Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, July 25, 2014

Candy and Cake stall

Hello dear readers

First of all I want to thank you for your kind words of support.  Let's all pray for peace here and everywhere
else in this world.

The last few days kept me busy making two more stalls for the exhibition.  I've been asked by the curator if
it was possible, for the short time left, to prepare two additional stalls for the market.  With nine stalls
this market is a getting to be a fair.

Since there was very little time, I decided to make a cake and candy stall. For this purpose I used  one of the three straw stalls  which  didn't go to the show.  I put away the baskets and added two shelves.

The reason I chose to do this stall is because I already have many of the products at hand, many of them
made by very dear and special friends.

This cake is Blake giveaway prize which I won. Blake is a young and super talented
clay artist.  For a very long time Blake hasn't posted.  I look forward to hear from you
dear Blake.

This cake is made by  Jennifer.  Dear Jennifer,  did you ever believe your work will one day be displayed
in a far away country, Israel?

This cake was made by Tatiana.  Dear Tatiana you probably never thought your work will
be shown at a museum in Jaffa.  My dear I am sure your work deserves to be displayed in
any museum around the world.

The chocolate roll is made by Gonda, a wonderful, talented artist.

I am now working on the second stall which I intend to fill with teapots and cans.  Will show you
when I finish. Tomorrow I'll take out my clay and start making teapots. Tuesday I have to go again
to the museum and hand over the finished stalls.  By than many of the shelves will already be filled
and I shall maybe able to take some photos.

Here is a photo of the invitation to the opening.  It is Hebrew but you can see the design.

Blessing to all


  1. ! Those look Great Can't wait to see the next one

  2. You are a wonder to be able to make such wonderful things with a very short notice.! I cant wait to see the museum. Wish I could be there to see everything in person up close! I am so very proud of your talents and efforts. I am going to print out the flyer. My printer isn't so great so it might have to wait.

  3. Dear Drora, Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are. I love to look at your blog to see what you are doing. It is an honor to see that one of my dresses is going to be displayed at the museum. Thank you. My prayers are with you and praying that the killing stops on both sides. May God continue to Bless you.

  4. wow the food is great, looking forward to seeing more, you have some lovely gifts, stay safe, my prayers are with you and your family xx

  5. Prayers for peace Drora, and many thoughts from me. Good luck with your beautiful exhibition. Blessings, pam xx

  6. Great idea and great stall! Can't wait to see the last one! Hugs

  7. Good luck with your wonderful exhibition, the stand with the special cakes look absolutely wonderful :D!
    Prayers for peace and you all will be in my thoughts.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Дорогая Drora!
    Для меня большая честь, что мой торт будет представлен в музее!
    Большое спасибо за теплые слова! Я с большим нетерпением жду вашу прекрасную презентацию! Вы невероятно талантливый и щедрой души леди! Я верю, что в наших странах наступит мир!
    Наилучшие пожелания Вам и вашей семье!

  9. Beautiful and delicious stall. Everything is perfect.

  10. Que buena pinta tienen todos los pasteles!! Nosotros también rezamos por la paz en zonas de conflicto, que todo se solucione ya de una vez. Un Beso Arantza.

  11. Que buena pinta tienen todos los pasteles!! Nosotros también rezamos por la paz en zona de conflicto, y que se soluciones de una vez ya. Un Beso. Arantza.

  12. A wonderful stall, Drora. It is more special since you added gifts from friends. I love all of your work and best wishes for a wonderful show! Peace my friend, Lisa

  13. You've worked a miracle - especially when considering that you did this under time pressure. And you made me hungry now with all those delicious treats your stall is offering... and how great that the wonderful work of other talented people will be exhibited, too. I can't wait to see your last stall - teapots sound fantastic to me, I know this will become awesome - I just have to think of the stunning teapots I received from you.


  14. Your new stall is wonderful. All those delicious cakes. I am sure that like me everyone is very excited to have a little piece of themselves on show :) I am looking forward to seeing the teapot stand.
    Hugs Maria

  15. So tasty and wonderful! I actually recognised Jennifers cake, she made one for me too =) You have gotten many wonderful cakes from sweet friends! Hannah

  16. Cara Drora, il tuo nuovo banco di dolci è molto invitante!Ed è molto bello che tu abbia inserito i regali delle tue amiche miniaturiste.
    Un abbraccio.Manu

  17. Hi Drora! I am honored to have one of my cakes in your exhibition piece. Your dessert stall looks gorgeous, making my mouth water. I so wish I could attend your exhibition. I would be walking around in a daze, so proud of my good friend. Many blessings for peace. xo Jennifer

  18. Your stand is wonderful, the desserts are all bellissimi.Spero with all my heart that the situation in your country will change soon and you can spend a wonderful day at the show

  19. It all looks so delicious! That is not goos for my diet, but I love to look even diet hungry now by visiting your blog *sigh*
    PS: I wish you durable peace soon!

  20. This new stall is fabuluous. I'm looking forward to seeing hte next one. More wishes and prayers for peace.

  21. Congratulations! A museum- wow! You are now a true recognized artist by museums!!! That's a fantastic feat. And well deserved I assure you. You will bring so much joy to all the visitors. Keep staying safe. Will pray for you and for peace to return soon. Take good care of each other.

  22. Drora, I think about you every day when I see the television!
    Hope you're safe and sound...

  23. Hello Drora,
    Your collection of cakes and goodies is wonderful. What amazing pieces. they look great out on display.
    Big hug,
    p.s. I am sending you and everyone there my best wishes and hopes for peace.

  24. Drora, I hope or peace for you folks!

    Your Museum display is certainly going to be so wonderful , i wish I could see it firsthand but i know you will post wonderful shots of these fantastic display
    Hugs to you and yours ~J!

  25. How wonderful for your miniaturist friends to know their cakes will be on a display. The new stall is wonderful and I look forward to seeing the tea pot one also