little doll theater below.

Later on I'll start to make furniture, the right size for this house.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday to enjoy.  Blessings

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Simona's house - part 4

Hello dears

A little progress on the house which I'd like to show you.  If you ever decide to purchase and build a
house from a kit similar to this one, my advice is to paint before you assemble it.  I was just not in the
mood for bold colors these days of sad events here.  The floors, however, make it come alive.

Still a lot to do but it comes along fine.  It's amazing how every little part fits.

I was the lucky winner of May's giveaway.  It made all the long way from Singapore.  Thank
you dear May.

A warm welcome to Maria.  Thank you for following.

Blessings to you all

Friday, August 22, 2014

Simona's house part 3

Hello again dear readers,

Yesterday was spent away from home, family visits and a bit of shopping.

I started painting the house.  The floors are finished except for a coat or two of  spray lacquer.
It was a good idea to paint before assembling the parts.

This was a time consuming job which I am glad is over.  I will not use wall paper because of the
many windows and openings.  The indoor walls will be of a different color than the exterior.

Until further progress, I wish you all a wonderful week end and blessings.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Simona's house (Part 2)

Hello dear readers,

I finished dry fitting the house.

Here are a few photos.

Without Jane's help in suggesting that I look up Fantasy Villas on Google, I'm not sure that I could build this
puzzle house. Only  after looking at each of its 4 sides I  understood how it was meant to be done.

I am disassembling this temporary structure and am going to paint it. I couldn't make up my mind as to what this house was going to be.   My plans are to change decorations
for the house.  On Halloween - haunted.  On Easter - Bunnies, flower boxes, etc.  Christmas - Snowman, wreaths, tree and so on.

Day after tomorrow I'll buy the paints.  I already know what colors.

It was fun fixing all those puzzle pieces.  I was really a little sorry when I solved this jig saw puzzle.   It's the second time I build houses from kits and both houses are gifts from the very generous Simona. I may become addictive to  puzzle kits.

Still a lot to do.

Blessings to all my dear readers

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simona's house

Hello dears,

Today I finally sat down to work on Simona's house.  I opened the parcel and took a step back.  There seem to be hundreds of pieces, a real big puzzle game!

It will take me ages to finish.  First I'll just dry fit it together, then I'll disassemble and paint each piece
before I glue it in place.  I sorted the pieces, more or less, according to their function, outer walls, floors railings, stairs, etc.  Here are some pictures for you to see what I mean. There are some very puzzling
tiny pieces which purpose I don't know.  There is one page missing from the handbook.  I hope it's not essential and will cause no problem.

Before I start painting, I have to make sure I have enough paint of each color I intend to use.  It will be
difficult to match a new paint color to one already used.

It's too hot and humid to work.  I hate going out shopping on hot days.

I wonder who is, or are, going to live in this fantasy house. Have you any ideas?  I have not yet measured the two rooms to
decide if it's a half or quarter scale house.

More to come soon.....

Hugs and blessings

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More photos from the exhibition

Hello all,

These are a few photos from the opening of the exhibition.  My daughter took them with her IPhone.

I was conversing with Moshe, the old gentleman, the wonderful creative miniaturist I posted about before. Someone passed by and hid Moshe.  He is an amazing person, very young at heart, generous and sharing
his impressive ideas.  This is the only photo where you can see me.

These modern urban buildings are the stunning works of a young man.  Would you believe it
they are ceramic clay work!

Here are two of my scenes hanging on the wall, the 1:48" scale dollhouse in a teabox and the
bride's room in my IPad box.

Blessings to all

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pictures from the Exhibition

Hello my dear readers,

All the exhibitors together with families and friends celebrated the opening of the exhibition today. Tomorrow it will be open to the public.

These photos are what I was able to take before it became too crowded.

Children's work with one of the sweet little ones standing against their adorable scenes. It is so nice to
know we have a young generation  following our steps.

Entrance to the museum

A taste of some adults work

And then it became too crowded to take more pictures

My candy stall was a big hit with the children.  Photos of the other exhibitors and me were taken but I'll probable receive them later.

My next project will be Simona's house kit.  A complicated and puzzling piece of work indeed. Step by step
photos will show you why.

Blessings to all