Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hello all,

I'm well again and very grateful  for all your well wishes.  I am not used to being sick, this was the first in many winters.

Real life took over.  We are celebrating an early Passover holiday shortly, there will be spring cleaning, shopping,  house guests, dinners, spring cleaning, etc.  Very little time for miniatures.

I did, however, manage to complete two chandeliers.

Chandelier No. 1

This is the one suitable for the gallery.  It looks much better the it does in this photo.  I used a metal filigree earring and a jewelry finding, as well as acrylic beads.


Cutout section of earring and jewelry finding.  There are 20 holes in the earring part and 10 in the finding.

Chandelier No. 2

Looks much better than in the photo.

I used two jewelry findings each with 12 holes.  Didn't like the shiny gold plate and painted it over with a kind of old gold acrylic paint.

From this angle you can see the under part with the big acrylic bead.

I have to make another chandelier, exactly the same as No. 1.  The two will hang in the gallery.
But it will have to wait untel after the holidays.

Both chandeliers can be fitted with electricity.

I found something I loved on Pinterest.  Maybe someday I'll make it in miniature. Isn't this a  great idea?

A very warm welcome to new followers

Dominique - Couldn't trace you blog. Please let me know if you have one which I can follow.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Blessings


  1. I glad that you are feeling better, stay well. You alway find the most interesting bits and pieces to work with, your chandeliers look beautiful. I hope that you have a wonderful Holiday.
    A Big Mini Hug

  2. The chandeliers are great. I loved them! thanks for sharing de beeautiful photo, it's a amazing inspiration!

  3. Te han quedado muy lindas las lámparas y la idea de Pinterest es fantástica, seguro que en mini queda preciosa. Besos

  4. Hi Drora, I am so glad you are feeling better now. This year has been very bad for colds and flus. May you stay healthy, dear friend. Your chandeliers came out beautifully. Thanks for showing the supplies you used. Enjoy your Passover time with family. I will look forward to seeing you in blogland again soon! xo Jennifer

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better after your illness Drora. Your chandeliers are great! Very clever use of 'found' items and each one unique and pretty.

  6. !An award for you

  7. I am very happy that you are well again. I love your chandeliers. Thank you very much Drora for sharing what you made them with. They will look fantastic in the gallery. Have a wonderful Passover holiday with your family.
    Hugs Maria

  8. IGlad to hear that you are feeling well again!
    I am really impressed of dina chandeliers. They are so beautiful. very good work.

    Hugs Lil in Sweden

  9. So good to hear you're feeling better - have a great holiday and take the time to recover and gain strength again. Your chandelier looks fantastic, that earring was the perfect find to become the basis for this lovely piece. And I would really love to see you build this gardening piece somr day. Do you have this kind of things in Israel? We usually use them for growing herbs, that's why we call them "Kräuterschnecke" = herb snail.


  10. . (I love those chandliers!) Drora, I wish you and your family a Gut Yontiff)

  11. Que monada de lámpara,es muy fina te quedará preciosa en tu galeria. Me alegro que ya te encuentres mejor. Besitos y feliz fin de semana.

  12. Wonderful chandelier, I bet it sparkles beautifully ;) I am glad you are on the mend

    Have a wonderful Passover! ;)=

  13. Your Chandeliers are very beautiful and there is a great weight in them. Thank you for taking the time to show how.
    It is an exciting garden project you have found, and I could really like to see it in miniature, by you.

    It's so good you have recovered. It has been a hard winter. Have a nice Passover and get your guests to help with all the practicalities, so you can economize whit your new wound strength.
    Take care of yourself.

  14. Hello Drora your chandeliers are wonderful!!!!!kiss

  15. Preciosas lamparas y menudo trabajo habras tenido .
    Un beso

  16. Hello Drora, thank you for showing how you made the chandelier, it looks lovely! Hugs, Liduina

  17. Que bonitas lámparas,son preciosas,cada vez mejores,muy buen trabajo!!!!
    Una excelente idea de jardín en miniatura!!

