Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, September 9, 2022

A loft bed for Kitty

Hello dear readers 

After many trials and errors, the loft bed is completed.  To make it stay up, I had to build a sturdy shelves unit and ladder.  This involved a long job of hand sawing and sanding which I absolutely don't love.

There is now very little space for furniture but luckily Kitty doesn't need a kitchen, she has Baalatova to provide her and Solly with food.  There will also be a little garden where she can play and roam around.

This was one of the trials, unsuccessful attempts to install the loft bed.

Here is my last and safe fixture of the loft bed.  It leaves very little space for the indoor decoration but will have to do.

Needs decorative rose-colored cushions.

What's left now is to create small cushions, a small chair, and a table as well as wall decorations and a pot of flowers.

Hopefully I"ll be able to finish all these items soon.  My fingers already ache to make the garden and have this project complete for Halloween.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend with blessings.


  1. The loft bed turned out well and the bed spread is lovely. I can relate to not loving hand sawing. Somehow small and also big saws and I do not quite get a long. ;-)

  2. El esfuerzo ha valido la pena. Ha quedado fantástica y además con espacio en la planta baja. Gran idea !!!!!

  3. Qué bien ha quedado!!! En el primer intento daba la sensación de quela cama flotaba flotaba.
    Tienes suficiente espacio para poner muchos detalles.

  4. The loft bed is fantastic, great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the decoration and garden.

  5. The loft bed came out adorably, Drora! I love the way you made it with the spindles and the green looks so lively with the wallpaper! I hope the cushions go quick and easy for you so that you can start on the garden!

  6. Has conseguido ajustar perfectamente la cama en el espacio de la casa.
    Tengo ganas de ver como queda todo el interior.
    Un saludo

  7. Kitty and Solly are both lucky to have such a dedicated builder in their midst! Isn't it great when we can use up ordinary everyday items and things from our stash to create such charming little builds? So sweet. - Marilyn D.

  8. That's what I call a win-win-situation: The shelf gives stability to Kitty's bed and will also be a great host for decorations and books. Chapeau for this brilliant and wonderful solution! And I also like the fresh green you've chosen for our little darling very much. Stunning work - I can't wait to see the furniture and decoration you're going to give to her... and the garden. ;O)