Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

List of participants in my special giveaway

Hello dear readers,

Suddenly I realized that tomorrow is the day of the draw.  Please take a look at the following list to make sure I haven't missed someone.  The numbers are according to the comments made.

1.  Pilar,
2.  Mi Patio Escondido
3.  Mely
4.  Victoria
5.  Ewa
6.  Ilona
7.  Irina
8.  Xandra
9.  Miniaturas y Vintage
10. Maribel
11. Carmen
12. Anizflora
13. Isabelle
14. Lara
15. Rosella
16. Candy
17. Jane Smith
18. Giac
19. Hannah
20. Isabel
21. Marisa
22. Tatiana
23. Angeles
24. Patrizia
25. Fernanda
26. Simona (Soft and Malleable)
27. Evelyne
28. Piikko
29. Maria Blanca
30. Lee Mar
31. Contar
32. Idske
33. Melli
34. Ana
36. Oceluna
37. Daydreamer
38. Malu
39. Rosa Maria
40. Simona
41. Francesca
42. Eva

Good luck and blessings


  1. Good luck everyone!

    And I hope you are safe there Drora!

  2. Creo que soy la número 12. A ver si tengo suerte.

  3. Hi Drora, I can say the same as The Grandmommy: I really thought that I have entered your giveaway. Still time to enter? Hugs

  4. Good luck to everyone! ;O)


  5. Hi Drora! You won't believe it, I've just been given this book by a dear friend! So you can take me off the list! Good luck to everyone!

  6. PS it's just as wonderful as people have said it is. With lots of photos to help you along with the myriad of projects!