  18. Son muy bonitas las lámparas, me gustan
    Me alegro que te encuentres mejor

  19. Te han quedado unas lámparas muy bonitas, es un gran trabajo. Me alegro de tus mejoras.

    Besos, Narán

  20. Hello Drora, it is so nice to read you are well again, it was a bad winter with lots of people who were sick and still there are many people sick, the flu. Everyone longs for the spring.
    Your chandeliers look beauttiful, I love to see them in the gallery. As a "gardner" I like the photo at the bottom, nice idea!
    Warm hugs and take care, Ilona

  21. http://minicurioscabinet.blogspot.nl/ this is the blog of Dominiwue I just visited it :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  22. Hi Drora, Glad you're well again, it took me weeks to get rid of this flu! I'm also spring cleaning as I suppose a lot of other people are too, who won't admit to it :))
    Love the Chandeliers!

  23. Great chandeliers and thank you for how-tos!:)And good idea for a small garden in miniature.:) Good to read you are well! Hugs

  24. Your chandeliers are beautiful. I like your new project for the garden.
    Greetings, Faby

  25. Beautiful Pics!

    You got a great Blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Just let me know ;)

  26. Me alegro que te encuentres mejor.
    Esas lamparas te han quedado fantasticas, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  27. Hello Drora

    You have made two beautiful chandeliers

    Kind regards of Xandra

  28. Hi Drora! your Chandeliers are so beautiful, I like your idea. Hugs, Magda

  29. Que lámparas más bonitas y cuánto trabajo llevan, te han quedado preciosas.

  30. Your chandeliers are lovely,Drora! Take care! Have a lovely Passover

  31. Son absolutamente preciosas. Me alegro que hayas mejorado.

  32. Bellissimo lavoro! Lampadario ottimo per un stanza importante! Un abbraccio Manu.

  33. Que bonitas lamparas Drora,me encantan,me alegro que estés mejor,besitos

  34. You know Drora, I have not told you this enough but I love your taste in art and beauty. And those 2 chandeliers, my goodness, they are you rbest work yet! Gorgeous! hat

  35. Droras, no sé si he borrado o no el comentario que te acabo de hacer....tus lámparas me han encantado!!!!!. Gracias por las explicaciones. Besos

  36. Que lámpara más bonita te ha quedado!! Buen trabajo. Un abrazo

  37. Las lámparas se ven preciosas y el parterre de flores es precioso. Si es que son mi debilidad y me encantan los jardines

  38. Your chandelier is very beautyful. It is going to be a great highlight in every room.
    Hugs Melli

  39. Dear Drora!
    Your Chandeliers are wonderful, Love them! You have done great work!
    It is good to hear you are well again. I have been ill also. And so have many others here.
    Your Garden is very adorable and fantastic
    !Hugs Kikka

  40. Hello Drora,
    Those chandeliers are fantastic. they look so elegant. I look forward tos eeing them in place.
    The Hola Maria Blanca,
    Cada imagen es simplemente hermoso. lo que las habitaciones son preciosas y demás accesorios hermosos.
    Abrazo grande,
    Giaclanter would make a wonderful mini!
    Big hug,

  41. Those look awesome and very elegant! I can just imagine them shining down on a formal dining room :)

    Marisa :)

  42. Beautiful chandeliers- and I am so glad to hear you are feeling better :)

  43. Han quedado fantásticas!! Espero que te mejores pronto. Un beso.

  44. Привет!
    Я рада что Вы чувствуете себя хорошо!
    У Вас получились очень красивые люстры. Спасибо, что поделились технологией!
    Какая необыкновенная клумба! Мне она очень нравится!
    Хорошей недели

  45. Me alegro que ya te encuentres mejor.
    Las lamparas son una maravilla, un trabajo perfecto.
    el jardincito en mini es una idea muy original.
    Besitooos y cuidate.

  46. Sono molto felice di sapere che stai meglio, anche io quest'anno ho avuto un raffreddore dietro l'altro, neppure il tempo di guarire! Bellissimo il lampadario, complimenti!

  47. Your chandeliers are so beautiful! I'm glad you are feeling better. I got sick in January and just like you it was the first time in a long time.Weird! Have great holidays and enjoy your friends and family.

  48. Hola querida amiga, tus candiles son una obra de perfección!
    He gustan mucho, eres una artista.

  49. Carissima Drora Complimenti per la tua abilità nel creare questi magnifici lampadari!!
    Grazie per i consigli su come realizzarli.Un bacio

  50. me encantan como te han quedado esas lamparas, un trabajo explendido



  51. Que bonitas Drora!!!
    Mil besos...JUlia