Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Working with the Ladies at the Day Care Center

Hello all,

Yesterday was my first day with ladies at the day care center.  They were excited and enthusiastic
waiting to see what there was to do.  I did some homework before and prepared, what I
believed  was easy for their first project.  But alas, I didn't take into account that some of the ladies
were handicapped and unable to use both hands.  The first day was not very successful.  I'll have to bring my own tacky glue next time.  The glue at the center did not work.  They promised me for the next time to buy the brand I use.  Instead of crocheting chains for a nice finish of the burlap items, we
are going to use twisted yarn pulled out of the burlap fabric itself.  Twisting is easier than crocheting.
Also I'll bring pre-cuts.  Using scissors is not easy for some of the ladies.

Here are photos of what I created for them.  It wasn't easy to find the
fabric.  I had to travel to a nearby town to buy it.  It's not even good quality, the weave is
too thin.  Except for the flowers, it took less than two hours to produce these four pieces.
With a colored pillow the chair will look nicer.

The table is a plastic pizza separator on which I glued a twisted yarn from the
burlap fabric.  Both chair and basket in the photos have a crochet yarn chain  finish.

Today I made some experiments with twisting the yarn.  I'll make a tutorial to share with
you soon.

A very warm welcome to Kitty and Kat.  Thank you for following my blog.

Blessings to all my dear readers.


  1. Sorry to hear that there was a little problem solving necessary - but you live, you learn... and next time you know better what "your ladies" can do... and what they can't do anymore. You achieved some wonderful results (furniture in this style made by you is always awesome) and it's great how much effort you're putting in this - I have no doubt this is much appreciated.


  2. Oh Drora you are so kind with these ladies! I'm sorry to hear that everything did not go as well as you expected...I hope it will be better the next time! Your creations are always wonderful...thank you so much for sharing this with us and for the tutorial you want to do for us! Have a great week Drora! Hugs.

  3. This is a splendid idea Drora! I am sure the Ladies were happy to see and learn how to make pretty teeny furniture! I think you all will have a good time every time you show up there. :) Hugs and good luck

  4. Poco a apoco se irán solucionando los problemas. Es estupendo que puedas compartir y enseñar estas actividades.

  5. I am sure the ladies had a lot of fun anyway and now you know what they can and cant do so next time you will have lots more success :) Your furniture is beautiful. I am sure your ladies were delighted to see what they can achieve.
    Hugs Maria

  6. The whole set looks great and I am sure the ladies are waiting eagerly for their .next session

  7. a veces los comienzos son un poco complicados , pero creo que los has solucionado muy bien , esos muebles se ven muy bien , seguro que les encanto hacer esas miniaturas



  8. Hello Drora,
    That is a lovely project. I am sorry the first class was not under the best of circumstances, but know that you know who your students will be I am sure the next one will be better.
    Big hug,

  9. How lovely of you to start this kind of project! Sorry to hear about the promlems, but next time is better ! Your chair, table and the basket are adorable! Love them! Hugs

  10. I remember my first lesson teaching English to Chinese adults. I picked what I thought was an easy article from the newspaper for the group to read and discuss, but it was too difficult, and the students felt frustrated. It was a good learning experience for me. It sounds like the glitches will be worked out for your next lesson, and they are so lucky to have you, Drora! xo Jennifer

  11. Hi Drora! You made beautiful items at the day care. Surely everybody were happy despite of difficulties. Anyways you show them something new. Next time you can make something else. It will be fun! -Have a lovely weekend! :) Hugs, piikko

  12. ПриветDrora!
    Я думаю, что пожилые дамы были рады вашему уроку.
    Я думаю, что они с нетерпением ждут новой встречи с вами!
    Ваша работа замечательная! Вы прекрасный творческий человек!

  13. Lovely work, the pieces feel so natural!

    Oh we learn to adapt, that's what the first classes are all about I am sure folks were happy to see the goodies and next time it will be even better!

  14. Great work! It's wonderful to make miniatures with old ladies, they must be very grateful and a good change to their routine.

  15. Es normal,que hayas tenido dificultades,es el principio y poco a poco aprenderás tanto tu de ellas,como ellas de ti.Has tenido un resultado precioso,es una gran labor!!!!

  16. Bonito proyecto, seguro que esas alumnas estan encantadas.
    Un abrazo

  17. Q
    Esos muebles quedaron muy bonitos, te felicito por la buena labor que estás haciendo.

  18. A beautiful experience, I think. These items are wonderful, very well made.

  19. I love the items you made and I love that you are going to create more work for you just to make it easy for the ladies that can't craft as easily as others. That's very thoughtful of you Drora!! Good job!

  20. I love the items you made and I love that you are going to create more work for you just to make it easy for the ladies that can't craft as easily as others. That's very thoughtful of you Drora!! Good job!