Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, October 26, 2015

Baalatova meets the cats

Happy Halloween to all my dear readers.

The cats, hearing that Baalatova was on her way, went forwards to welcome her.


Hello Baalatova, The Skellies heard that you had a terrible accident and lost your wand.  They sent us on a mission to find it for you.
We found  three different wands. Here they are.  Which one is yours?


Oh dear me, that wicked sorcerer Baalzebob planted fancy magical wands along your way just to confuse you.
Not one of these is mine.  But well, lets try one and see if it works.  Hey Leona! would you like me
to turn you into a lioness?

Leona:  Oh! Yes! Please!

Baalatova:  OK.  Stand close.

By the spirits of  the high and mighty lords of the magic ESSER! ESSRIM! SHLOSHIM!.........!

 Leona in total shock cried out:

You turned me into a lizard!!!

It's that terrible sorcerer Baalzebob who plays tricks on me. He is to blame!
Just run back quickly to my house.  There is a powerful magical eyeball soup there.  Take
a few sips and hopefully it will turn you back into the beautiful black cat that you are.

And now cats lets try another of these wands.  Who wants me to turn him into a........Don't run away...... where have you all gone....

I wish you all lots of fun today.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Witch's Cauldron

Hello again dear readers,

In between times, I manage to add some items for Baalatova.  This time a cauldron to cook her magic soups.  I made one cauldron first, but I was not pleased with how it looked.  The handles were too
thick.  I remembered my daughter Nilly once made me a bowl which was too large for 1:12" scale.
I painted it black and it became a cauldron.  I now have a spare cauldron. Anybody cares to swap it?...

The spare cauldron

Some more mushrooms for window sills. They will be planted in suitable window boxes but first
I have to finish the exterior of the house.

I'm still working on gifts for my friends.  This is only a small part.  I love making teapots and I love working with seashells.

The local miniaturists meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 8.  We all received homework to
prepare before the meeting.  The item will be a trailing camper.  It will take more than one
meeting to finish it.

I wish you all a lovely weekend and blessings

Friday, October 16, 2015

A gift from Carmen in Spain

Hello all,

Yesterday I received Carmen's prize for reaching 12,000!!! comments in her blog and me being the lucky one to make it.   Carmen's blog, with over 1000 followers must be one of the most popular  in Spain.  No wonder,  this charming lady is a great miniaturist and one of the most generous persons on the blogs.

THANK YOU DEAR CARMEN! I am very happy with my gifts.

A good and inexpensive place to shop for miniatures are the earrings shelves in pop stores.

A few days ago I "raided" one and look what finds.

They are all stud earrings but I can cut off the studs.

Spiders for the witch house.



The back pieces are also very useful.

Skulls with diamonds.  Don't laugh, I've seen real Inca skulls with precious stones.

Very little progress with Baalatova's home.  I'm afraid she'll have to linger on her way because
There's no chance I'll finish it before Halloween. Time flies.....

My blog will celebrate its fifth anniversary at the end of November and there will be a giveaway to prepare.
Also, I have to prepare Advent swaps with 4 lovely online friends as well as Christmas gifts for
two more lovely friends.  Our post services are a bit slow lately.  I'll need to send the parcels
earlier than usual.  On top of it all, the next local miniaturists meeting is scheduled for early November, which means another swap to craft.

I won't forget to let poor Baalatova have another adventure before Halloween.

I wish you all a lovely autumn weekend and blessings.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Dear readers,

For all my new followers, who did not read my past Halloween posts, here is a short summary of the story of Skella and Skelly, a couple of skeletons who anxiously want to turn into ghosts, but the line to the Ghostship Academy where they have to be trained, is years away long. They heard rumors that Baalatova, the ancient witch may be able to help them skip the long wait.  Baalatova, is missing.  She had a terrible accident, fell off her broom flying back home, broke her hip and lost her magic wand without which she cannot cast spells. She is recuperating somewhere unknown.  (If you are brave enough and have the time, please  read these posts.
1. link  2. link  3.link 4.link  5. link  6. link)

At long last, Baalatova is seen and we even have photos showing her.  She really looks beautifully wicked, as becomes an ancient witch.  She still suffers pains from her injuries and uses two brooms for walking. She's heading home.

Baalatova was sculpted by my friend, Sarit Eshed.  Some months ago I posted about this super talented artist here showing some of her marvelous scenes.

Sarit created Baalatova's head and hat.  I made all the rest., including the brooms.  For the body, I used an old, headless plastic doll.

Something catches her attention...

She comes closer...

And closer...

Wow! Three giant eggs .  Out of one hatches a little creature.  What can it be?

A baby dinosaur?  Not likely.... Oh if she only had her magic wand with her! She'd love to adopt him but has no means of transportation to take him along.  Maybe he'll follow her, he can get attached to her as she is the first being he laid eyes on upon hatching.  We'll have to wait and see.....

And here are photos of how Baalatova herself has "hatched" from Fimo by Sarit's clever hands.

Before make-up.

After make-up with hair (Mohair) and hat.


A very warm welcome to my new follower Susi.  Thank you for following this blog.

Wishing you all a Happy Sunday and my blessings.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Witchy Chic furniture

Hello again dear readers,

This time I'm going to show you how I created furniture for Baalatova from craft sticks and wooden
pieces I had at hand.  I now realize that this whole project will be nearly made from scrap materials I had at hand.

The candelabra is a gift from Birgit .  The potion jars are beads.  The cork stoppers are  punched-out circles from a cork sheet. I used a regular office punch. Two circles glued together make a stopper.

These are the parts I used for the table's leg.
A wooden drawer knob, A large wooden bead and a wooden disc glued one on top of the other.

The top is a large wooden disc I received from a friend long ago.

These are the pieces the shelf unit is made from.  I used 8 large craft sticks.  These wooden sticks are too thin for furniture.  I had to glue two together clumping them firmly overnight.  I cut two for the
side of the unit. From the other two I cut the shelves.  My work is not perfect but it will look good
when filled with  magic bottles, etc.  The ornamental wooden top is something that came in a bag of
wooden scraps I bought from a fellow miniaturist who left the country.

Shelf unit assembled.

I made window frames for the two windows in the house, one for indoors and one for outdoor. Between the two I installed a clear piece of perspex.

I also installed ceiling beams.  Baalatova must have somewhere to sleep and I think she'll be
comfortable in a hammock  hanging from the beams.  The beams strengthen the structure of the box.
I plan to add a roof to give the box a  spooky look.

Now there are good news about Baalatova, she was seen limping on her way home.  It will take her
a long time to get there without being able to fly on her broom and she can't get a new working broom without her magic wand.  Big problem!!
Soon we're going to meet her on her way.

A very warm welcome to my new followers,  Laurie M, Anna F S.  and Monique.  Thank you so much for following.

Blessings to you all