Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter - Passover

 In tribute to both holidays I made a tiny display taking a little break  from other activities.  Before I show you this, I want to share with you a very cute pair of eggcups that my daughter
Nilly created. These are 1:1 scale.

I composed this little scene with gifts from Jennifer and Gonda.  I only added a bit of grass.

A basket with colored and chocolate eggs and a basket with gifts received from Monika, a chocolate Fimo bunny made by me and more chocolate eggs.  The chocolate teddies are painted beads.

Happy Holidays!

Daria sent me a Russian fun questionnaire with three questions to the craftsperson.  The person who receives it can make up three questions of his own to answer. Daria's questions are

1. Have you ever thought of selling your crafts?
2. Do you have a friend around you who caught the miniatures bug because of you?

3. Do you ever feel guilty about abandoning other duties in favor of spending time on crafting?


1.  No I never think of selling my crafts, I love giving things I made  to persons who
      appreciate my work. I also love making swaps.

2.  I don't think anyone became a miniatures crafter because of me, but I do have a few local
     friends who make beautiful miniatures and miniature scenes.  In fact,  only today a friend
     called and asked me if I'd like to take part in a gallery exhibition, together with her and a
     few other miniaturists. The trouble is they live in other cities, far from me.

3.  Dear Daria, there is never a moment that I don't feel guilty.  I am always behind with my daily
     house chores, I hate to return things to their proper place when I know I'll need them again soon,
     and my table always needs tidying up.

Since I'm allowed to pass this on to three friends, I choose AscensionMieke and Julia. I leave you
the same questions. You can, of course, change and ask questions of your on if you pass this on.


A warm welcome to my new follower Carla Gabriela . Thank you for following.


  1. The eggcups are so cute. Your little scenes are wonderful. Its lovely when we can use gifts from friends to make beautiful scenes. Great questions and answers :)You and family Have a wonderful Easter my friend
    Hugs Maria

  2. Drora, you have a very creative and talented daughter, the egg cups are adorable. Your Easter decorations are terrific. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday.
    A Big Mini Hug

  3. Your daughter is very talented. She takes after her mother. That is a sweet scene you made.

  4. Hello Drora!
    thanks for answering :)
    Easter is all around, doesn't it?
    Here, in Russia, we do have other easter traditions: no chocolate bunnies and no chicks. Noone hides the eggs for kids - we just dye them and make a "battle" - Each chooses the egg, and hits the other person's one. The one that cracked - loses..
    That is why it's always so interesting for me to look at such easter scenes, like you did - they are great:)

  5. What a lovely Easter scene - and so special with all those lovely gifts from friends. Those eggcups of your daughter are stunning - and funny! Great way to start the day, having an egg out of these cups. And it was nice to read your answers to Daria's questions. Happy Passover to you and your family!


  6. Nilly's egg cups are fantastic! We know who she got her creative gifts from! I love what you did with the bunny--so cute! Your mini Easter scene is darling! xo Jennifer

  7. muy bonita la escena de Pascua!felices vacaciones!un beso

  8. Your Easter scenes are lovely. Your daughter's egg cup is so artistic performed. They look like some very expensive and modern design porcelain. They are very pretty.

  9. Drora, I love those funny egg cups!
    I wish you a very happy Easter time
    AND I wish I will see photos of the exhibition with your works!

  10. Although I am not keen to anwer these kind of questions, I have to confess I love reading the answers :):). By my frends of course :).

    The scene is very special and will now add to your Easter decoration eh?

    By the way, I think your daughter rocks!! I visited her website that you provided and please let her know I think her website is fabulous . Largely due to her creation of course. She's a gem!

  11. You have such a gifted daughter! I just love these eggcups!:)Your Easter scene is so sweet!And please Drora take a chance to show your great miniatures! This is such a great idea and they do deserve to be shown!.:) Hugs

  12. Привет!
    Какие замечательные подставки для яиц!
    Столько юмора и изобретательности! Ваша дочь очень талантлива! Я влюблена в них!
    Вы сделали прекрасные Пасхальные сцены! Замечательные подарки от добрых друзей
    Счастливых выходных!

  13. Hello Drora

    Wat a lovely eggcups your daughter

    Nilly created

    You have had and created nice miniatures

    Kind regards Xandra

  14. HI Drora! I think the egg cups that your daughter made ​​is very nice and funny.

    Greetings from Lil in a sunny Sweden

  15. Dear Drora, I am in love with the egg cups of Nilly, they are so beautiful! Love the laces :D!
    Enjoy your gifts, I agree blogfriends are so kind and lovely people. Happy Easter and warm hugs, Ilona

  16. Que bonitas hueveras, me e.
    Abazos.ncanta el diseño, felicidades a tu hija

  17. Dear Drora, you have a very creative and talented daughter, she takes after you :)
    Nilly, such a sweet name, I visited her website,it all looks stunning what she makes, you must feel very proud :)
    Your Easter scene is beautiful, enjoy all your gifts !
    I wish you and you and your family wonderful happy Easter :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  18. Preciosas hueveras.
    Enhorabuena a tu hija por su gran talento.
    besitos ascension

  19. Son unas hueveras muy originales. Me ha gustado visitar la web de tu hija, me parecen muy interesantes las cosas que hace. Y la escenita te ha quedado monísima. Besitos

  20. The eggs cups of your daughter are original.
    I like your Easter scene.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Hugs, Faby

  21. Drora, Joyful Easter. Hugs Kati

  22. bonita escena!felices vacaciones, un beso

  23. Your daughter makes beautiful artwork
    and I love the little scene that you made from the gorgeous gifts :)
    Happy Easter Drora
    Hugs Jollie

  24. These pair of eggcups that your daughter made are so original!! And your Easter gifts are so cute, Happy Easter Drora and a big hug! s

  25. Muy lindas las hueveras,tu hija ha hecho un gran trabajo.

  26. This egg cups are fantastic! I Love it!! The left one looks as if he would desperately need a toilet ;-) So funny!
    Hugs Melli

  27. I love your daughter's work ! She is so talented and gifted. I wish her all the success she definitively deserves

  28. Muy bonitas las hueveras, buen trabajo. un abrazo

  29. Hello Drora,
    Clearly talent runs in the family. Great egg cups and I love the scene you created!
    Big hug,

  30. Me encantan los huevos de pascua, sobre todo el conejito

  31. Dear Drora, So wonderful Artworks by your daughter! I Love them! And your own easter scenes are so beautiful. I am sorry for being so late, but have been for a little away from home a few days, now back and trying to catch up
    There is an Award for you in my other Blog http://kikansammakot.blogspot.fi/
    Kikka.. !

  32. Your daughter's creations are exquisite! I just love the simple design and the whimsical feel put together. It's incredible!!

  33. Hola Dora, eres la ganadora de mi sorteo , por favor mándame tu dirección para enviarte el regalo.
    esas hueveras me encanta son muy originales
    un abrazo

  34. I portauova sono stupendi! Bellissimo anche il coniglietto, complimenti!

  35. El trabajo de tu hija es muy bonito y original, me ha encantado. La pequeña escena es preciosa. Besitos

  36. Hello Drora, Your daughter is extremely talented and very creative and she must get that ! from, her mother