Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

A garden for Solly and Kitty (Part 4)

 Hello dear readers,

It doesn't show much progress, but considering the Pessah holiday, family visits, and an important birthday (Dana, one of my five beloved great-granddaughters turned 17), there was not much time left for crafting.

The fence had a makeover.  It is now painted white with three taller strips of wood, two to accommodate birdhouses and one ready for ivy climbers.  The third birdhouse just sits on the fence itself.  (I got carried away and made several shapes of birdhouses from scratch.  The shrubs are awaiting flowers and a little blossoming tree is also almost finished and ready to be planted.  

Making the bench was very easy. I just glued together two square identical laser woodcuts. When dry I glued these to a piece of 1.3 cm thick, 2.5 cm wide long piece of wood.  The only hard work was cutting it to fit the size of the laser cuts. The sides too are triangle laser cuts which were in my stash. For the legs, I used 4 little wooden beads. Now I have to make a flat padded cushion for the seat so my witch Baalatova will approve it.

Here is a photo of the tree.  The flowers are just for demonstration.  They seem too large for the proportion of the garden which is about 1/24" scale.

Well, that's all for now.  I have to get myself ready to go out and celebrate with my family our 75th Independence Day. 

Happy Independence Day Israel to all my local friends with blessings to all my dear readers!


  1. The fence with the birdhouses is really gorgeous. I love the bench too. Enjoy Independence Day with your family.

  2. Esta quedando precioso.
    La valla tiene una pinta estupenda y me gusta como queda la fuente con las flores.
    Un saludo

  3. Your creative and ingenious use of the laser cut pieces to make the bench is inspiring, Drora! It makes me want to dig through my drawers and spend the weekend creating! I absolutely LOVE the way it came out!
    The birdhouses are so adorable! This garden is turning into such a happy place! I am excited to see how you decide to finish the tree.
    Have fun with your family!

  4. Hi Drora! The garden is looking so cute! I love the fence with the bird houses on it! That you got carried away with the tiny bird houses is no surprise! :) The bench is so pretty and shows how creative you are making everything from scratch! I look forward to seeing all the parts together!
    Happy Independence Day!

  5. The garden looks just beautiful! The fence with the birdhouse is amzing and the bench is a masterpiece.
    Happy indipendence day!

  6. El banco es muy bonito, en cuanto tenga la colchoneta quedará perfecto. También me gusta la forma de la valla.

  7. me encanta el banco, gracias por la idea...

  8. Que bonito está quedando todo Drora.
    Me encantan tus ideas !!!!!

  9. The bench is really pretty - it turned out well. I hope you enjoyed Israel's 75th anniversary celebrations!

  10. According to me you've made plenty of progress... even more regarding your family "duties" and of course the birthday of this very important young lady in your life. Happy belated birthday wishes to Dana - and as I'm late once more I also hope you've spent a wonderful Independence Day together.

    I love how this garden turns out and it's no surprise to me that you got carried away when making these cute birdhouses. And it made me smile how well you get along with the witch in the house by now... making a cuddly cushion for Baalatova is a good idea. ;O) And it's so clever how you've made this bench, you never stop to amaze me.

    As always I'm looking forward to see more progress of this beautiful project. The tree looks already so good. So sad that you consider these beautiful blossoms to be too big... however... are you sure that the witch in the house did not spread a few drops of growth potion here and there??? *smile*


  11. I love how it looks! I'm excited that I can comment too. Please let it work!

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